Salary Of Software Engineering Intern

In the present time, the use of technology has increased a lot, many students want to make a career in technical engineering. There are many types of engineering courses, one of which is software engineering, and one of the most popular engineering courses among students. Let us know abut the Salary Of Software Engineering Intern.

Salary Of Software Engineering Intern

In the present era, the demand for software engineers has been huge and companies are offering huge packages to software engineers.

Here I am going to tell you about the salary of a software engineer, how much the salary is offered to a software engineer in America and what is the salary of a software engineer in other countries. Also, by the end of the article, you will get to know some of the factors that affect your salary.

If you also want to know how much the salary of a software engineer in America is, then you must read this article carefully, I am going to mention it in the next few parts.

Salary of Software Engineering Intern

A software engineer’s salary ranges from 428.32 USD to 550.79 USD. If you are associated with a multinational company or you are associated with a very large organization, then your salary can be more than 1223.79 USD. The earning of a software engineer intern is completely dependent on their organization and software. 

Your salary is also dependent on your skill. 

Salary In USA

The minimum salary in America ranges from 2894.28 USD to the maximum salary of 9220.10 USD. This is because most of the big software companies have their headquarters in America. A software engineer dreams of going to work in America because software companies in America are considered to be the heaven of all the big companies in America and they get very good post jobs in these companies.

Most of the students who do software engineering look for jobs in the USA and they get very good opportunities here. Here a software engineer on average gets 13 times more salary than a software engineer in other countries.

Factors Affecting Your Salary

  • First of all, it will depend on how you have studied software engineering, which means there are some different courses by which you can become a software engineer.
  • If you thought of going into the field of software engineering only after the tenth, then you can do a polytechnic diploma in software engineering after the tenth, its duration is 3 years.
  • Apart from this, if you want to do an undergraduate in software engineering, then you can do B. Tech, but you can do only after 12th, as well as it is necessary to pass in PCM subjects, if you are in additional subject If you do computer science and information technology then it will be more beneficial for you.
  • The salary of a software engineer also depends on the college. If you have done computer science engineering from a big and famous college, then your salary will be good because you get good opportunities in those places. 
  • Generally, MNCs hire interns and engineers from tier-1 colleges, and students even get a package of more than one crore. 
  • Along with this, your salary also depends on how much experience you have, they can get a salary of up to 18356.9 USD as the experience increases.
  • Apart from this, companies like Microsoft, Google, Dell, etc. offer an annual salary of up to 9790.39 USD and 3 years With experience, this salary can also go up to 30594.98 USD per annum.


If you have an interest in software engineering, you can make a career in it and at the same time, you will be able to improve further according to your ability. Software engineering is also a very good option based on your career. But if you do not have an interest in this, If you are going to do it only by seeing its salary, then do not do this, you should do that course in which you have an interest, you like it and you can earn more money in that thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What work do software engineers do?

The main work of a software engineer includes programming, software development, computer/laptop software development, software testing, algorithm design and analysis, mobile app development, etc.

2) What things can usher me to get an internship in top MNCs?

Here are some tips that will help you to grab a software engineering internship in top MNCs:

  • Set a goal and stick with it.
  • Choose which language to learn.
  • Learn to code.
  • Make a good resume & portfolio
  • Create your projects.
  • Build your professional network & apply for internships.

3) How many years does it take to become a software engineer?

Four years, A Bachelor of Science degree in software engineering takes approximately four years to complete. Some students may find their coursework challenging and may decide to invest more time in their learning and understanding, but should still be able to complete it in approximately four years.

Salary Of Software Engineering Intern

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