Salaries For Surgical Residents

Want to become a surgeon? Passionate about the challenges ahead? Curious to know about the benefits of this position? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss as much as we can about the profits of this journey of establishing an immensely satisfying career. let us know about that the Salaries For Surgical Residents.

Salaries For Surgical Residents

Surgical Residents: Pay And Benefits

Doctors owning a degree in medicine and are on their way to becoming surgeons are called surgical residents. The training lasts a minimum of five years where the trainee gains a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology, including practice to master the skills for carrying out surgical procedures.


The approximate salary for this position in the US is near $80000 annually on an average basis. The amount varies depending on several factors like the diploma, specialty, and additional skills. The highest paying specialty includes neurosurgery and cardiothoracic surgery which earn about $700000 to $1000000. On the other hand, the lowest salaries are received by the pediatric surgeons, which are almost $200000 per year.

The good side  Of This Profession

There are plenty of good side of working as a surgical resident, the first being high income, which provides financial stability. Secondly, this career requires daily practice, so it’s best for those who appreciate intellectual nourishment. Surgeons do frequent researches on their current cases or procedures, which permits conceptual understanding and thus allows mental stimulation. Although, there are many challenges like making notes, training the junior doctors, and prolonged hour shifts, at the same time this profession is highly respected, which makes all the hardships worth it. 

Types Of Surgeries


Doctors who specialize in this field are called otolaryngologists. They are the ones who gain the wider apprehension of ears, nose, and throat together with the areas in your head and neck, and provide both medical and surgical care. It requires 4 years of medical school and 5 years of surgical residency. The salary of this profession in the US is almost $3000 per month, which makes it $36000 annually. 

general surgery

A general surgeon specializes in the study of the digestive tract and gastric organs. They are also trained for the treatment of diseases regarding skin and trauma. The length of residency training for general surgery is 5 complete years. The amount paid for this profession is about $14000 monthly in the US.

vascular surgery

Highly trained professionals that deal with the conditions involving your blood vessels are known as vascular surgeons. It requires 2 years of the specialty of vascular surgery in addition to general surgery training. Approximated pay of a vascular surgery resident is about $200000 yearly. The monthly income of a vascular surgeon in the United States is estimated to be $20000. 

plastic surgery

The specialist who deals with the reconstruction, replacement, or repair procedures of the patients having conditions like burns, defects, or injuries affecting appearance or function. Becoming a plastic surgeon requires a residency usually lasting for about 6 years after graduating from a medical college. The pay of these professionals ranges from $30000 to $900000 in America.

colon and rectal surgeon

The surgeons of this specific field diagnoses and treats disorders of the lower digestive tract including the small intestine, colon, rectum, anal canal, and perianal canal. These professionals provide both surgical and nonsurgical treatment. The trainee in the residency program of colon and rectal surgery earns an average salary of $50000. The salary of a colorectal surgeon is about $600000 annually.

Top 3 Highest Paying Surgeons In The US


Specialist who diagnoses and treats conditions related to the nervous system. The salary for these highly trained professionals ranges between $400000 and &800000 annually. After completing the 4 years of medical school, the training proceeds to a 1-year internship and then moves on to 6-8 years of the neurosurgical residency program. The average salary of a neurosurgery resident is almost $80000 per year but this amount can vary depending mostly on the number of years spent in this profession. 

cardiothoracic surgeon

Well-trained professionals treating disorders related to the esophagus, lungs, heart, and other organs in the chest. It requires a 6-year cardiothoracic surgery residency program after graduating from a 4-year medical school. A cardiothoracic surgery resident earns about $70000 in their first year with an increase in the salary each year of residency. The pay varies from $50000 to $1000000 with an average salary of $200000. 

orthopedic surgeon

The doctors who are qualified to treat the diseases or injuries associated with the musculoskeletal system which involves your bones, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and connective tissues. It takes almost 9 years of practice including 5 years of orthopedic surgery training. The pay during the residency program ranges from $35000 to $700000 each year depending on the years a doctor has spent in this field. The median salary of an orthopedic surgeon is $500000 annually.


To sum it up, being a surgeon requires dedication and entails hard work but at the same time, all the efforts are worth it. Although some of the fields in surgery are paid less compared to the others the amount varies from state to state. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why does a neurosurgeon earn more?

That is because of the level of responsibility they have throughout their career. They undergo long procedures, and because the system inside our brain is so delicate, the neurosurgeons have to be extremely attentive and do their utmost to ensure the best possible outcome for the patients.

2) Is being a general surgeon a good career?

Definitely! General surgeons have extensive knowledge about a variety of functions inside the human body. They carry out different emergency procedures. At the same time, general surgeons have a good salary varying between $300000 and $500000 annually. 

3) What are the benefits provided to a cardiothoracic surgeon?

Owning this profession can be a most thrilling experience. Though it requires both time and investment, the experience of saving lives is wholesome. Also, these surgeons receive a decent amount of salary ranging from $400000 to $700000 each year.

Salaries For Surgical Residents

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