Salary Of A Technology Analyst In The US

 The role of a Technology Analyst is to provide IT support to the company they work for. They provide ideas to the business organizations to improve in certain areas of IT and also deal with all the computer-related issues of the company. This is a good job for those that have a talent for analyzing things and also have studied computers. Also, this job can give you very decent pay according to your experience and skills. But, how much money can you earn working as a Tech Analyst?let us know about that the Salary Of A Technology Analyst In The US.

Salary Of A Technology Analyst In The US

The average pay of a Technology Analyst starts from $59,000 annually. It can also go up to about $153,000 depending on your experience level. Also, this is just the average value of the salary of a Technology Analyst among several companies. Your real salary can be quite different from this. It all depends on some factors, skills, and experience of a person which calculate the expected salary one can get. 

Factors that affect your salary in a direct way

No one can tell the exact amount of pay they can get in a job. But you can predict the expected salary you can receive. To do that, you just need to compare your skills and shortcomings to the factors that can affect your salary directly. Let us take a brief look at what these factors are and if you can stand up to them. 

Knowledge of IT

A Tech Analyst must have the required knowledge of computers and at least an Undergraduate degree in Information Technology. Although it is also possible for a person to become Technology Analyst after High School, it might not be a good option. As the level of your knowledge directly affects your salary, you must be prepared to receive a low compensation in case you don’t know anything about computers. Also, when looking for the right person for this position, the recruiter would want someone that can guide the organization with his or her knowledge. And, the higher the level of your knowledge is, the higher your chance to get a better salary. 


The number of skills a person possesses can help him or her to receive higher compensation in their job. When we talk about a Technology Analyst, the required skills are IT expertise, communication skills, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, etc. In short, a Tech Analyst must not only know about computers but also be well-informed in other areas. Also, the person should have a willingness to learn new things with time. These skills are not only important for a technology analyst but they work out in other career options too.  

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Previous Performance 

One more thing that can affect your overall salary analysis is your previous performance. During an interview, this is the most important factor after skills and experience. If the interviewee doesn’t have a clean record of his or her previous workplace or the record is fabricated, then even the chances of getting a job become low. And in case, the person did get the job, he or she might not be able to get their preferred salary. 


The years of experience a person have can give big emphasis on determining the salary of a person. Generally speaking, it is believed, that the more an employee has experience, the more capable they are of the job. And any experienced individual knows more about the job. The salary of a person can be divided into three levels based on experience.

Beginner Level 

It is the first level of one’s career. Employees at this level can make money between $59,000 to $81,000 annually. The person has no experience and therefore, is expected to receive the lowest salary. It may also be that it is the first time for the person to do a corporate job. It may seem like there’s no benefit to recruiting a beginner-level employee. So why are they employed in the first place? 

The reason is that a new employee has a dedication to work. They are hardworking, have more focus on work, and can also give some creative ideas in the meetings. Also, most beginner-level employees receive promotions after working for a few days. Therefore, if you are concerned that you may not receive good pay for your work as an inexperienced person, then worry not. Just work smart and use your skills to the best to impress everyone around you. 

Intermediate Level 

This level comes after the Beginner Level. At the Intermediate Level, the employees have reached a state where they have gained some experience. It may not be too much, but it is enough to surpass the level of a Beginner level employee. 

It is not only the level that has changed, but your salary also increases. But now, since your learning phrase has ended, you can’t make too many mistakes. You must take your work responsibly and gain more experience. Your salary is still dependent on your experience and skills. At this level, you can make up to $108,000 annually. 

Senior Level

This is the last and most senior level of being a Technology Analyst. Once you have reached this level, you can expect yourself to get the highest salary you can get for your work. employees of this level usually have income above $108,000 and it can go up to $153,000. 

But, with more seniority comes more responsibility. The Analysts at this level are highly experienced and hence are expected to solve more critical problems. They have more experience and knowledge than the employees of beginner or intermediate level. 


In case you decide to become a Technology Analyst, keep in mind to work on your skills before worrying about the salary. You can’t expect yourself to land a high-paying job right from the start. Also, Technical Analyst is a job where promotion is highly dependent on employee performance. Also, the salary one can receive differs from person to person. The company’s name and reputation also affect your salary as big companies tend to give more salary to their employees. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 
  1. Do Technical Analysts get paid well? 

We can’t say whether an employee is paid well or not. As the salary of a person is dependent on the company’s needs and the person’s skills, it isn’t easy to guess whether the pay is reasonable for all the companies. 

  1. Can you make 100k as a Technical Analyst? 

Yes, you can make 100k and even more than this as a Technical Analyst. It all depends on your market worth to know how much you can make once you start working as an employee. 

  1. Are Technical Analysts happy with their salary? 

A survey showed that more than half of the Tech Analysts were happy with the pay they were getting. Few were disappointed with their salary.

  1. Is Technical Analyst a stressful job? 

If you find fun in your job then it can hardly become stressful. However, if we speak of Technical Analysts, then most of them are happy with their jobs. The job environment is good but there seem to be long working hours that can tire many employees. 

Salary Of A Technology Analyst In The US

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