Salaries Of Navy Corpsman

Navy corpsmen are medical specialists with many duties dating back to 1898, according to USO. They provide a broad range of medical help to sailors or marines in the field and on the battlefield. Though becoming a Navy Corpsman doesn’t require too much certification from colleges and degrees, they are trained to make use of sophisticated medical equipment. They typically work in hospitals, Aboard ships or submarines, or in any clinical setting. They are trained to be always ready at all times, and highly driven by compassion for others. Living with the consciousness of helping others with all they can and the best they have is encouraging, and this earns them respect regardless. let us know about that the Salaries Of Navy Corpsman.

Salaries Of Navy Corpsman

Salaries of Navy Corpsman

In recent times, an average Navy corpsman in the United States takes home pay of $52,636 annually with the ground estimations of $25.31 per hour and $1,012 per week with the estimation of $4,386 in a month. This reveals the lowest yearly pay as $18,500 and as high as $128,500. The current percentile seen so far is majorly between the 25th percentile which is $30,000 to the 75th percentile which is ranged from $54,000. 

The navy corpsman top or lead earner across the United States has the 90th percentile with #102,000. There are many opportunities tied to location, years of practice, and skill level. A continuous scan of the database is done, to estimate the accurate Annual salary range for the Navy corpsmen. They pay according to ranks and years of experience or service. They start as seaman’s recruit in boot camp at $1,7850 monthly as E-1 according to the U.S. Navy policy. They become an apprentice with the rank E-3 earning a monthly income of $22,482.

The table below shows the Navy corpsman’s salary in some cities 

S/NCityAnnual salaryHourly wage
1Atkinson, NE$ 72,723$ 34.96
2Bridgehampton, MA$ 62,921$ 30.25
3Boston, MA$ 61,697$ 29.66
4Newton, MA$ 61,519$ 29.58
5Deer Park, CA$ 60,580$ 29.13
6Morton, WA$ 60,567$ 29.12
7Covelo, CA$ 60,358$ 29.02
8Layton Ville, CA$ 60,340$ 29.01
9Lowell, MA$ 59,991$ 28.84
10Green River, WY$ 59,790$ 28.75

The Navy corpsmen’s service years and requirements 

Navy corpsmen are required to serve for not less than five commitment years according to ranks or rating, training, and specializations. It is required to have completed 20 years of honorable service and commendable commitment to receive 50% of the permanent basic /regular pay. In addition, 2.5% is added each year of service until it is 30 years of service when the retiree will receive 75% of the permanent basic pay as retirement take home. Hence, the 3 non-disability retirement plans are currently in effect. For instance, the most recent pay for a retiree of E-7 with exactly 20 years of service will receive $27,827 per year. The present rate of almost $800,000 for a 40-year-old receiving this pension indefinitely. 

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Corpsman ranks and how they are addressed

The corpsman was called hospital men according to their ranks, this name had been changed to a seaman. This is rarely used as people tend to be convenient with the ancient title that was adopted since its inception. Here is the list of ranks including their new titles.;

HR Hospitalman Recruit (E1) called Seaman Recruit HA Hospitalman Apprentice (E2) now called Seaman Apprentice HN Hospitalman (E3) called Seaman HM3 Hospital Corpsmen third class (E-4) now called Petty Officer third class HM2 Hospital Corpsmen second class (E-5) now called Petty Officer second class HM1 Hospital Corpsman first class (E6) now called Petty Officer first class HMC Chief Hospital Corpsman (E-7) called Chief Petty Officer HMCS Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman (E-8) called Senior Chief Petty Officer HMCM Master Chief Hospital Corpsman (E-9) now called Master Chief Petty Officer

Highest paying city for a navy corpsman

Top highest paying cities In some cities, the pay range varies and most are above the National average. These 10 cities have salaries higher, which shows the reason and chance for economic advancement and developmental opportunities provided by the effect which explains how nourished some corpsmen are in their various locations. Making the average salary a consideration it may be hard to hide the positive wage advancement in some cities. This possibility of having or living at a low cost will help determine the balance between the location and the salary as an income, and this explains how well nourished they are and how high the standard of living they can afford. 


After going through serious seamanship of 8 weeks and a 19-week school in the emergency care unit, they are eligible for an $18,000 enlistment bonus. As popularly known that salary is a fixed income paid to a worker for a job well done. Navy corpsmen also earn monthly or yearly. As rank and years of experience are advantages of a worker in the work ethics, so are the Navy corpsmen protocols or ranks. 

Frequently asked questions

Are corpsmen also soldiers? 

Corpsmen are trained to become a soldier as well as medical technicians. Therefore, they serve both Navy and Marine forces they are usually the first to attend to wounded soldiers in many cases. They are very active in the field and many combat zone. The specific training specialties make each role unique they are well respected and held in high esteem. They are usually called “Devil Docs”.

What are the qualifications for becoming a corpsman?

Starting with the age, 17 years is the least while 34 years is the highest age range that can enroll for serving as a corpsman. Recently this year, the least score for Armed Forces Qualifying Test is 35, and above having citizenship, a high school diploma, and a physically fit body that must pass the (MEPS) Military Entrance Processing Station medical examination. Most of what you do in the Navy Reserve is seen as training.

Which body is USO 

USO is an acronym for United services 

What is the highest rank of a navy corpsman?

HMC: Chief hospital corpsman (E-7)

Salaries Of Navy Corpsman

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