Salaries For Warehouse Operations Manager

Warehouse operations managers are responsible for everything that takes place inside a warehouse; that includes keeping the inventory levels in check, handling incoming and outgoing products, and establishing efficient systems for handling the resources whilst keeping the records up to date. Let us know more detail about ‘Salaries For Warehouse Operations Manager’.

Salaries For Warehouse Operations Manager

Salaries For Warehouse Operations Manager

The salaries are set according to their skills, experience, and certifications. On average, a warehouse operations manager makes about 54,458 USD. This amount varies according to the states and their policies. The amount of total salary can begin from 36,029 USD to even 121,476 UD per year. This, of course, is reliant on the company and state they work in, along with the scope of their warehouse responsibilities. The bonus on the average salary is normally 24,662 USD and which does not take more than a year to get. Moreover, the highest-paid warehouse operations managers are based in Arizona, Wyoming, New Jersey, and Montana. 

The salaries per year on a spectrum (in terms of percentile) are as follows:

  •  The bottom 10th percentile warehouse operations managers make about 36,029 USD.
  • Those in the 25th percentile make about 42,000 USD.
  • Those lying in the 75th percentile make about 63,000 USD.
  • The top 90th percentile project managers make about 121,000 USD. 

What factors affect salaries?

Salaries in warehousing managers for operations are impacted by:

  • Experience before joining
  • Scope of operations handling
  • Inventory load
  • Location and timing of the job

Salaries in different states

Paychecks for warehouse managers in operations total up to differing amounts when several states are compared. Below is the list of some of the states showing different salaries:

  • 55,784 USD in Arizona
  • 55,551 USD in Montana
  • 55,431 USD in Wyoming
  • 55,115 USD in New Jersey
  • 53,662 USD in Indiana

The above-mentioned states give out the highest salaries, about 6 percent more than the average, some of the others on a lower scale are mentioned below.

  • 44,067 USD in Michigan
  • 44,174 USD in Georgia
  • 44,800 USD in Maine
  • 44,563 USD in Illinois
  • 52,785 USD in Nevada
  • 51,948 USD in Minnesota
  • 50,797 USD in Alaska
  • 41,530 USD in Texas

Salaries by title

Warehouse operations managers are at times subcategorized into similar managerial roles and thus, their salaries are adjusted according to those specific roles they perform. Some of them include the following along with their annual wages:

  • For a logistics supervisor, the average salary is 73,201 USD.
  • For a distribution manager, the average salary is 58,224 USD.
  • For an overall manager of the warehouse (who performs all sub-tasks), the average salary is 72,441 USD.
  • For a manager at the terminals, the average salary is 64,256 USD.
  • For the manager responsible for traffic, the average salary is 62,465 USD.
  • For a manager of distribution at a central warehouse location, the average salary is 75,502 USD.

Job Duties

The roles and responsibilities of the warehouse operations manager are quite extensive, as operations must be timely conducted day-to-day to keep the inventory in check following time limitations. The details are as follows:

  • Responsible for managing the entire cargo load coming in and out of the warehouse.
  • Keeping the inventory count in check.
  • Make sure the subordinates are aware of the time sensitivity of handling products and shipping.
  • Make sure that the products are handled well in storage at the warehouse.
  • Preventing mismanagement of stored products.
  • Apply quick strategies to perishable products in the warehouse.
  • Keeping open communication with all the other departments associated to the warehouse products, like sales, logistics, finance, etc. 
  • Keeping the paperwork related to the cargo up to date.
  • Handle any conflicts taking place amongst the workers.
  • Make sure the workers at the warehouse are on time.
  • Applying safety standards at the warehouse. 
  • Make sure of the cleanliness. 
  • Providing discussion platforms for any improvement related to cargo handling or otherwise. 

Skills Required

Being a manager for all warehouse operations requires several skills that come in handy since this job does not only include the technical parts but also the need to deal with people. 


Being on time is the key to handling inventory and cargo


Communication with not only the workers but other departments to stay on the same page regarding schedules and other matters.


The manager must analyze many aspects of incoming and outgoing shipments from the warehouse and keep all the data in check.

Resolving problems

In the scenario where anything goes wrong, whether regarding the cargo or workers, skills to resolve these problems are a must. 


Leadership qualities are what make a manager influence to implement multiple procedures at the warehouse.

Educational Requirements

Warehouse operations managers require the following qualifications to be accepted into the field:

  • Bachelors’ degree majoring in supply chain or logistics
  • Masters’ degree (optional) majoring in the similar field
  • A minimum of one year of experience in any warehouse that deals with cargo, inventory count, overseeing the daily tasks, etc. 

Certifications for Career Advancement

One of the reasons why salary packages for warehouse operations managers differ is what certifications they hold. This can have a huge impact on bumping up their salary. 

Managers who want to work at a warehouse have access to the following certifications, that set them apart from others in the competitive industry:

  • Warehouse Distribution Certificate
  • Qualified Warehouse Logistics Professional (QWLP); which covers areas like risks, safety, and overall management at a warehouse. 
  • Certified Professional in Distribution and Warehouse Management (CPDWM)
  • Forklift Certificate by OSHA; deals with preventing injuries
  • Lean Six Sigma Certificate; certifies analytical abilities of the manager 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Warehouse Operations Manager’, Working as a manager of warehouse operations can be quite hectic, it involves working several hours, keeping everything in line with other departments that rely on your scheduling of the cargo, and leading the entire team from the front. Thus, this field offers the most attractive salary packages and opportunities for career growth to go up the hierarchy, given the individual performs well in a managerial role. 

  1. Which companies hire warehouse operations managers?

Warehousing is a requirement of almost every company in retail, these include Amazon, Target, Walmart, Alibaba, and Land O’ Lakes. 

  1. What majors do warehouse managers study?

Business, Accounting, Management, and Logistics. 

Salaries For Warehouse Operations Manager

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