Salaries Of Chief Culinary Operations Executive Chef

An executive chef’s first love is cooking. An executive chef takes over the responsibility of the kitchen and management as well. An executive chef’s position is ranked above every other chef in the kitchen. Their main role is to design a menu that will give accolades to their restaurants and help other chefs to curate the best dishes for the restaurants.  As mentioned earlier, being in charge of the management comes with one more responsibility which is to look after other chefs like their family, and help them if they are sparring with some difficult situations. Let us see about the salaries of Chief Culinary Operations Executive Chef.

Salaries Of Chief Culinary Operations Executive Chef

Salaries Of Chief Culinary Operations Executive Chef

The Chief Culinary Operations executive chef usually earns average salaries of 59,416 dollars annually. If the hourly rates are to be considered then they earn 28.57 dollars per hour. The lowest salary the chef can earn is 40,000 dollars and the highest can go up to 80,000 dollars.

To earn such kind of position the candidate needs to be top-notch whether it’s in education or in soft skills.

Salaries according to the states

The highest-paying state for an executive chefs are 

  • Hawaii
  • California
  • New Jersey

The lowest-paying states are  listed below 

  • Montana
  • Alaska
  • Idaho

Some of the states and their salaries are listed below

  • Delaware:- The chef earns an average salary of 68,673 dollars annually.
  • Washington:- The chef earns an average salary of 66,492 dollars annually.
  • Hawaii:- offers an average salary of 79,287 dollars annually.
  • Texas:- Offers an average salary of 58,441 dollars annually
  • California:- Offers an average salary of 72,275 dollars annually.
  • Michigan:- the chef earns an average salary of 57,838 dollars annually.
  • Idaho:- The chef earns an average salary of 45,142 dollars per year.
  • Oklahoma:- Offers an average salary of 50,526 dollars annually.

Salaries according to the level 

  • If the executive chef is of junior level, ie at the start of the career then the salary is around 40,000 dollars.
  • If the chef is at mid-level then the salary will be 59,416 dollars.
  • At the peak of the career, the chef is offered around 72,000 dollars.
  • Salaries according to the types of Executive chefs
  • Food supervisor:- This position is offered around 38,335 dollars per year.
  • Chef De Cuisine:- This position offers around 51,926 dollars per year 
  • Food Service Coordinator:- The chef is offered around 32,085 dollars per year.
  • Kitchen Manager:-The chef is offered around 49,415 dollars annually.
  • Chef De Partie:- This position is offered around 39,938 dollars annually.
  • Top Companies offering salaries to Executive chefs
  • Resort World Catskills:- The company offers around 78,327 dollars per year.
  • The Next People:- The company offers around 80,130 dollars annually.
  • J.F. Shea Co:- The company offers around 78,208 dollars per year.
  • Club:- The Chef usually earns around 83,966 dollars annually.
  • RH:- The company offers around 107,299 dollars per year.
  • The Osborn:- The company offers 93,152 dollars per year.

Over the years there is a certain hike in the salary of an executive chef. In the year 2019, the salary offered was 48,000 dollars and in 2023 the salary offered was 59,400 dollars.

Skills of an Executive Chef

To get recruited as an executive chef the candidate needs to have a good grip on technical and interpersonal skills. The candidate should have the following qualities:-

  • The candidate should hold expertise or a diploma in the culinary arena.
  • The candidate should hold expertise in handling the kitchen.
  • Should have in-depth knowledge of the restaurant industry.
  • They should be creative enough so that they can take the restaurant to a whole new level.
  • Should have in-depth knowledge of all rules and regulations regarding sanitation.
  • Can be good at supervising kitchen staff.
  • The hardest skill is culinary and many chefs have this skill on their resume.
  • The most common interpersonal skill that candidates must possess is communication skills, and how creatively they can run the restaurant.
  • They also train other chefs who have less experience in culinary.
  • They can form alliances with other chefs of the region to curate the new dishes for the betterment 
  • The candidate should know how to develop the curriculum for various culinary institutes.
  • The candidate should be able to handle the inventory cost regarding food items.

Responsibilities of an Executive Chef

  • The chef should design the menu and the costs of the dishes.
  • The candidate should supervise all the purchasing regarding the kitchen.
  • Ensuring sanitization in the kitchen area.
  • Responsible for hiring kitchen staff.
  • Discovering new tactics for new culinary techniques.
  • Supervising the kitchen staff in discovering new techniques.

Salary According to Education

Salary increment is provided according to the level of education that the candidate holds.

The most common education among executive chefs is as follows:-

  • Around 56 percent of chefs with an associate degree.
  • Around 26 percent of chefs are graduates
  • Around 7 percent hold a high school diploma.
  • Around 5% percent of the chefs hold diplomas

The most higher percentage of the salary is offered to the graduates because they have more in-depth of the subject. If the candidate has a high school diploma then the salary will be 58,813 dollars. If the chef is a graduate then the salary they are offered is 64,775 dollars. And if the chef is an associate degree holder 65,553 dollars annually.


A career as an Executive chef is quite a promising one. The curriculum is designed in such as way that exercises every aspect of the candidate. If we talk about salaries the executive chef is paid quite high compared to any job as the requirement of an executive chef will never go out of demand as long as restaurants are in business.

  • How much time does it take to become an executive chef?

Becoming an executive chef is not easy way. It requires a  lot of expertise. A chef can be appointed as an executive chef when the chef has completed 15 years of his/her service.

  • An executive chef reports to which higher authority?

An executive chef reports to the restaurant manager unless the chef is the owner of the restaurant.

Salaries Of Chief Culinary Operations Executive Chef

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