Salaries For Swat Team In Dallas TX


The Swat Team in Dallas, Texas, earns 13% more than the national team’s earnings, yet 8% lower than those teams working in San Francisco, Denver, and Atlanta. Here the team gets $130,075. A Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team is a group of designated police officers who are trained to handle snipers, obstructed subjects, hostage conditions, arrests of heavyweight, or any crises farther to the authority of the general police force. Their area of work covers every aspect from organizing to selecting, and training swat teams, and the tactics they use. Let us know about the salaries for swat team in dallas tx and what are the wide range of equipment for the smooth functioning in this article.

Salaries For Swat Team In Dallas TX

The salaries of the SWAT team in dallas, texas (TX)

In Dallas, tx, till the mid of August 2022, the salaries of the SWAT team members $73,320 annually, coming approximately to $36 an hour, $1,410 a week, or $6,110 per month. SWAT’s base salary in Dallas, TX, is $130,073, which is 13% of the U.S. average salary of $115,317. In Dallas, TX, it’s 33% less than San Francisco, 1% less than Denver, 7% less than Atlanta, 7% lower than New York, 14% lower than Portland, and 23% lower than Salt Lake City.

Salary Ranges for SWAT Teams in Dallas, Texas

The salaries of SWAT Team in Dallas, TX range from $41,604 to $386,520. Their median salary is $119,472 to $208,125 i. e. 57% and most of the team earns 86% more i. e. $386,520. After paying their tax, the SWAT Team members probably get $105 K per year as the take-home salary. It’s approximately a paycheck of $5 K. they are paid bi-monthly. The monthly average salary of the SWAT team is $8,716. In Dallas, TX, the rental price of an apartment is $1,111 per month. Thus, they pay nearly 13% as rent. In Dallas, TX, the cost of living per person is 22% for a SWAT team, leaving only $6,800 with them for other expenses. If there are four members in a family, they will have to spend 47% on living. Thus, leaving $5 K as discretionary income. As per the cost of living in Dallas, TX, in terms of quality of life for the SWAT team, this is the first of the two largest nearby metros. 

SWAT have a wide range of equipment for the smooth functioning

It includes an armored vehicle and camera that can be operated camera from quite a distance. The SWAT team, with the help of these equipment, can keep themselves from gunfire or attack safe while engaged in an operation, and search any area. without exposing themselves to gunfire. The SWAT team members are armed with rifles, shotguns, gas masks, ballistic helmets and vests. To avoid using lethal force in encounter, they employ various less-lethal devices and chemical agents.

What the SWAT team earns in the other States of Texas?

In Garland, TX, the average salary a SWAT team gets is $130,073. It is 13% higher than the national average SWAT Team salary of $115,317. This salary is 4% higher than the combined average salaries of Chicago, Seattle, and New York.

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The SWAT Team in Austin, TX, makes $108,877, which is 6% lower than the national average SWAT Team salary, i. e. $115,317. It is 27% lower than the total average salaries given in other metros San Francisco, New York, and Atlanta.

In Arlington, TX, a Swat Team earns $130,073 as salary, up by 13% over the national average of a SWAT Team getting $115,317. This pay is 6% higher than the combined average salaries of other metros Chicago, Illinois, New York, and Los Angeles, California.

In El Paso, TX, the Swat Team on average gets $71 K. It’s 38% lower than the national SWAT Team who earns $115,317.

In Fort Worth, TX, the SWAT team earns $130,074, which is 13% more than the average SWAT team in the nation’s $115,317. And it is 3% higher than the average salaries of other metros Boston, Massachusetts, Denver, Colorado, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Normally a SWAT team in Plano, TX gets $130,073. The team gets 13% more than the national average SWAT Team salary of $115,317, but not more than the combined average salaries of other metros, San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston.


In the US the salaries of Swat Officers in the US range from $23,365 to $615,735. The median salary happens to be $111,727. The 57% of SWAT Officers get between $111,727 and $278,700 while the top 86% earning $615,735. Their duties in the team are the ground team for containment and entry, snipers, tactical medics, and K-9 handlers. To the SWAT team, a Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) is attached to establish dialogues having different subjects on any critical matter with the aim resolve it through communication.

Whereas, the average Police Officer salary in Texas is $60 K as of the end of August 2022, with the range lying between $56 K and $65,301. The SWAT Teams in the US get a salary between $22,162 between $588,895, while the average salary is $107,042. The middle 57% of them make between $107,042 and $267,215. The top 86% make $588,895.

  • How much does a Swat Team in Hialeah, Florida gets a salary?

The average SWAT Team makes $120,820, in Hialeah, FL. It’s 5% over the national average the SWAT Team gets $115,317. They get 5% less than the combined average salaries of some other metros.

  • How much the SWAT team in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma earns? 

In Oklahoma City, OK, the average salary of the SWAT Team is $120 K, 4% more than the national average, and 19% less than the combined average salaries of other metros San Francisco, Dallas, and Seattle. of the SWAT Team salary.

  • What are the factors that determine the salary of the SWAT team?

It widely depends on the city and various other factors of importance like education, certifications, any extra skills, the number of years of their service, etc. 

  • Does the SWAT team work faster than the police force in the US?

The SWAT Team is supposed to be available ‘on-call’ even at very short notice. They also have to devote enough personal time to the training and strive hard to improve their performance continuously for bringing perfection to their life-saving mission.

  • How many members are there in a SWAT team?

At present, the SWAT Team has 24 members who participate on the team as collateral duty, apart from their regular duties in the police department.   

Salaries For Swat Team In Dallas TX

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