Salaries Of Designer Visual Merchandiser


Visual merchandiser plays a vital role in retail stores. designer visual merchandisers act as a main tool to attract customers and for the growth of the store and company. Sometimes, they are known as display designers, arranging displays and shop windows or ideas to connect with the customers and make a company grow. The more a designer visual merchandiser is creative, the more his chances of growth and profits. They are now growing rapidly and play a major role in the fashion industry. Let us see about the Salaries of designer Visual merchandiser.

Salaries of designer Visual merchandiser

Salaries of designer Visual merchandiser 

As the demand for designer visual merchandisers has increased in recent years, companies and designers are paying them well. The average salary of a designer visual merchandiser in the US is $172,594. However, the salary also depends on various factors like education, certification, experience level, additional skills and many more. Apart from the US, different countries have different salary ranges for visual merchandisers. 

Salaries of designer Visual merchandiser by Various Factors

Designer visual merchandiser salary comparison by the education factor:

Education plays a vital role in deciding the salary of a visual merchandiser. keeping every other factor the same and if we see different education levels of two-person then obviously a person with higher education will get a high salary. However, If a person has certificates, achievements or diplomas then the average salary is 53,600 USD per year. The average salary of a person holding a bachelor’s degree is 82,200 USD per year. thus, the education factor has a great impact when we talk about the salary of a visual merchandiser. The degree, Diploma, achievements and certification of a person decide the salary of a post. 

Designer visual merchandiser salary comparison by years of experience factor:

Other than the education factor, years of experience in the relevant field also play a vital role in deciding the salary of a visual merchandiser. In the USA, scope and opportunities are unlimited for the designer visual merchandiser and with less than two years of experience makes approximately 31,800 USD per year. while if a person has an experience of between two to five years then he can make 41,500 USD per year. It is clear that the more a person has years of experience, the more his salary would be. five to ten years of an experienced person can earn a salary of 58,100 USD per year and can grow in the future in this profession which is highly in demand nowadays. If a visual merchandiser having an experience of more than ten years and is an expert then he can earn up to 70,000 USD per year.

Designer visual merchandiser salary comparison by region and area:

Region and area of work is also an important factor in determining the salary of a designer visual merchandiser. Different states and areas have different salaries for designer visual merchandiser. According to the reports, The regions like Nevada, California, Connecticut, New York, Kansas and Illinois have average salaries of $50,018, $42,972, $42,715, $40,463, $39,878 and $39,000. Many times, developed and large states offer a better salary than a small state or region. The scope and opportunities are always high in large regions Thus, the salary offered by them is also high. It is always better to be prepared and look upon this factor while becoming a designer visual merchandiser. The highest-paying regions in the US are New York, Pennsylvania and California whereas the lowest-paying states are Georgia, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

Companies which pay the most to designer visual merchandisers:

There are several retail stores and brands that are hiring visual merchandisers for more growth and profits. The need or demand for visual merchandisers has now increased and various reputed brands are offering them great salaries and perks from which RH and Tiffany & Co. are paying the highest salary to them which is an average of $71,994 and $56,977. In addition, companies like Forever 21 and Value City Furniture report highly competitive wages for visual merchandisers. Companies like H&M and Burberry are also paying a great amount to visual merchandisers which is an average of $42,509 and $46,926. 

The skills that can make a visual merchandiser the best to earn more:

Sometimes, not only completing education is necessary but a person also needs to opt for some relevant skills for better earnings. Same with a designer visual merchandiser. He/she has to gain knowledge of designing software like Adobe photoshop, Corel draw, In design and many others too which can be a benefit and helpful in deciding their salary. He or she must also be able to display products in the window and shelves in such a way that it makes customers go through the entire store and can attract them. Communication skills are also very necessary if a visual merchandiser wants to earn more. He or she has to be a good communicator and gives instructions to follow while making display arrangements for window shoppers. They should have good design skills so that they can create a virtual design by visualising a 100 per cent final upcoming outlook before creating a display.


Visual merchandiser comes up with so many opportunities and can earn as much as he wants. To maximize overall sales and have huge traffic, companies need to pay good and fair to visual merchandisers. Traditionally, there was no such need for them but with the growing world and competitors, there has been a great demand for designer visual merchandisers. Not only in the USA but in every country, the role and need of visual merchandisers are the same. 

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Salaries Of Designer Visual Merchandiser

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