What do Miscellaneous Jobs Pay?


Landing upon your dream job can prove to be a tough ordeal for many people. Not everyone around you is a renowned surgeon, lawyer, or businessman. On one hand, some people prefer doing miscellaneous jobs throughout their life because they wish to live a simplistic, minimalist life while on the other hand, most people take up several odd jobs in the early stages of their careers just to sustain themselves for the time being and even generate surplus income. So, let’s see What do Miscellaneous Jobs Pay?

“But I was also doing odd jobs around Portland, like spreading gravel and transplanting trees.”

— Elliot Smith 

If you wish to delve into unique career paths or simply want to expand your savings by earning more, there are a plethora of miscellaneous jobs for you out there in the market from pretty morbid occupations including Embalmer, Undertaker, or Professional Mourner to some never heard before jobs like Soil Scientist, Bed Warmer, Bingo Manager, Podiatrist, and even Online Dating Ghostwriter. It is okay, no need to worry; you are not the only one who might have not known that some of these jobs even exist in the real world but one thing is for sure: treading on unconventional paths can prove to be really fruitful if you want to have a thriving career. This all-inclusive article lists out plenty of miscellaneous jobs, their proper job description, and their pay structure.

Miscellaneous Jobs, and their Job Descriptions

  1. Crystallographer

You could either like crystals simply because they are beautiful or because you were told by someone that they might bring peace and fortune to your life or because you wish to pursue crystallography- a branch of science that is focused on the study of the formation and structure of crystals.

With an anticipated growth of 6% in the job market from the year 2018 to 2028, crystallographers play a pivotal role in making breakthroughs in the composition of various crystals which could bring about significant advancements in the fields of science and medicine. With just the requirement of a bachelor’s degree, becoming a crystallographer is pretty convenient and you could earn nearly $92,000 annually. 

  1. Stenocaptioner

You must be wondering who notes all the points when the prosecution attorney utters the phrase “Point to be noted, my lord”. Also called stenographers commonly, steno captioners as the name suggests are involved in steno captioning- a technique that uses a stenotype machine to produce captions and transcripts through various shorthand techniques. Stenocaptioner document and transcribe the entire pre-trial and trial proceedings along with other relevant information. With a post-secondary non-degree award as well a short-term training period as prerequisites, steno captioners can pretty easily make about $60,130 that is around $20,000 more than the United States’ median wage.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  1. Master Marijuana Extractor

Looking for an offbeat ‘high’ paying job (pun intended)? The flourishing marijuana industry of the United States requires specialists who can efficiently process marijuana and hemp components to produce oils, concentrates, and edible items among others. Such specialists are known as master marijuana extractors who can bring home a stupendous $250,000 per year. Therefore what brewmasters are to the beer industry, master marijuana extractors are to the marijuana industry. Moreover, students with related degrees can conveniently make $70,000 in their first year. 

  1. Billboard Installer

Who doesn’t get fascinated by those luminous billboards visible from a distance while you are driving on the road? Well, they do not put themselves overnight; billboard installers do. Assigned with the tasks like preparing, installing, and removing a sign/advertisement on the billboard, they are also involved in the repair, maintenance, minor electrical work, trimming away tree branches, and weather damage repair. With an expected rise of 5% jobs from 2018 to 2028, you could do long-term billboard installation work with absolutely no educational requirements and earn around $40,520 a year.

  1. Prosthetist/Orthotist

You must have seen several people walking around with artificial limbs or donning an orthopedic set of braces. A prosthetist and an orthotist are involved in the respective procedures. While the former is trained in designing and adjusting people with artificial limbs, the latter specializes in designing orthopedic braces like surgical supports and corrective shoes. These professionals carefully examine the affected region and tailor-make artificial limbs, feet, and hands for their patients who could have birth defects, accidental injuries, or wounded war veterans. Along with a 4-year degree and a minimum of five years of work experience, most of the states require a certificate from American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics as both these are quite similar careers due to which most of the people specialize simultaneously in both the fields. Orthotists and prosthetists can earn around $74,765 annually.

  1. Elevator Inspector

There are many professions that you must have come across but would have barely noticed; an elevator inspector is one of them. Most people would not pay any heed to the job of an elevator inspector until they get stuck in a lift. Whether it is a multi-story residential complex or an elephantine corporate skyscraper, elevator inspectors are always vigilant enough to ascertain that all elevators fulfill safety measures and compliance codes for passengers as well as freight. Not just escalators, they are also trained to inspect escalators, wheelchair lift systems, and moving sidewalks, and can choose to recommend certain restoration or maintenance work to repairmen. Although bringing home around $63,484 as an elevator inspector does not require a college degree, the job may demand state-specific certifications and licensure.

  1. Braille Proofreader

Written words are not the thing that demands to be proofread, words engraved in dots do too. Braille proofreaders are specialized in finding errors and marking corrections before the printing of Braille-based books, scripts, and more. With an annual salary of over $40,630, being a Braille proofreader requires a bachelor’s degree along with the ability to read braille (which goes unsaid).

  1. Bingo Manager

As fancy as it might sound, bingo managers are somewhat the driving force of the bingo business in casinos. Tasked with the approval of jackpots and payouts, supervision of all the aspects of their staff, and maintenance of budgets, the bingo manager also handles escalated customer complaints and ensures adherence to the federal as well as the state gaming regulations. To be a bingo manager, you won’t need any college degree but would definitely require at least five years of work experience to make around $61,140 a year.

  1. Embalmer

If you do not mind working with the dead, then you could easily earn nearly $47,760 as an embalmer. Involved in treating corpses with preservatives, embalmers prepare the bodies for internment and make a lot than what you can imagine which is quite evident by the fact that they make around $8,000 more than the U.S. average salary annually. You must have an associate’s degree along with a period of long-term training in the workplace.

  1. Hot Dog Cart Vendor 

You must be wondering what could a hot dog cart vendor possibly earn wandering the glamorous streets of Manhattan, Chicago, or Minneapolis but you might get shocked to know that these cart vendors pull off an average of $100,000 per year and $1,150 in a single weekend. Along with producing quality hot dogs, taking food orders, handling cash registers, and handling the orders safely are some of the skills possessed by hot dog cart vendors.

  1. Online Dating Ghostwriter

Do you ever come across an online dating profile that is catchy, unique, and witty? It might be possible that the person has not created the profile. Online dating ghostwriters are currently trending in the market who are hired by people for curating their dating profiles. There are plenty of people for whom writing is not their cup of tea or English is not their first language. An online dating ghostwriter can take advantage of such cases and earn nearly $900 per month in a month like New York. Along with curating an engrossing profile, online dating ghostwriters are also masters at keeping the conversation flowing by pretending to be their clients until the person feels ready to take over or have a face-to-face meeting with their match.

  1. Soap Boiler

Small-scale to medium-sized soap producers are always in the need of soap boilers for turning pasty fats into soap bars and powders. Soap boilers are tasked with multiple roles such as controlling the soap-producing equipment, turning the valve to allow steam through the tank’s bottom for stirring the solution, raising/lowering the pump line for locating separation level of the residue left by pure soap niger, and observing the solution to notice variations of colors, homogeneity, and consistency of boiling ingredients. Earning over $40,090 annually, soap boilers do not require any college degree.

  1. Clinical Ethicist

There are a lot of contentious medical matters which have deep-rooted socioeconomic and ethical antecedents ranging from cloning and stem cell research to animal rights to life and dignity. You can be the one who resolves these issues by becoming a clinical ethicist and make $72,385 annually. Needing a master’s degree or medical ethics-related doctorate along with at least five years of work experience, a clinical ethicist plays a crucial role in devising and presenting a non-partisan approach to examine medical ethics issues so that it becomes convenient and smooth for doctors, hospitals, patients and their families to deal with these difficult situations. 

  1. Bed Warmer

Yes, you heard it right. A human bed warmer who does exactly what it sounds- gets in people’s bed and warms it up for them. You might not believe that a lot of people detest the very act of jumping into their clean, well-made up beds just to find that they are unbearably cold for a few initial minutes. Therefore, they pay nearly $200,000 a year to human bed warmers for doing the same thing beforehand.

  1. Underwater Demolition Driver

With the anticipation of 7% job growth from 2018 to 2028, underwater demolition driver is one of the most badass jobs on this list. All you have to do is use your scuba gear and tools to go under the water for rigging explosives for detonation along with other tasks like inspection, repair, and installation of equipment beneath the water surface. Get a post-secondary non-degree award and a fair period of on-the-job training to become an expert underwater demolition driver to earn $49,980 annually.

  1. Windtech

Well, you don’t have to literally play around with the wind, being a wind tech means you would be engaged in the inspection, diagnosis, adjustment, and repairing of wind turbines. Moreover, you would have to do maintenance of turbines and fix any other mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic issues. As industry experts suggest, the period from  2018 to 2028 would witness a 60% increase in job growth in this vocation. So, what are you waiting for? Earn a post-secondary award and undergo a long-term training period to take home around $52,910 a year.

  1. Childbirth Educator

Giving birth to a child is not just a casual affair that could be complete within a few minutes as is portrayed in the movies, there is a reason why childbirth is called a miracle. Childbirth educators are the guiding force before, while, and during the delivery. Though they are not tasked with actually delivering the baby, their primary role is to prepare for the delivery with classes and information about childbirth procedures, pre-conception classes, delivery technology, and trends in labor.

While they are often an initial source of childbirth information for Often affiliated with area hospitals, these workers often serve not only as an initial source of information for expectant parents, they are a significant resource even after the birth.

  1. Undertaker

Even though you might not have thought about the ceremonial arrangements and other-related logistics while you are attending a funeral but some specific people are assigned these duties. Also known as funeral directors, undertakers are responsible for arranging and supervising funeral services, interviewing family members, handling the transportation of bodies to the mortuary, and selecting the pallbearers among many other duties. To earn around $54,150 as an undertaker, you need to have a post-secondary certification, an associate’s degree, and a fair amount of long-term training.

  1. Escalator Installer

If you literally wish to upgrade your career one ‘step’ at a time, you can become an escalator installer and make a gigantic $84,990 every year. Beginning their training period with an apprenticeship to learn the craft, escalator installers are basically involved in assembling, installing, maintaining, and repairing escalators. 

  1. Podiatrist

You heard it right, a specialist in care for the feet. But one doesn’t have to be as obsessed with feet as Tarantino is in his movies. Requiring a degree from an accredited podiatric medical college, a podiatrist can earn a massive $111,268 per year. They are indulged in the examining of feet, lower legs, and ankles along with performing surgeries on the same. Podiatrists specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of foot-related abnormalities and infections. 

  1. Faller

Have you ever imagined yourself being as might as Paul Bunyan? Well, you can pretty easily transform your imagination into reality by choosing the profession of a faller or popularly known as lumberjacks. They make use of their knowledge regarding tree characteristics and cutting techniques to chop down a huge amount of trees. Needing just a high school diploma and a moderate amount of work training, fallers can earn around $44,650 every year. Although lumberjacks are expected to witness a 14% decline in job growth till 2028, you can still earn a yearly $5,000 more than the U.S. median wage. 

  1. Airplane Painter

This is one of the coolest jobs on the list where all you have to do is refurbish old dull airplanes with fresh, vivid, and colorful designs. Getting an average annual wage of $41,850, the aircraft painter also cleans the plane surfaces and parts, applies epoxy, polish, etc., to metal aircraft surfaces before eventually color coating them, mix different paint shades to create desired color pigments, and even design the airline logo, numerals, and brand name. Now, you may ask ‘what does the job require?’ Just a high school diploma and a moderate amount of training.

  1. Nail Technician

Getting a manicure or pedicure has become very prevalent in the recent past and nail technicians are making good use of this opportunity by earning $25,770 annually. They are responsible for cleaning, filing, trimming, and polishing people’s fingernails and toenails. From ordinary barbershops to sophisticated salons and spas, nail technicians are always in high demand. Moreover, if you are a people person, then you would definitely like this job. 

  1. Dinkey Operator

Who would have thought that just a high school diploma and a fairish on-the-job training to work on small locomotives could bring home an average annual wage of $49,330? This weird-named job actually requires the operator to work with engines, operate power controls and levers for the transportation of rock, timber, coal, and other materials. One could easily spot dinkey operators in places including railroad yards, construction projects, industrial plants, and quarries. 

  1. Bereavement Coordinator

Nobody wants to break the bad news about the loss of a loved one to their family members but someone has to do it ultimately. Bereavement coordinators are basically responsible for managing the social workers who disclose this unfortunate news. They are actively engaged in a socio-emotional system that aims to make this overwhelming situation as painless as possible. For an annual median salary of $57,158, bereavement coordinators work tirelessly for handling such sensitive cases in a professional, calming and synergistic manner. Often working in settings like hospices, nursing homes, and hospitals, bereavement coordinators generally possess a four-year college degree and assist the survivors of people who had terminal illnesses. 

  1. Algae Scientist

The green gunk floating on water surfaces can actually help you earn a fortune. Algae is considered to be a really essential part of the wildlife ecosystems and algae scientists (also called phycologists) are those who study algae for various applications ranging from its utility in the process of wastewater treatment to the creation of biofuel. Get a relevant bachelor’s degree to start earning about $75,650 as a median annual wage.

  1. Horse Exerciser

If you have made a fortune during a horse race, you should be partly grateful to a horse exerciser. While everyone knows that jockeys are the ones who do the actual racing, it is the horse exerciser who is primarily responsible for helping horses train and exercise. They ride the horses on non-racing days so that the horses are well-prepared when the jockey rides them. Either a high school diploma or nearly seven years of work experience would make you a master horse exerciser who would earn around $54,091 per year. Horse exercisers are also involved in training the horse to walk in the gate, simulating a mid-race gallop, and gauging the horse’s responsiveness and well-being.

  1. Soil Scientist

You must have heard about some complicated-sounding jobs like microbiologists, geneticists, and astrophysicists, and then some scientists earn a massive $63,200 yearly for examining dirt. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not list any previous experience or training requirements, a bachelor’s degree is obviously needed for you to become a soil scientist. Expecting a 7% increase in job growth from the period of 2018-2028, soil scientists are in it to get their hands dirty (pun intended) as they study the biological, physical, mineralogical as well as the chemical composition of soils. 

  1. Seismograph Shooter

Are you a gaming geek who simply loves to set things on fire in the artificial world? What if we tell you that you can actually get paid to set things on fire in real life? Yes, you can earn about $46,250 a year as a seismograph shooter whose job is literally to detonate explosives for loosening the earth to perform seismograph readings generally to discover petroleum deposits. To be qualified as a pro for blowing up things, you need a high school diploma, around five years of work experience, and extensive on-the-job training.

  1. Flavorist

One of the most interesting jobs on this list, a flavorist deals with chemistry to create natural as well as artificial flavors. The main purpose of a flavorist is to engineer a set of irresistibly saporous new flavors that people would devour. Along with a Ph.D. in chemistry or biochemistry, one also needs to have an all-inclusive knowledge of essential oils, flavor aromas, botanical extracts, and essences to recreate natural flavors and bring home an unimaginable $125,423 a year.

So, you must have understood it by now that sometimes treading on the off the beaten path could yield a fortune. Career planning is an extremely crucial stage in everyone’s life and choosing miscellaneous jobs is certainly not a bad option if you have thoroughly gone through the aforementioned comprehensive list of vocations.

What do Miscellaneous Jobs Pay?

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