Salary Of Air Force Firefighter

Being an airforce firefighter demands high levels of specialisation because the person can come across unusual and even sometimes unexpected situations and unique environmental conditions all across the globe . In the case of the USA , the people who go for opting this particular job have to undergo a basic military training of 7.5 weeks and a technical training of 68 days & are most likely to work for receiving either or both of these certifications (EMT, HazMat) . It’s a challenging job with regressive training modules that makes the firefighter physically fit and mentally prepared (i.e. has to undergo regular operational skill maintenance which is particularly designed in such a way that the firefighter takes the most apt decisions even in the state of panic and danger) to deal with the worst case scenarios whether it’s dealing with a whole Amazon forest fire or burning rocket fuel. Let us know What are the ‘Salary Of Air Force Firefighter’.

Salary Of Air Force Firefighter

Salary Of Air Force Firefighter

Work Area Diversity – 

The mission of these people doesn’t solely hold towards serving air force personnel , rather they also have to help common civilians who are in danger because of fire . If one talks about the major area of expertise that US air force firefighters deal with then it involves repairing emergency equipment, first aid being provided to the servicemen that are in the field , dealing with massive flames and one of the most crucial things is to serve as fire marshals on navy and army ships . Other than this they are also trained in different other areas including disaster drills for battlefield soldiers , suppress fire for air force buildings , provide help by search and rescue through proper training procedure and face any situations whether it comes under chemical , physical , radiological and biological disasters . 

Salary of Air Force Firefighters in USA – 

In the United States of America as per 2021 statistics , the average annual salary offered to their air force firefighters is $55,290 . They pay a high value to this particular job and it’s a part of their protection career curriculum offering speciality in fire fighting when it comes to the military . Other than their role in the air force these people also tackle with protecting people’s lives , environment , property of governmental as well as private institutes etc. in case of fire related hazards. The salary of air force firefighters in the USA depends on a number of factors like rank of the person , availability of jobs in a particular area , different salaries in different cities , degree a particular person holds , years of experience etc. 

Salary based on Area :

Some of the highest (mean) salary paying cities and districts in USA to air force firefighters include New Jersey paying a salary of $84,930 per year , California paying a salary of $80,990 per year , Washington paying a salary of $76,280 per year , New York paying a salary of $72,670 per year and at last comes Colorado paying a salary of $68,300 . Other than this when it comes to ranking of cities which are best suited for air force firefighters in the USA in terms of number of job availability then at the top is Amarillo (Texas) followed by Pueblo (Colorado) ; Leominster (Manchester) ; Waco (Texas) and so on . 

Experience :

Basically these military personnel get a hike in their payscale after every 2 years of their service . Therefore an air force firefighter gets the same salary as that of an air force jet engine mechanic or any other post ( only condition being that both have the same payscale as well as tenure of service ) . And the biggest perk that comes up with this is that their salary is not bound by MOS . As per the job of firefighting or emergency care ; the air force considers both of these sectors as the most important part of their existence and flourishment . different kinds of allowances are also provided to air force fighters . 

Rank of the personals :

There are several basic posts that are there under air force firefighting and as per the seniority of the posts , salary differs and the difference in the salary is stated as follows : a basic firefighter gets an annual salary of $54,163 ; a driver / operator gets an annual salary of $52,319 ; a crew chief gets a salary of $60,849 a year ; a station captain gets a salary of $65,000 a year (and its estimated that a station captain will get a hike in salary and may get up to $81,622.54 to $116,506.54 per year as of 2023) ; an assistant chief gets an annual salary of $68,700 and at the last comes the fire chief & deputy fire chief (which hold the highest post) and get an annual salary of $72,160 . Other than this some of the additional titles within this particular field include fire inspector , fire prevention , logistics officer , district and division chief , fire marshal , EMT/Paramedic , fire alarm controller and centre operator . 

Job availability :

In the USA there are 9200 people who are for now recruited in the air force firefighting sector . And depending on different regions the availability of jobs differs depending on the vacancies in a particular area but it doesn’t have an impact on the salary of personnel . Because salary governing criteria is just qualification and experience . 


So on a concluding note the job of an air force fighter is quite a tricky one which comes up with a lot of challenges and there is also a difference in the amount of salary a personal depending on the above factors as witnessed in the USA . As per statistics EMS is the regulatory body that takes care of this and it is witnessed that there has been a reduction in damage caused due to fire since the 1970s . Depending on the amount of efficiency these people offer , there is a need to pay a greater attention to this particular sector so that more and more people get aware of it which in itself will bring a lot of benefits.

Salary Of Air Force Firefighter

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