Salary For Senior Marketing Manager 

A senior marketing manager plays a vital role in any company to make them grow. In the USA, there are various companies with great senior marketing managers. Sr. marketing manager is responsible for making marketing strategies for the benefit of the company. They also create a budget to cover all necessary expenses. Their main work is to find out and reach the maximum audience by applying various marketing tactics. Nowadays having a strong marketing team is necessary for any business to stay in a competitive market and having a great senior marketing manager is a golden chance. Let us know about the Salary For Senior Marketing Manager.

Salary For Senior Marketing Manager

Salary For Senior Marketing Manager 

With many benefits and perks, a senior marketing manager earns an average salary of $110,781 per year in the USA. The country has a wider scope and opportunities in this field with a salary range from $75,042 to $163,541 per year for a Sr. marketing manager. Top companies that pay the highest salary in this profession are Genentech, 3M, Arm and so on. However, the salary can vary depending on various factors like skills, education, experience level and many more. 

Salary by region and state

Whatever state it is, the job of Sr. marketing manager is great and necessary in any kind of business. Reaching out to the target audience and changing their buying decision, all the steps from beginning to end in the marketing affect the growth of the company. With many developed states, the USA offers Sr. marketing managers a good salary. However, different work locations have different ranges of salary. As a fact, work location plays a vital role in deciding any professional salary. Regions like Delaware, Louisiana, Michigan, Washington, California and Nevada offer an average of $154,300, $140,665, $140,000, $136,125, $133,348 and $130,000 per year to senior marketing managers. and the highest-paying cities for senior marketing managers in the USA are San Jose, Boise, Santa Monica, Naperville and Atlanta. 

Salary by experience 

Years of experience in a relevant field is very necessary to be a good Sr. marketing manager. It helps a person to earn more. Experience level affects the salary range of a senior marketing manager. As a fact, the salary of a fresher and more experienced person will always be different. A fresher or a person with no experience or less than 1 year of experience can earn an average salary of $103,000 per year and $49.52 per hour in the USA. The salary of a mid-level Sr. marketing manager with an experience of 2 to 5 years can earn an average salary of $118,350 per year and $56.9 per hour. With every additional year, the chances of earning more income become high. A senior marketing manager holding an experience of more than 5 years can earn an average salary of $134,000 per year and more. The hourly average salary for them is $64.42. 

Salary by different companies 

The USA is one of the most developed countries with many big and developed companies. There are several companies whose net profit is great. Companies are paying their senior marketing manager a good salary with so many benefits too. However, different companies offer a different range of salaries. But a person should know about this factor and by knowing every company and their offerings, a person can make more money. Companies like Roku, Netflix, Yelp, Evernote, Pure Storage, Abt associates, eBay, Intuitive Surgical, Penske media and Paypal offer an average salary of $172,622, $159,448, $157,143, $156,374, $155,662, $154,112, $153,056, $150,838, $150,475 and $149,894 per year to the senior marketing manager. However, it can change depending on the factors like experience, education and skills. But these are the very good companies in the USA with great salaries and other benefits. 

Salary by Industry 

The type of industry where a professional works or wants to also affect his salary. Different industry types offer different salaries. There is a need for Sr. marketing managers everywhere. Every industry type hired a senior marketing manager for more profits and growth. Highest paying industries in the USA are Technology, Media, Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, Health care, Professional and Telecommunications offer an average salary of $126,981, $125,534, $124,206, $123,000, $122,319, $122,085, $119,397 and $116,544 per year to senior marketing manager. Every business and type hires them by offering different salaries but the role is common, which is to attract a larger audience and create good marketing strategies to make a company grow. 


A senior marketing manager is an important person in every company with a goal to achieve. Without them, the company wouldn’t be able to find and reach their audience. Thus, paying them well according to their work and skills is a necessary task. The salary of a Sr. marketing manager can vary depending on the above factors. If a person knows about every factor in detail then he can choose the right path where his salary can be increased. The USA has many companies which offer this profession a good salary with many more advantages. However, If you get confused and stuck anytime, this article will help you by knowing the salary according to every factor.

Salary For Senior Marketing Manager 

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