Salary For Physician-Maternal/Fetal Medicine

Physician-Maternal/fetal medicines (MFM) are obstetricians having an extra three years of special training for pregnancies having complications or are at high risk. These complications may be due to prior illnesses of the mother such as HIV, diabetes, or any other genetic disorders that cause difficulty for the mother and fetus. Other reasons include the mother having multiple pregnancies i.e. triplets or duplets. The physician-maternal/fetal medicines are also known as perinatologists.let us know about that the Salary For Physician-Maternal/Fetal Medicine.

Salary For Physician-Maternal/Fetal Medicine

Salary of physician-maternal/fetal medicine

Physician- Maternal/fetal medicine makes sure the health of the mother and the developing fetus. They might treat their patients directly or connect with their midwife, family doctor, or OB depending on their ongoing situation. The MFM can also consult with neonatologists or other pediatric experts to make sure the baby is developing healthily or not. The salary of a physician- in maternal-fetal medicine is typically higher than all the other job categories of MFM. The average salary of maternal-fetal medicine physicians is $471,198 last reported on august 29, 2022, and ranges from $405,969 and $554,152 which is the base salary. The average total cash compensation that includes annual incentives along with base has an average $494,878 which ranges from $426,831 to $623,344 in the United States according to

How much does physician-maternal/fetal medicine make in the United States? 

The salary of a physician- in maternal/fetal medicine starts from $245,156 to $709,597, with an average of $425,127 in the United States. Fifty-seven percent of the middle-earning physicians- maternal/fetal medicine makes $425,304 to $519,510 while the top eighty-six percent makes $709,597. The overall pay after deduction of 35% of the federal tax rate for a physician-maternal/fetal medicine could expect a total of $309,417 take-home pay per year, which on behalf of each paycheck will be around about $12,892. The amount of salary ranges from state to state in the US, this is due to:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Location and its cost of living
  • Additional Skills

Here are some of the states along with their average salary for the post of physician-maternal/fetal medicine. 

Salary of physician-maternal/fetal medicine in Miami, FL

Miami Florida records a 4% below average salary nationwide for physician-maternal/fetal medicine which is $438,628. This pay rate is also 12.8% lower than in other states like Boston, Newyork, and Los Angeles. The pay rate ranges from $300,397 to $561,765, the medium earners which are fifty-seven percent make about $416,721, while the top eighty-six percent earns 4561,759. In Miami, physician-maternal/fetal medicine also has to pay 35% of a federal tax (the largest source of revenue across the united states )

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Salary of physician-maternal/ fetal medicine in Missouri –Saint Louis 

The salary of physician-maternal/fetal medicine in Saint Louis, MO ranges from $267,949 to $775,590, with an average salary of $464,664, nine percent above the national average salary for this job. Fifty-seven percent of the middle makes approximately $425,299 to $519,501, along with the top eighty-six percent making around $709,597.

In Missouri along with the twenty-five percent ( 25% ) of federal tax, the physician-maternal/fetal medicine has to pay an extra six percent ( 6% ) of Missouri state tax which makes the combined salary up to $307,866 per year. The pay is the same as compared to other cities like New York, Boston, and Los Angeles.

Entry-level salary of MFM in the United States

The average entry-level salary of a physician-maternal/fetal medicine having one to three years of experience makes $277,700 per annum. At the entry level, there is much space for improvement ahead.

Senior salary of MFM in the United States

On the other hand, senior physician-maternal/fetal medicine having eight or more years of experience makes $603,580, published by salary EXPERT as of September 09, 2022.

 The physician-maternal/fetal medicine responsibilities 

physician-maternal/fetal medicine is a profession of great responsibility because someone’s life is in your hands. It may be of the mother or the growing fetus. Here is the list of some of the responsibilities a physician-maternal/fetal medicine has to perform:

  • Give support to the mother before and after pregnancy.
  • Make sure to have a complete history of the pregnant women having a prior history of diabetes, blood pressure, or drug addiction.
  • Available 24/7 for high-risk pregnancies.
  • Point out risk factors to avoid future loss during pregnancy duration.
  • Provide efficient solutions for future pregnancies
  • Should be available at the time of labor and handles delivery professionally.
  • Perform ultrasounds to detect birth defects or any other genetic disorders at each stage of pregnancy.
  • Should be ready for performing surgery if needed.


When choosing a profession we always think about payroll; however, physician-MFM is a profession of dedication, and you have to give all of your energy. In addition to this sometimes having a respected amount of salary also boosts up your confidence. Compared to the salary range across the US, physician-MFM have a high salary. The difference in a particular state is due to the cost of living or the demand for the job in the specific area. However, physician-maternal/fetal medicine makes a good amount on a national level in the United states.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Does maternal/fetal medicine require any special skill?

Ans: just like any other job you must have some skill to stand out in the competition of the perspective job, the physician-maternal/fetal medicine must have the following skills to stand out;

  • E-prescribing software
  • Electronic health records(EHR)
  • Medical practice management software

Q2: Does a physician-maternal/fetal medicine can perform a cesarean?

Ans: Yes, a physician-maternal/fetal medicine can perform a cesarean delivery when needed as they have done an extra 3 years of specialization course, but sometimes the help of other members is taken like family medicine physicians. They have performed extra training to perform cesareans.

Q3: How is MFM different from Ob-gyn?

Ans: maternal-fetal medicine also known as perinatologists, specializes to provide prenatal care to pregnancies that are at high risk and having complications while ob-gyn also known as obstetrics and gynecology provides care for women having a normal pregnancy and after the baby is born. They also provide care for the most important issues in women’s life like birth control, menopause, and childbirth.

Salary For Physician-Maternal/Fetal Medicine

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