Salaries For Travel Photographer -Know More About It

If you dream of going out there and living on the edge while capturing moments that give you the thrill of living on the edge then I assure you that being a travel photographer is going to be right up your alley. Being a travel photographer is leaving everything behind and going to start a life that you can call yours completely without any inhibition from the daily grind of waking up early in the morning and living your template life as you get ready for the nine to five hustle. Let us know about “Salaries For Travel Photographer”

Salaries For Travel Photographer

You can expect an average pay of $ 21,000. The salary can range from $ 10,000 for people just starting as beginner-level photographers to $3 million for people very professionally high up on this career ladder such as a senior lead photographer in a big company. The pay also depends on where you work. If you work in a small opening enterprise, you can expect a salary of about $5-$6 per hour. You can get a monthly salary of around $2000 every month if you regularly sell photos on Shutterstock and some clients. If you are keen on having a reputable social media platform alongside your freelancing work, you can even earn up to $4000 from the different sources of revenue. Want to explore the waters of being a contract-based photographer with multiple companies, then you can expect the salary to be around $4500. At the end of the day if you get placed in a large photographing network such as national geographic then you can assume your average monthly salary to be around $10,000 a month.

Steps To Being A Travel Photographer

The right toolset- Having the right equipment for the best experience in photography is something to aspire for. We will now look at the cameras that can take spell-worthy panorama shots of the picturesque locations that you had in mind.

You’ll have to keep in mind the resolutions of the camera to obtain pictures on large scale. 

Sony a1 is the camera you should be looking at when you want superfast speed and resolution accompanied by superb autofocus and a 50.1 MP full-frame sensor.

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Nikon z9

The resolution is 45.7 mp which is astounding. The autofocus is impressive with 493 hybrid phases. It also comes with excellent battery life.

Canon eos r3

Introducing the camera of the century as the new canon eos r3. The camera is equipped with a resolution of 24.1 mp. It provides 30 fps raw burst shooting which is an unbelievable speed for cameras. It can shoot 6k raw video at a tremendous 60 fps. 

Canon eos r5

The jack of all trades yet a master of many. Never heard of this title before then you might want to reconsider your choices when you come across the new model of canon which is eos r5. It comes with a good 8k video recording speed, a 45 mp godlike resolution, 20 fps burst shooting, a million dots in the EVF, and a spacious touchscreen space. It is truly the most remarkable model Canon has ever released.

Working On Your Portfolio

If it comes to being a photographer and that too a travel photographer, you will have to start with at least a handful of images that you can proudly say is your best work. You can assemble these things in a type of collection which you can say is your portfolio which you will show to potential clients and companies that are looking to hire you.

If you are interested in capturing hotels and tourist spots in vivid detail, you can go out with your camera to shoot the beautiful interior to better up your game in the portfolio section.

If taking pictures of people with landscapes is what keeps you fascinated and ready to take action, then you should have more photos that align with tour photographers. 

Finding Locations

It is truly crucial that if you have prepared your equipment and your portfolio, then the only thing left to do is go out and find the shots that can make you become even more of an incredible travel photographer.

Finding the location that suits your niche and preparing for installing your setup way before the actual shoot even takes place is very imperative.

Building Your Niche

Going out of the general pool of photographers, you should find what is your calling. You should be diligent and put regular work done when you finally decide to venture into a particular niche. Having a lot of pictures of your own will be good for you if you want a steady source of income while you are still wetting your feet as an amateur travel photographer.

Life Of A Travel Photographer

The life of a travel photographer is tiring with strenuous hard work to top it all off. You have to do a lot of effort and put in the extra mile to get the perfect shot. You will have to wake up 5-6 hours before sunrise to prep for your shoot so that it can go as smoothly as possible. Most people will think of travel photography as a leisure life filled with adventures and taking pretty photos. 

You divide your work into 2 steps, before the shoot, and after the shoot. Before D-day, you have to look for details such as the weather, the sunrise, and sunset, the climate changes thoroughly from the sources you trust the most. you have to arrange most of your clothing for your environment and search for living arrangements even if it’s in the middle of nowhere.

If you are going to take pictures of the sun right before the arctic sun goes down, you will have to be present there in the frigid cold.

A large amount of time is going to be invested in finding good locations for taking pictures. 


We saw how satisfying and great the profession of a travel photographer can be. you will have to be diligent and hard-working to get far in this career and for this to be rewarding as well. 

Being a travel photographer is not a piece of cake if you think that is the case. You will have to go out and do a lot of things on your own with your own money at the start and you will be pressed with the demanding schedule of your work-life balance. It is crucial to note that if you take on the job, you do it completely with your heart and soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What degree is required to be a travel photographer?

As such no degree is required to be a travel photographer. If you want you can take up an online course to learn photography.

Q2 Who invented travel photography?

Louis Jacques Daguerre created a photograph-generating technique called the daguerreotype in 1839which made taking photos on the street while traveling a less tedious task.

Salaries For Travel Photographer -Know More About It

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