Teacher Salary In Iowa | How much teachers make in Iowa?

Teacher Salary In Iowa

There are millions of teachers and professors around the world. The amount of their earnings depends on where they live and the school or university they teach in. In the United States, teacher’s salaries vary from the state where they teach. This article will focus on the annual teacher salary in Iowa, including professors who are teaching in Iowa.

Every teacher’s salaries are different. From public school teachers to private school teachers. As well as kindergarten, grade school, high school, and college professors. It might also differ from the courses they specialize in universities, and it will also depend on which university they teach. A part-time teacher’s salary is different from a full-time teacher. Professors are required to have master’s or doctorate degrees, and they have a higher salary rate than teachers who don’t have a Ph.D., as most professors with a Ph.D. have a more vast knowledge in the field they wish to teach and have a higher degree of education. If you are in college and wants to become a teacher or a professor in the future, read through to give you an idea of how much teachers and professors in Iowa makes in a year. It could be much or less on what you’re expecting. Remember that you need a Master’s or a Doctoral degree to become a professor. 

Teacher Salary In Iowa

For teacher working part-time, they earn $25,230 a year. The average pay is based on their skill level and years of experience, as the difference can be up to $10,410. There are also a few job opportunities for part-time teachers in Iowa that pay a lot higher than an average part-time teacher. Here are some of the related part-time teaching jobs in Iowa:

  • Online Health Teacher – These are teachers who are teaching via online classes, and every teacher has their own teaching styles. A health teacher assists, help and teach people how to manage different health conditions and so on. With the pandemic, health teachers play a crucial role in the community. They earn an average of $66,056. This job requires experience and knowledge in the medical field. 

  • The First-Year Teacher – A first-year teacher is those new to the teaching world. They are usually being evaluated if they are fit for the job. Surprisingly, you can earn up to $64,082, even though the average starting salary for a beginner is around $37,048.

  • Federal Teacher – Federal teachers earn $63,227 annually.

  • Senior Teacher – These are teachers who showed and proved high-level skill levels in teaching, and they help with the development and growth of the school where they teach in. They are up to $59,197 per year.

  • At-Home Teachers – An at-home teacher or a home school teacher are also considered tutors. They teach children who are having difficulties in understanding specific topics or subjects. A home school teacher can demand a higher fee if he/she is much more experienced. The annual salary for an at-home teacher is around $55,355.

These are a few available job opportunities for a part-time teacher seeking to earn a little more higher-paying teaching job in Iowa. Keep in mind that most of these jobs require years of experience to be qualified. A full-time teacher in a public school in Iowa earns $56,351 on average, and the range is between $49,196 and $65,055. This varies from the level of education, certifications, skill level, and years of teaching. For a private school teacher in Iowa, they earn $26,506 a year, which doesn’t have much of a difference for a teacher working part-time. Some teachers earn as high as $31,684 or as low as $21,727. The average private school teacher’s salary ranges between $26,252 – $31,684 annually. 

There are a few related private school teacher jobs in Iowa that pay a bit more higher than the average:

  • Full-Time Art Teacher – Art teachers are known for their renowned skills in art. From painting to crafting. You name it. Many students in the younger generation tend to explore what best fits them, and some enjoy the simplicity of combining colors here and there with the guidance of an art teacher. They earn $57,998 annually.

  • Elementary School Music Teacher – Like in art, children love to explore different sounds every instrument makes. A music teacher earns $55,192 annually, and their role is something that can make a straightforward child into a masterpiece when they grow up with a love for music.

  • Middle School Teacher – Middle school teachers guide students from 6th – 8th grades and teaches them the fundamentals of developing skills and enhancing what they learned in elementary school to prepare them for high school. A middle school teacher earns $53,478 per year.

  • Online High School Art Teacher – Teaching art online can be complicated as it minimizes the chances of guiding the students face-to-face to help them with their artwork. It requires patience and skill to teach online, especially with relation to art. The annual salary for an online high school art teacher is $52,262.

  • Full-Time High School Teacher-High school teachers help students to grow and prepare them for college and the world of being an adult. They earn $50,593 a year.

Like part-time teachers, being a full-time teacher requires skills and experience to qualify for the jobs listed and to qualify to teach basic and higher education to students. Whether it’s an online class or face-to-face classes. An average college professor in Iowa depends on which university they teach. They earn much higher than teachers and a little higher than associate professors – who serve as assistants to actual professors. The typical professor at Iowa State University earns $146,102, but it can range from $113,520 to $184,213. 

In the academic year 2018-2019, the annual salary for a professor at Iowa State University was $141,322, and the compensation for an associate professor was $98,776. The highest paying university in 2018-2019 in Iowa was Grinnell College, where the professors were paid $141,322, and the associate professor was paid $106,778. Professors’ salaries vary from the courses they teach in. For example, A professor in history earns $96,495 and the usual range is between $74,797 and $150,644. Being a professor in history requires a Ph.D. or a terminal degree.

A professor in education typically earns around $94,600, and the range is between $79,900 – $163,800. A professor is required a Ph.D. or a terminal degree to teach in this field. Many more college professors specializing in different fields are not listed, but those are just a few to give you an example of how much their salaries range based on their skill levels and based on the field they teach in. Some are earning more, and some are earning less.

Over 453 high schools reside in Iowa. 402 public schools and 51 private schools. If you are about to take on a journey to becoming a teacher, you now know how much a full-time and a part-time teacher makes. Both in public and private schools. Give these schools a closer look and research to see where you best fit in with your skills. And there are over 60 colleges in Iowa. Many courses are available in these universities and keep in mind that they don’t give the same salaries. Some professors in certain universities are earning lower than the others. Like I have said before, take time to do research and see where you best fit in. 

For students, let’s not treat teachers differently than college professors. Yes, college professors teach more at a higher education level, but none of us would be in college if our elementary, grade school, and high school teachers didn’t shape us to be fit in a university. They are giving their best to become our second mothers and fathers. With the pandemic, it is not easy for them to teach online, but they are still there to provide the education we need.

Let’s appreciate them now and then, and for the professors who are usually hot-headed, have a little more patience with your student. You never know what they are going through. Everyone hides their pain somewhere. They become the ones we go back to when we get older, especially those who genuinely cared for us. Most of us still remember our best teachers in grade school, and it would be beautiful if all teachers leave a memorable and beautiful mark on a student. It all starts with them. College professors teach us to become more skilled in what we dream of being in the future. Whether it’s becoming a journalist, a businessman, a chef, a nurse, or a doctor, and so on. College professors prepare us for the real world and to help us make our career path grow. 

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Teacher Salary In Iowa | How much teachers make in Iowa?

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