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Directors in the supply chain are accountable for managing the distribution of products and services from their providers to the end user. They watch after the shipment till it arrives on schedule, undamaged, and at a fair price. Additionally, directors of supply chains may be tasked with managing supplier relationships, negotiating contracts, and monitoring for regulatory compliance. Let us know about the salaries for Supply Chain Director and tips for boosting your salaries as a Supply Chain Director in this article.

Salaries For Supply Chain Director

Directors of supply chains need to be effective leaders with an awareness of supply chain management best practices. Professionals under their direction handle all aspects of the business, from buying and shipping to inventory management.

The answer is In the US; a Supply Chain Director can expect to earn an average annual salary of $176,985. Each Supply Chain Director, on average, receives a yearly bonus of $23,500, or 13% of their pay. Supply Chain Directors in Los Angeles earn an average of $182,621, which is 3% more than the national average.

Factors that affect the pay

A Supply Chain Director’s salaries depends on their background, experience level, and where they work, among other things. This article will examine the effects of these variables on earnings.

Age And Level Of Expertise

In most cases, a person’s salary rises as their amount of experience do. An individual’s salaries as a supply chain director often increases with experience. According to the BLS and the National Compensation Survey, a supply chain director’s income might vary depending on their level of expertise.

Level of Experience         Salary Packages

  1. Entry-level (less than 1 year) $84,075
  2. Early career (1 to 4 years)             $104,567
  3. Mid-career (5 to 9 years)             $132,849
  4. Experienced (10 to 19 years) $165,412
  5. Late career (20+ years)             $214,529

Methods for climbing the corporate ladder to Supply Chain Director

Making a living as a supply chain director is possible. However, several elements will determine how successful you are in this position.

It would be best to consider the field you want to enter seriously. It is crucial to pick a sector that is a good fit for your talents and interests since some businesses have more complex supply networks than others. The scale of the firm you want to join is another factor to consider. Generally speaking, larger organizations have better prospects for promotion, but in any case, you’ll need to be versatile and comfortable wearing numerous hats.

As you plan your professional life as a supply chain director, don’t forget to include your aspirations and priorities. How serious are you about climbing the corporate ladder, if at all? How about you? Do you wish to go somewhere far away, or would you rather remain near home? There are several routes to success; choose the one that suits you best.

Tips for boosting your salaries as a Supply Chain Director

Having established what a supply chain director’s starting wage would be, we can go on to discuss how to increase it.

1. Improve Your Abilities

  1. Developing marketable expertise might help you stand out in a competitive job market and earn a better salary. Many of the following abilities are included in this category:
  2. Learn to control stock levels to fulfill consumer demand; this is the essence of inventory management.
  3. Strategize how resources will be acquired, manufactured, and sent to fulfill an organization’s needs.
  4. Operations in the Warehouse Maximize the Productivity and Economy of Warehouse Procedures.
  5. Shipping products on schedule is a top priority; you may help by managing their travel.
  6. Manage suppliers by negotiating terms and prices with them.

2. Increase Your Level Of Responsibility

To earn a higher supply chain director compensation, you must demonstrate your ability to take on additional responsibilities. As a result, you may need to manage a bigger staff or take on more work. You will be in a strong position to request a pay increase if you can prove that you can handle the responsibilities.

3. Expand Your Contacts

In a subject as dynamic and challenging as supply chain management, networking is crucial to staying abreast of developments. Be at the forefront of your field by participating in industry events, building your professional network via platforms like LinkedIn, and reading relevant trade magazines. Both your present employer and your future earning potential will increase because of your newfound expertise.


No doubt, it is a highly paid job in the United States. So, suppose you are looking for a job in a supply chain in the US. In that case, you need to learn more about the duties, advancement opportunities, and the average income of a Supply Chain Director if this is a job you’re considering or intending to pursue. Hope this article is helpful for you to know about the salaries for the supply chain director. 


1.What is the average salary of a supply chain director in the United States?

In the United States, a Supply Chain Director can expect to earn a median annual income of $154,401. Salary data for Supply Chain Directors may be filtered by geographic region. To create this Supply Chain Director salary report, Glassdoor collected salary data from 263 anonymous workers.

2. As a Supply Chain Director, how much in taxes are you expected to pay?

In 2018, the average federal tax for an individual in this tax bracket is anticipated to be 32 percent. Supply Chain Directors may earn a take-home salary of $138,660 per year, or about $5,778 each paycheck after paying the federal tax rate of 32%.

3. Is supply chain management a viable profession in the United States? 

Salary stability in the supply chain is maintained even in the face of a worldwide epidemic. Entry-level salaries in the supply chain average $60,000 in 2021, according to ASCM’s Supply Chain Salary and Career Report. Professionals who have earned certificates from APICS or ASCM may expect to earn $90k more than the average pay of $86,000.

4. What are the job functions of the supply chain director?

For a company’s supply chain to function well, it needs the support of a director who can aid in constructing the necessary corporate infrastructure. Industry leaders in this space need to keep lines of communication open with suppliers and retailers to guarantee their businesses can receive and send items.

5. Is there a need for supply chain managers in the United States?

The field of supply chain management is in high demand throughout the United States, leading to a surge in openings for college grads with relevant experience and a subsequent boost in pay.

Salaries For Supply Chain Director – Know More!

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