Salary For Police Commissioner Of New York

A police commissioner is a very important person in the overall police force who makes policies, rules, and other necessary things in a police department for proper functioning. They are appointed as a senior rank member and civilian official commission. To maintain a police department for being in the favour of the country and the public, they need to make policies and rules under which everyone in the department needs to work. a police commissioner is a leader of a police department and acts as a necessary tool. In New York, Keechant L. Sewell is a police commissioner who was appointed by mayor Eric Adams in December 2021. Let us know What are the ‘Salary For Police Commissioner Of New York’.

Salary For Police Commissioner Of New York

Salary For Police Commissioner Of New York

New York is a very developed and big city with great opportunities and scope in a police department and post. The average salary of a police commissioner in New York is $196,998 per year which is considered a good package. They can make from $88,288 to $240,926 per year according to their experience, education, and achievements. Apart from salary, they get various other advantages too like tax benefits, medical and home allowance, insurance benefits, and so on. 

Base salary of New York police commissioner

The New York police department consists of various members which help in making a strong NYPD. The work of every person affects the whole department where the role of a police commissioner is very important. The base salary of a police commissioner is an important thing to discuss as it directly affects and tells how the NYPD works and runs. In the city, it is about $205,180 per year. various factors are determined while appointing a police commissioner and deciding his/her salary. The base salary can vary depending on the police commissioner’s experience and expertise. The salary of a commissioner reflects and tells the number of expertise, knowledge, and experience he/she brings to the job. Thus they should be highly qualified with a good level of experience to be appointed as a police commissioner in New York City and to get high salaries and benefits. 

Salary by the size and budget

The size of the department and police force also reflects and helps in deciding the salary of a police commissioner. The overall city budget plays a major role in it when appointing a commissioner. The larger the police force, the larger the salary would be. New York is a very big city with a great and strong police force. Thus, the city or government pays a commissioner a good salary with so many other benefits. Not only in New York but if we saw the figures and conditions of other countries and states then there would be some sort of difference in their salary concerning their area budget and the size of their police force. some cities have a short force. However, The salary is decided by the legislative body and a person who has authority over it. 

Other benefits to a police commissioner in New York

With a salary of approximately $11,653 per month or $196,998 per year, they have many other advantages too like a 2BR apartment they can have in New York City with a rental price of $2,506 per month. a Police Commissioner would pay 21.51% of their monthly take-home salary towards rent. A commissioner also has a benefit where he can have extra income on the cost of living excluding rent within New York city of about $1250 per month and for a 4-person family, he can earn a cost of living of about $4,592 per month. It is considered a greater advantage to them which motivates them and helps them to work effectively and efficiently. When talking about the cost of living and salary, New York among other nearby cities offers a good quality of life to a police commissioner and offers wider opportunities and scope to a person. 

Other Cities in the USA paying to their police commissioner 

other than New York, cities that pay well to the police commissioner are San Francisco, San Jose, Hayward, Jackson, Norwalk, Wasilla, and Oakland with an average salary of $84,502, $79,236, $76,728, $76,318, $76,214, $78,149 and $78,369 per year. They all are serving their communities and society by overseeing the overall police department, making policies for better functioning and results either as sworn officers or as civilians selected to be and sit on a board and position of police commissioners. Apart from this, an authorized person decides a commissioner’s salary according to the years of experience he has. As in every profession, years of experience play a vital role in deciding the salary. same with a police commissioner’s job. more and more experience leads to a higher salary. various achievements and awards also help in increasing the salary and post of a police commissioner. for any productive result and mission, they get appreciation and their work is also reflected through this which helps them to have a higher salary. 


Appointing as a police commissioner is itself a great and honorable job and thing. The salary of a commissioner depends on various factors which are stated above. An experienced candidate can make a very good salary and a big city with a good budget offers a good salary to the police commissioner. A commissioner needs to have deep knowledge of each factor when deciding to join a police department that will help them to decide the salary and can earn more through this. 

Salary For Police Commissioner Of New York

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