Salaries for Venture Capital Associate

A person who works in venture capital is known as a venture capitalist. Investing mostly in start-up businesses, venture capital firms generate revenue by exiting, or commonly by selling their assets. The goal is to make the fund profitable as a whole by at least one investment producing massive returns. The company, fund managers, & analysts may see tremendous returns from this one investment due to its sizeable gains. Let us see “Salaries for Venture Capital Associate”

Salaries for Venture Capital Associate

Salaries for Venture Capital Associate

The VC Associate is the most minor senior employee in a VC firm. However, these jobs are in high demand, come with a lot of responsibility, need independent thought, & pay nicely. Typically, Venture Capital Associate receive a bonus on top of their annual salaries in the range of $78,000 to $147,000.

What is a Venture Capital Associate’s job profile?

A venture capital associate may be known by any of the following names

An Analyst

Before submitting an offer to the venture capital firm, a VC analyst searches for opportunities, creates the financial model, does the financial analysis, or screens them.

An Associate

An Associate assures that he manages the deal alone & follows it from beginning to completion.

Junior analysts & associates are followed by senior managers, who are the founding members & partners of the VC firm, who carry out the deals and approve the venture’s funding.

Job Description for a VC Associate

The two key duties of VC associates are transaction sourcing and deal support. 

Looking for New Deals

On the front lines of locating & vetting deals are VC colleagues. They are directed to approach this duty with an ambitious, sales-like mentality, often locating possible opportunities by making cold calls to businesses & entrepreneurs to schedule meetings. The associate then makes potential deals known to the company partners.

Supporting Current Agreements

Like other financial analysts, VC associates help at every stage of a deal, from due diligence through

modeling & implementation. They develop preliminary analytics with due diligence that help a company decide whether to pursue or reject a contract. When a venture enters a later stage, associates continue to work alongside the partner, much like private equity investments. Work volume and hours vary depending on how close the team is to concluding transactions. VC associates may put in extraordinarily long hours close to deal closings, just like other financial experts. VC colleagues oftentimes receive significant compensation as a result of the demanding & stressful work environment.

Some of the associates’ roles vary depending on the type of VC firm. Early-stage financing-focused VC firms source substantially more capital & perform very little due diligence or modeling. Companies that specialize in late-stage funding use a more traditional approach to due diligence, modeling, and execution, much like a PE company would.

Associate VC Salary

Depending on the size and area of specialization of the VC firm, annual salaries in this industry might vary. VC associates typically expect to earn between $78,000 & $147,000 per year.

A bonus, which is often a percentage of salary, might result in a substantially more excellent total remuneration.

Companies will also pay associates for locating deals. In a VC firm, bonuses at the highest levels sometimes entail multiples of salary that are based on the portfolio and carry from investments.

Training & Education for Venture Capital Associates

Venture capital pre-MBA

Bachelor’s degrees in maths, statistics, finance, economics, or accounting are allowable for VC pre-MBA associates. VC firms frequently recruit candidates in the business who have no prior experience in finance or VC because they tend to concentrate their investments on a particular industry. A biochemist who founded a pharmaceutical company with success, for instance, might be hired by a VC firm that specializes in the healthcare industry.


In general, VC firms consider post-MBA associates based on the institution they attended. Additionally, the traits desired can vary greatly depending on the stage of the VC business (early v/s late stage). Early-stage VC companies seek applicants who have a working knowledge of markets & industries and who are capable of conducting analyses to ascertain market size & opportunity. The more traditional talents of financial modeling & deal execution are sought by late-stage VC companies.

Characteristics of a Venture Capital Associates

VC partners work in the field of finance. VC associates have less format than financial analysts in investment banking & other fields, who focus on modeling & deal execution.

Even at the beginning level, VC associates have transactions to find, entrepreneurs to meet, and business ideas to evaluate. A candidate willing to get involved and work with companies may find this appealing.

Angela Lee, a professor of professional practice at Columbia Business School, asserts that “hustle is crucial if you want to work in VC.” “When one of those desired positions becomes available, you need to be networking and at the top of people’s minds. You must show that you can source, choose, and support startups whenever a position becomes available.”


Companies that have rarer choices for raising funds, like startups & small businesses, are funded by venture capital firms. VC associates should foreknow a yearly pay between $78,000 and $147,000, though this range might grow dramatically with bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • In how many ways do Venture Capitalists earn money & what are they?

Three ways exist for Venture Capitalists to make money: Basic pay, Year-end bonus, and Carry are the three ways.

  • For how many hours do VCs work?

The plurality of VCs in our poll asserted that their workweek was by no means excessive, even though they worked longer than standard banking hours. They put in 55 hours a week on the job, working with portfolio enterprises for 18 hours each week and networking and sourcing transactions for 22 hours.

  • Is it harder to get into Venture Capital or PE?

Going from a VC to a PE is more challenging than the opposite. This is a result of the increased specialization of VC work.

  • What is the salary of a Venture Capital Associate?

In the US, a Venture Capital Associate has an average salary of $345,403. 92% of venture capital associates say they earn a bonus each year, and the average bonus for one is $36,392, or 11% of their pay. At $338,644, Venture Capital Associates in Denver earn the highest average total compensation, which is 2% higher than the national average.

Salaries for Venture Capital Associate

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