Salary for Pro Football Cheerleader

Pro football cheerleaders are much more than just the game’s public face. They are highly trained and experienced people who have devoted their lives to this field. Cheerleaders are paid to cheer for a team while also increasing audience motivation. Here we will see about Salary for Pro Football Cheerleader

The salary for a pro football cheerleader ranges between $13,014 and $346,916 per year, with an average income of $63,172 in the United States. They are paid $150 per tournament and $50 to $75 for every public appearance. In 2022, the median income for cheerleaders seems to be $ 80,000 per year. Balancing pay is $20 per hour and the transfer fee is around $500. The majority of NFL (National Football League) cheerleading teams are part-time jobs. Members take part in practice, spring training, games, charity activities, photo sessions, and press conferences.

Salary for Pro Football Cheerleader

The Salary for Pro Football Cheerleader depends on:

  • Skills-Salary ranges differ based on what she can do, where she is, how long she has been with the organization, and also the amount of work done by each cheerleader. Individual salaries vary depending on the sports team. Salaries may range from the low level that some cheerleaders can earn to the high level that only an NBA team pays its players.
  • Location- The team’s playing venue is also an important consideration. Cheerleaders should be cautious when deciding where they will play because the earnings for the relatively small and professional teams differ. They can earn an average income when working with a private firm because they prefer working with teams close to their homes and schools. A cheerleader who stays with just an indoor team may be able to earn some extra money. If she continues to work with an outdoor professional team, the cheerleader can earn a good living.
  • Work experience- The new cheerleader who is still learning and has worked for less than 2 years earns around $35,000. The one who has had a work experience of at least 2 years or more is paid $80,000. And the one who is a professional in the field and has had more than 5 years of work experience is paid $150,000. Less skilled cheerleaders should definitely look into signing with lower league teams.
  • Game level- Cheerleaders are paid based on their team and the sport they are playing. Cheerleaders in the NFL usually make the most money. Cheerleaders will want to be part of a winning team because these team members are extremely competitive.

About Professional Cheerleaders

An NFL cheerleader’s average age should be 25. The minimum age for most squads is 18. Professional cheerleaders have decades of experience performing a variety of overall stunts and have previously been hired by various NFL teams. A skilled NFL cheerleader’s salary could have increased from $50,000 to $75,000 in a single season. But this does not include the bonus rewards that every cheerleader gets after each game, which are $2,500 per game.

Supporting cheerleaders

When the professional cheerleaders seem unable to perform during the game due to an injury, the supporting cheerleaders step in. A supporting cheerleader earns $20,000 per year. They earn around $250 for just a match with a $9 hourly wage and a $5 minimum wage. Following a season, the NFL offers agreements to some cheerleaders based on their performance and dance abilities.


  • While athletes are the backbones of the league, cheerleaders seem to be the ones who cheer them on. In trying to enjoy popularity, cheerleaders must ensure that they adhere to the league’s rules.
  • There are certain specifications that every football cheerleader should meet to earn a good living. The cheerleaders must learn the national anthem and slogans and the fans should be chanting, and moving. This is an important aspect of the job because the pay of the cheerleader varies depending on professional competence.
  • There isn’t just one cheerleader position in the game; each cheerleader seems to have a different role, such as moving or cheering on the crowd. Their weekly practices often include dances, stretching exercise, and cheerleading acrobatics. Each location in the game allows each cheerleader to undertake their moves.
  • There is no single position in the game; each cheerleader seems to have a different role, such as cheering on the crowd. Their job includes planning to attend practices, organizing special events, helping to promote team initiatives to support the team either on or off the field, as well as engaging in group meetings.
  • They use social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to promote the team’s brand identity. They also participate in charitable events such as hospital volunteer work or raising funds actions for nearby schools.
  • Each location in the game allows each cheerleader to undertake the stunts & actions. The stunts that they undertake are not for the faint-hearted. It is one of the reasons why becoming a Pro football cheerleader is not for everyone and is not available in every city.
  • The women must captivate the audience and also perform in front of the people. They perform routines to motivate fans and show their support at tournaments, or other events. They also get luxury resorts and beautiful locations to spend their day.

As the game has grown in popularity, so has the demand for sports cheerleaders. The popularity of Pro football cheerleaders is growing all the time. The Football League is a major sporting event, and becoming a cheerleader for it necessarily involves extensive experience as well as a great deal of responsibility. Each position has its own salary structure, regardless of whether the cheerleader is paid well or poorly, they have to be satisfied with their pay.

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Frequently asked questions
  1. How long can you continue to be a cheerleader?

The average length of service is three years.

  1. How much money does an NFL cheerleader make?

NFL cheerleaders make between $15 and $20 per hour on average. Each match costs $500 and the annual earnings are around $75,000.

  1. Is being a cheerleader a full-time job?

Cheerleading is not a full-time occupation and the cheerleaders are often required to work other jobs or attend college.

Salary for Pro Football Cheerleader

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