Salaries Of Uber Drivers In Atlanta GA

The range of salaries that are offered to Uber Drivers in Atlanta GA is $26,240 to $62,010. In Portland, Austin as well as Los Angeles, the salaries of Uber Drivers are almost similar. The median of this salary range can be calculated to be $40,260. Almost 60% earn $40,260 with 80% earning $62,010. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries Of Uber Drivers In Atlanta GA’.

Salaries Of Uber Drivers In Atlanta GA

Salaries Of Uber Drivers In Atlanta GA

Driving an UBER is a good form of work where one can earn as much as $62,000 per year in Atlanta GA. 

The Federal Tax on the Salaries of Uber Drivers in Atlanta GA

In Atlanta GA, the federal tax levied on the salaries of Uber Drivers is about 22% as well as the 6% of the Georgia State. The Uber Drivers then after the tax deduction have $34,230 remaining. 

Cost of Living and House Rent 

Each month the Uber Drivers have $2853 to take home and with this salary in mind almost 41.68% can be spent on the house rent. Almost 73.25% of the salary of the Uber Driver in Atlanta are left to cover the various needs of living. 

Five Examples of High Paying Uber Jobs in Atlanta GA

There are five such jobs in Atlanta GA that pay more than the usual Uber Driver Jobs and these are as listed below:

  1. Uber Partner – $68, 018 per year
  2. Senior LYFT Driver – $65,195 per year
  3. Uber Driving Partner  – $64,093 per year
  4. Locum Postmates Delivery Driver – $64,070 per year 
  5. Contract LYFT Driver – $55,300 per year 

Features of Atlanta GA with Reference to the Uber Drivers 

Atlanta happens to be a busy place where people are traveling all the time and trying to reach to their destinations. There are many Uber or Lyft drivers that try to make a living trying to profit from such features of this state with people all the time wanting to go to this place and that. 

Stability of the Salaries of Uber Drivers in Atlanta GA

There is less stability of income for the Uber Drivers in Atlanta GA. This suggests that one has to be vigilant regarding the hours when the people most want to go from a place such as during the early morning when work is about to start and in the evening when it ends. During these and other peak hours, there is a great need felt for the UBER drivers and people readily hire them. 

Driving an Uber car is usually done by the respective drivers in the free time when they have dealt with their every day work. These drivers who work for Uber in the free time get lower incomes as they do not carry out effective planning for the whole day. They do not use the time when the people are going out for working or coming back and are most in need of the Uber rides. 

Benefits for Working at UBER

At Uber, the driver has the benefit of motivating potential drivers to work at this place. They also get bonuses for having a certain number of rides in a certain time and also for driving in areas where there are the most potential customers. 

Extra Income

Uber allows and encourages its customers to give tips to the drivers. The entire tip is the property of the Uber driver. This trend was not there until now so the tipping has led to extra income only in the present. This encourages the drivers to improve the quality of their work and also keeps the retention of the employees high at Uber. 

Ride Sharing becoming Competitive in Atlanta GA

This business segment i.e. ride sharing is becoming very competitive because of which people are always finding more drivers at their service. The taxi culture is almost over and the ride share business is more in. During the busy hours, the UBER drivers find adequate customers so that they remain occupied with the work. This makes this industry highly fruitful and many people vy for this profession while deciding to work for extra time. 

The Best Places where the Customers can Order a Ride 

Atlanta happens to be a large state so one can easily guess that there are many places where the customers might want an Uber. During the day time, it is the malls such as the Lenox Mall and the Perimeter Mall. Other shopping plazas include Westin Peach Tree Plaza are places where these Uber drivers can stay and wait for the potential customers. At the universities such as the Emory and Georgia Tech Universities, UBER drivers are in much demand. 

In the evening, the busy spots where the UBER drivers might be needed are the restaurants. There are many but a short list is as follows:

  1. The Ivy
  2. Big Sky Buck Head
  3. Dark Horse Tavern
  4. RiRa Irish Pub
  5. W Hotel Whiskey Park


Driving an UBER is a good option when one wants to earn extra money especially in Atlanta GA which not only large but also busy. The drivers who work in their free time in this industry just make some money whereas those who do it all day can carry out effective planning. They can roam in the busy spots and during the busy hours so that they can cater to the most customers

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are there any specific traffic rules for the UBER drivers?

Ans: The stickers of the UBER car can be taken off when the busy hours are over.

2. What is the approximate salary of UBER drivers in Atlanta GA?

Ans: It is about $31,808 which is 38% less than the average in the rest of the country. 

3. What is the per hour salary of UBER drivers in Atlanta GA?

Ans: It is about $16.61 on an hourly basis. 

4. Is driving an UBER satisfactory?

Ans: It is a good side job which people can carry out in their free time. It always leads to extra money.

Salaries Of Uber Drivers In Atlanta GA

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