Salaries For TSA Screener

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Screeners work as security in airports, subways, and rail cars across the United States of America. They perform a thorough check-up of passengers with their baggage entering and leaving the country. They must check for contraband items such as weapons, suspicious chemicals and drugs, explosives, and other illegal items. Let’s learn about ‘Salaries For TSA Screener’.

Salaries For TSA Screener

Salaries For TSA Screener

TSA Screeners employ check-ups of passengers by pat-downs along with hand wands, an inspection of their luggage materials, and an X-Ray imaging of the contents they wish to carry on their person. 

The average salary of TSA Screeners ranges from $31,000 to $57,000 annually. The lowest percentile earners start from $31,000, and the highest percentile workers have the potential to earn more than $85,000 every year. The location plays a big role in the amount paid as well since the top earners mostly belong to Massachusetts, New Jersey, Boston, Newark, and Connecticut. 

The National Median Salary for TSA Screeners

Across the country, the median salary for TSA Screeners is around $52,964 as of 2022. Most of the entry-level salaries for TSA Screeners around the country start from $30,000 but they can also be as low as $25,000. The middle-range workers have the potential to earn from $51,000 to $132,500 every year. Huge differences in salaries can be observed depending on the worker’s experience and geographical location. 

The highest-ranking TSA Screeners earn from $132,500 to $293,600 annually. Some places where TSA Screeners make the most include Washington DC, San Francisco, Alaska, Chicago, Houston, and New York. The highest recorded average salary for TSA Screeners is in San Francisco at $86,000 annually. 

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The amount that a TSA Screener earns also depends on whether they work under the local government, federal government, state government, or private sector. The highest starting salary for the tenth percentile can be earned if they work for the federal government as it starts from $38,000 annually. The highest salary for the ninetieth percentile is often earned by those working with the local government at $61,700 every year. 

Hourly Rate for TSA Screeners

On an average basis, TSA Screeners have the potential to earn up to $21.50 per hour. The tenth percentile earns up to $18 per hour while the ninetieth percentile earns about $27 per hour on an average basis. The amount can go lower or higher depending on their sector and geographical location. 

The highest hourly mean range along with a wide range of employment opportunities for TSA Screeners can be found in California with their workers earning up to an average of $25 per hour. The highest beginning hourly rate is usually found in jobs associated with the federal government with the 10th percentile earning $18 per hour. The 90th percentile earns the highest while working with the local government on an average basis with a $29.6 hourly rate. 

TSA Screener Salaries in Different Industries

Transportation Security Administration Screeners work in a variety of sectors and the pay varies accordingly. There are TSA jobs available in:

  • Public Administration
  • Warehousing Transportation Services
  • Health Care Assistance and Social Assistance
  • Administrative and Support and Waste Management Services 

The most popular job areas for TSA Screeners are in the Administrative and Support and Waste Management industry as they tend to earn an average of $46,550 per year. The least popular industry for these Screeners is the Health Care Assistance and Social Assistance industry where they earn an average of $38,900 annually. 

TSA Screener Hiring Procedure

  • The minimum requirement to be eligible for the TSA Screener position is a high school diploma or its equivalent certification. The candidate has to be at least 18 years old and a documented citizen of the United States of America. If a person meets these requirements, they can begin looking for jobs on the federal government’s official website. 
  • Additional education can help boost a candidate’s profile during this process. Although a person only needs a high school diploma to qualify for this position, somebody with a university degree will be considered a better candidate. It’s a common practice for TSA Screener job aspirants to have higher education as well. 
  • They need to pass a background check as well in which their credit and criminal background will be checked. They also have to go through a medical evaluation followed by a drug screening test. These are the minimum requirements for a TSA Screener but higher positions will require experience or advanced education as well. 
  • Candidates will have to go through a TSA Screener specialized training program as well which will guide them through X-Ray operating procedures, the proper process of screening individuals and their baggage, and how to safely use other types of machinery for testing purposes.

TSA Screener Salaries in the Different States

Various factors come into play when a TSA Screener’s salary is calculated. It depends on which government or private sector they work for, which industry they work for, and finally, the location where they work. TSA Screeners often earn far more in some states in comparison to others. 

The highest income for a TSA Screener can be found in the District of Columbia where they can earn $109,160 annually. The lowest recorded incomes for TSA Screeners are in Utah and Mississippi. The average annual salary in Utah for these workers is around $38,730 and $39,200 in Mississippi. Education and experience play a big hand in determining the final estimated salary of a starting TSA Screener as well. 

California has one of the highest employment rates when it comes to TSA Screeners and it has an annual average income of $52,000. This state has one of the highest concentrations of location quotients as well when it comes to TSA Screeners. 


Transportation Security Administration Screeners are also popularly known as airport baggage screeners as they’re mainly associated with airports. Their salary ranges differ based on which government or private party they work for, the location they’re working in, their experience level, and their education level. The average salary for a TSA Screener in the United States of America stands at $57,000 as of 2022. 

Salaries For TSA Screener

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