Salaries Of Safety Coordinator

Safety coordinators provide safety to employees at work in a company. They ensure workers’ safety according to OSH (Occupational safety and health) by implementing its rules and regulations. They have to provide a safe environment where workers should feel safe along with the rate of injuries and accidents remains minimum. A safety coordinator provides timely solutions for any accident and implements all the safety rules for the workers. let us know about that the Salaries Of Safety Coordinator.

Salaries Of Safety Coordinator

Salaries of safety coordinators

The responsibilities of safety coordinators include; the safety of employees working in the industry by implementing OSH rules and regulations, to providing workers an environment where they should feel safe to work. A safety coordinator should ensure to implement all the safety measures on the workers and present a detailed report on any accident that happened at the site that should consist of proper solutions. The average salary of a safety coordinator in the United States according to is $62,831 however; it ranges from company to company. 

 DCP Midstream LP company reported the highest salary of a safety coordinator, which is $106,043 per year. The wages range from 29.62$ making it roughly $61,604 per year which is winded up as the top 10% makes $94,000 per year reducing to $40,000 per year as of the lowest 10%.

Responsibilities of safety coordinator

Here is the list of some of the responsibilities that a safety coordinator must know:

  • Ensure the safety of workers throughout the faculty.
  • Implement OSH policies.
  • Should be aware of anti-risk policies and provide timely solutions.
  • Train employees and workers according to OHS plans.
  • Have a record of previous incidents that should minimize the risk of injuries and accidents.
  • Investigate accidents and injuries that happened at the site.
  • Have proper budgeting knowledge, to use funds for the relief in an adequate manner. 

Salaries of a safety coordinator in the United States

 While working in any field the amount of salary is influenced i.e. increased or decreased by the following factors:

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Location
  • Industry

In the United States, the average salary of a safety coordinator as of September 3, 2022, is $61,604 per year, or $29.62 per hour. According to a report, 61% of safety coordinators are satisfied with their salaries, as it meets their cost of living. The top salary is $106,043, which slides down to $69,613 per annum.

Salaries of a safety coordinator in California 

In California, the average salary of a safety coordinator as of August 25, 2022, is $55, 305 per year, or $26.33 per hour. According to a report, 52% of safety coordinators are satisfied with their salaries, as it meets their cost of living. The top salary is $102,880, which slides down to $58,528 per annum.

Salaries of a safety coordinator in the New York City

Since around August 30, 2022, the average annual salary for a safety coordinator in New York City appears to be $55, 175 per year, or $30 per hour. According to one document, 50% of safe operation coordinators are satisfied with their pay because it covers their own living expenses. The highest annual salary is $111,790, and the lowest salary is $57,333.

Delaware is the highest-paid state for safety coordinator

As of August 29, 2022, Delaware is the highest-paid state for safety coordinators as the average salary ranges from $71,512, with an hourly rate of $34.38. The value however ranges from $64,239 to $82,849 depending on the factors described above as education, experience, location, and the industry.

In a report, per company, Koppers, Bain, and company are among the top paid companies for safety coordinators.

The salary also depends on the industry you are working in, in the United States technology, energy, and government industries offer a high-scale salary to safety coordinators.

 Lowest paid state for safety coordinator 

according to ZipRecruiter Louisiana is the lowest paid state for a safety coordinator with an average salary of $36,591 per annum and $17.59 per hour. However, this data ranges from different sources here we will list the factors that cause a state to offer a low pay scale to safety coordinators.

  • The state might have a low cost of living.
  • Geographical location.
  • Demands for the job.
  • Workers’ efforts and abilities.

Safety coordinator’s entry-level salary

The average pay scale of entry-level safety coordinator salaries ranges between$35,500 for 25% of the lower stage, while $64,000 for the 75th % median salaried and the highest paid 90th% to make $84,500 across the United States. The average salary of an entry-level safety coordinator may vary to as low as $28,500, which is increased over time by an increase in skill, experience, and location. These are present data about an entry-level salary, in addition, sources are continuously scanning the newly recruit salaries throughout us.

Salary of a senior safety coordinator

The salary of a senior safety coordinator starts from $89,844 per year in the United States with an average of $67,452 across the US. Additional pay like bonuses, tips, profit sharing, etc are also getting included in it.


Safety coordinators are the need of every business or industry. As they ensure the safety of the workers and provide an environment where work is done adequately. They not only help in human safety but also have vast knowledge in machinery and health issues as the technology gets advanced.

If you want to be a safe coordinator, you must have proper knowledge of OSH and its policies. Moreover, you must have proper knowledge not only about human safety but also about machinery and site safety.


Q1: what skills does a safety coordinator have?

Ans: a safety coordinator must be active in emergencies and risk factors and have management skills after an accident. Have high communication skills.

Q2: what are safety coordinators’ requirements for us?

Ans: well experienced in reporting and developing projects. Have a full command of ms word and excel. Have complete knowledge of OHS.

Q3: which questions are asked in safety coordinators’ interviews?


  • Do you ever been in an emergency, what was your experience?
  • What will be your initial step if an accident happens on site?
  • How would you implement OHS policies?
  • What is your qualification for this job, do you have any specific skills?

Q4: what are the must-haves in safety coordinators’ resumes?

Salaries Of Safety Coordinator

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