TD Bank Salary levels-Know More

The 6 largest banks in North America by the maximum number of branches TD Bank (The Toronto Dominion Bank along with its all subsidiaries) is recognized as one of the most stable banks in North America. TD Bank tops the world’s list of leading Online Financial service firms with more than 4.68 million active users availing of their services. Here we will see about TD Bank Salary levels

TD Bank has more than  25 million customers in several locations covering the globe. From mentorship in training programs to leadership development TD bank helps employees realize their full potential and achieve their career goals, being one of the largest banks in North America, TD Bank also provides its employees with whooping salaries. TD Bank financial group provides their employees’ salary levels in the range of 75000 to 140000 annually.

Responsibilities and salary levels of various job titles at TD Bank:- 

TD Bank Salary levels

TD Bank Salary levels

Accounting Jobs:- 

1 Accountant:- The work of a bank accountant generally includes preparing the general entries, posting to the general ledger, as well as posting two subsidiary ledgers, and reconciliation of ledger accounts.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 51,680

Average:- USD 54,000

Highest :- USD 56,400

2 Accounting Manager:- The duty of the accounting manager includes overseas preparation of business activity reports, financial forecasts, and annual budgets.


Lowest :- USD 97,000

Average:- USD 111,600

Highest :- USD 128,500

Administrative Assistance:- 

1 Administrative Assistant:- The job role includes formulating meeting schedules, conducting research, maintaining clerical work of both paper and electronic files, and handling traveling.


Lowest:- USD 13.75/hour

Average:- USD 27.38/hour

Highest:- USD 42/hour

2 Executive Administrative Assistants:- 


The responsibilities include preparing financial ledgers, audit reports, notes, bill letters, and other important stuff.

Lowest :- USD 51,400 

Average :- USD 55,300

Highest :- USD 60,000

Customer Service:- 

1 Bilingual Customer Service Associate:- The job includes representatives field doubts, concerns, and views from clients, with the overarching aim of maintaining their business. 

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 14/hour

Average :- USD 15/ hour

Highest :- USD 15.6/hour

2 Call Centre Representative:- The job role includes handling many inbound and outbound calls to customers and clients. Identify the needs of customers, resolve issues, and provide solutions.


Lowest :- USD 15,000

Average :- USD 31,000

Highest :- USD 47,000

Banking & Finance:- 

1 Anti Money Laundering Analyst:- The job role includes finding out illegal financial activities. The role is essential as they ensure their company complies with government regulations.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 47,000

Average :- USD 48,900

Highest :- USD 51,000

2 Bank Clerk:- They have to keep records of deposits,  withdrawals, loans and payments, cheques, and security sales.


Lowest:- USD 8.5/hour 

Average:- USD 17/hour

Highest:- USD 26/hour

Human Resources:- 

1 HRIS Analyst:- This role assesses bank-wide development needs to drive training initiatives, identify and arrange suitable training solutions for employees.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 75,000

Average :- USD 84,000

Highest :- USD 95,000

2 Human Resources Associate:- HR associates perform a variety of human resources day-to-day tasks such as hiring new employees, leading the recruitment team, and deciding wages.


Lowest :- USD 67,000

Average :- USD 67,700

Highest :- USD 68,500


1 Insurance Agent:- The main goal of an insurance agent is to sell the insurance policy that is appropriate for a particular customer based on his or her requirements.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 17/hour

Average :- USD 18/hour

Highest :- USD 20/hour

2 Underwriter:- Their responsibility is to conduct an in-depth analysis h of the financial history of various businesses and individuals to determine their loan lending limits.


Lowest :- USD 48,900

Average :- USD 55,500

Highest :- USD 63,000


1 Compliance Officer:- They are responsible for conducting amendments and research to ensure that a bank follows the set of instructions being led to them.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 42,500

Average :- USD 70,000

Highest :- USD 114,200

2 Senior Compliance Officers:- They are in charge of regulating and managing Compliance issues with the bank, like if a bank is complying with the requirements and whether the company and its employees are complying with the bank’s policies and methods.


Lowest :- USD 70,000

Average :- USD 85,400

Highest :- USD 104,040


1 Assistant Manager:- An assistant manager helps the manager in making sure that the daily work to be done not only finishes on time but runs smoothly he is also responsible for the cleanliness of the bank as well as its presentation.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 26,000

Average :- USD 53,200

Highest :- USD 81,000

2 Assistant Vice President:- The role of Assistant vice president is usually a particular block’s chairperson who provides a high-level facility for a highly trained staff. These professionals may manage several different areas such as daily work, marketing, and human resources.


Lowest :- USD 37,800

Average :- USD 84,300

Highest :- USD 188,100


1 Communications Manager:- They maintain good media relations, handle media inquiries, and monitor public and media opinion on the bank. Develop and amend communication materials including price releases, annual reports, and other corporate literature.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 93,000

Average :- USD 103,050

Highest :- USD 114,500

2 Content Manager:- they collect, monitor and analyze website metrics and make improvements accordingly.


Lowest :- USD 99,050

Average :- USD 106,800

Highest :- USD 115,000


1 Management Analyst:- The function of this role is in the formation of the bank’s balance sheet and income documents modeling procedures in support of capital structuring and other end uses, such as planning, share price amending, and interest rate risk within the banking book.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 52,500

Average :- USD 64,399

Highest :- USD 78,800

2 Senior Analysts:- They’re responsible for helping clients to increase their capital in the capital markets, as well as in providing strategic advisory services to mergers, acquisitions, and other types of resource ( money ) movements following the institutional banking team.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 64,100 

Average :- USD 74,200

Highest :- USD 86,000

Project Management :- 

1 Implementation Specialist :- They are responsible for leading new program implementations,  as assigned. Manages activities to meet deadlines.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 47,000

Average :- USD 62,500

Highest :- USD 83,000

2 Program Director:- The Program Director is responsible for ongoing management on behalf of SRO  to ensure that desired program outcomes and objectives are delivered.


Lowest :- USD 137,800

Average :- USD 145,300

Highest :- USD 153,200


1 Branch Manager:- Their responsibilities include ensuring good management of resources and employees, developing and attaining sales goals, delivering customer service, and growing the place’s revenues.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 26,900

Average :- USD 65,000

Highest :- USD 121,000

2 Branch Supervisors:- Their work includes directing all operational aspects including distribution, customer service, human resources, administration, and sales according to the bank’s objectives.

Salaries :- 

Lowest :- USD 41,005

Average :- USD 46,000

Highest :- USD 51,300

Conclusion :- 

The average salary at TD Bank lies in the range of USD 33,700 to USD 65,200 annually. The highest paying job rules are Content Manager, Communication Manager, Senior Analyst, Program Director, and Senior Compliance Officer. Paid Training & internships are also provided at banks with a  decent stipend. The highest paying degrees at this Bank are B fin MBA( Finance ) , B.Sc. ,  BA  (economics).

Frequently Asked Questions on TD Bank Salary levels :- 

1 What is the initial salary for a OT teller ?

Starting salary for an OT trailer is usually around USD 15 per hour.

2  How much PTO do part time employees get ?

Part time employees usually get an  average pay of  around USD 20 per hour.

3 What are employee benefits for TD Bank ?

Paid time of incentive bonuses, Life Insurance, health Insurance, vision benefits, etc.

4 How do the employees get paid at TD Bank ?

Employees at  TD Bank are paid Bi-weekly.

TD Bank Salary levels-Know More

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