Salaries Of CMM Programmers

CMM programmers’ salaries are different at different locations and industries, depending upon their skills. Salaries of CMM programmers depend on their skills and other job-winning factors are defined in this article with detailed descriptions. Here we will see about Salaries Of cmm Programmers.

Salaries of CMM programmers in the United States depend on their skills, experience level, and the industry where they are working. According to a little authentic research carried out by different sites, it has been found that the salaries of CMM programmers range from $10,000 to $123,000.

In this article, all details about CMMprogrammers, their salaries, and factors affecting the salary ranges are described step by step.

Salaries Of cmm Programmers

About CMM programmers

CMM is an abbreviation for coordinate measuring machine, which is used to probe the surfaces of objects and measure them using a coordinate system. The programmers of CMM work in manufacturing processes where their task is to program the machine and get the desired output from it. CMM programmers are required to program the machine according to manufacturing design and keep the design tolerances in mind. The maintenance, updates, and fixing of the CMM is also the job of the CMM programmers.

Requirements for CMM programmers:

To become a CMM programmer and earn a handsome salary, one should have a few things or qualifications like these:

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

The first requirement for becoming a CMM programmer is having at least a bachelor’s degree, and the field of study must be computer science, software engineering, information technology, mechatronics engineering, or some other field like these.

The second requirement for becoming a CMM programmer is experienced in CMM programming, and depending on the experience, the programmer will be paid or hired.

The third requirement to become a CMM programmer is to be a certified programmer by national or international institutes or agencies.

A few other skills or requirements for CMM programmers are reading drawings for designs, measuring the tools, and problem-solving.

The salaries of CMM programmers according to their qualifications are discussed below.

Salaries based on education level:

The salary for a CMM programmer solely depends on education level. If a person has a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, he/she can earn a better salary, but not the best. As a fresh bachelor’s degree holder, you will not be offered a high salary because salary depends on experience as well. In the United States, the salary for fresh CMM programmers ranges from $10,000 to $40,000 per year.

Salaries are based on experience level.

As a person jumps into professional life, he starts becoming thirsty for experience and skills. Experience and skills are directly proportional to each other. If a person has more experience, he will surely have more skills.

The salary of a highly experienced CMM programmer ranges from:

$90,000 to $120,000 per year.

The salaries of a CMM programmer with more than one year of experience range from:

$20,000 to $50,000 per year.

The salary of a CMM programmer with more than 4 years of experience has a salary ranging from:

$60,000 to $80,000 per year.

Salaries based on the location of a CMM programmer

Salaries in every field depend on the location of the employee. If a person is working in a metropolitan city where there is more need for production and more industries are working, there will be a high level of competition, which will lead to higher salaries. Smaller cities, on the other hand, have no competition and produce less, so wages are lower.

The following are the salaries of CMM programmers in a few cities in the United States:

$56,000 per year in Washington, DC.

$63,000 per year in California, CA

Top companies in the United States that hire CMM programmers

A few companies that hire CMM programmers in their industries are given as under:

  • Surestaff
  • Techspace solutions
  • Emonics, LLC
  • USA Rocket Lab
  • Sentech services
  • Actalent
  • Lincotek medicine
  • Megna
  • Regal Rexnord
  • Hirsh precision products are

Salaries of CMM programmers at Surestaff

Surestaff is a human resource and staffing company founded in the year 1988. It hires CMM programmers for its company and pays them an average salary of $20 per hour with other benefits like health insurance.

Salaries of CMM programmers at Techspace Solutions

Techspace is an information technology services provider company that hires CMM programmers with a handsome salary to work with them and enhance their skills as well as contribute to the company with their remarkable skills. The average salary of CMM programmers at Techspace is found to be $57,193 per year as an average.

Emonics LLC CMM programmer salaries:

Medical or healthcare organizations that hire CMM programmers have to experience managing medical devices, design, drawings, and dimensioning skills, part measurement, and CMM program IDE. The salary offered by Emonics LLC is an average of $100,000 to $125,000 per year with other benefits.

CMM programmers’ salaries at Rocket Lab USA:

Rocket Lab is a company that launches components of satellites and spacecraft. It hires cm programmers with experience in inspecting mechanical components and using measurement instruments. Rocket Lab offers an average salary of $72,266 per year to CMM programmers.

Salaries of CMM programmers at Sentech Services

Sentech Services is a company that deals with automotive and aerospace prototypes. It hires CMM programmers with experience in CMM programming through software like PCDMIS and automotive prototyping and stamping. It offers an average salary of $32 per hour.

Salaries of CMM programmers at Actalent

Actalent hires CMM programmers who have prior working experience in PC-DMIS software, repairing existing programs, and developing new programs. The company hires CMM programmers with an average salary of $46,800 per year.

Along with these companies, a few companies stated above also offer handsome salaries to CMM programmers.


CMM programmers get different ranges of salaries depending on their education, experience, location, and the hiring company. Salaries for CMM programmers range from $10,000 to nearly $150,000 per year.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Can CMM programmers work on increasing their salaries?

Yes, the salaries of CMM programmers can be increased by working on their skills and learning the deep concepts of CMM programming.

Do all companies in the United States provide the same benefits to CMM programmers?

No, every company offers different benefits and salaries to its employees.

Salaries Of CMM Programmers

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