Salaries For State Prosecutor

Finding out the salary level for your dream job should be one thing on the top of your list. It is another way of showing your dreams are valid and that you are working towards achieving them. Salaries should not be the only way to identify what your desired job entails, you should be able to know what their roles and responsibilities are. In the meantime, who is a state prosecutor? A State prosecutor is an individual employed by the state to prosecute violations of that state’s criminal and quasi-criminal laws. In some countries, their agency is known as the Director of Public Prosecutions.  What are the salary levels of a state prosecutor? Are there any additional roles for them? Answers to this question and other questions will be answered in this article. let us know about that the Salaries For State Prosecutor.

Salaries For State Prosecutor

Salaries For State Prosecutors

The average salary of a psychometrist according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019 is $86,590 per year. While for the entry-level, they receive an average salary of $68,570 per year and the entry and professional level goes for $93,934 per year. This is because their salary varies by type of position and the size of the jurisdiction. For example, An average salary of a state prosecutor in Washington, D.C. is $91,154 per year, and their hourly wage goes to $43.82. In Florida State, the annual average salary for state prosecutors goes for $65,697 and $31.59 per hour. Therefore, location and year of experience are also other factors that are essential in determining the pay rate of a state prosecutor

List Of Other Average Annual Salary Of A State Prosecutor In The United States 

  • The Salary Of a state prosecutor in New York City is $87,124
  • The salary of a state prosecutor in Colorado is $85,285
  • The salary of a state prosecutor in California is $82,808
  • The salary of a state prosecutor in Michigan State is $80,099
  • The salary of a state prosecutor in Oklahoma City is $79,692
  • The salary of a state prosecutor in Minnesota is $75,529
  • The salary of a state prosecutor in Florida State is $65,697

What are the roles and responsibilities of a state prosecutor?

There are certain skills that many state prosecutors have to accomplish their roles or let’s say there is more to meet the eye for being a state prosecutor. A state prosecutor is a professional who Investigates the complaints and forwards cases to the court for public indictment. Their major role is to prosecute violations of criminal law against the government of the state. All other roles and responsibilities vary from their location and the organizations they are working in, some of them are listed below

  • The investigation, non-indictment, or transfer of law offending cases like complaints, reporting of criminal, or surrendering of the suspects or other sources.
  • Representing the state against criminal offenders by being present for the trials, and also stating the main point of the indictment after the interrogation of the accused by the judges 
  • Directing and enforcing criminal decisions by requesting for court decree of death or cancellation depending on the complaint
  • Responsible for dealing with and compensating the state for detention and execution
  • Protecting crime victims, bereaved of murder victims, and families of severely injured by providing monetary assistance and legal affairs counseling to them

How to become a State Prosecutor?

As stated above, prosecutors are professionals who coordinate with law enforcement agencies to review, report, and arrest by using sufficient evidence to file a criminal case. You can’t just wake up one day and tell yourself you are a prosecutor, you will have to pass through some certain stage before you be qualified for this position. The first step is to warn an accredited bachelor’s degree program from a pre-law or another specialized course before taking the law school admission test (LSAT).

Passing the LSAT will get you into any law school that is accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). Here, you are expected to spend 2-3 years completing the program. Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) is the final exam you will take, and this will help them determine whether you are ready to tackle the affairs of the states before you are given the acknowledgment to go and look for experience in the outside world. 

Who does a prosecutor work for?  

In the united states, prosecutors have the privilege to work for one of four entities. It can either be for Federal at the US Attorney’s Office, or in the State at the Office of the Attorney General of that State (or equivalent). For the County, they are called different names, but they are often known as County Counsel while, for the local Cities, their prosecutors are often called City Attorneys, and the subordinates in the offices are usually called Deputies or Assistants. 


State prosecutors are on professional careers that have the interest of the citizen in the state at heart. They are responsible for keeping the law of the state moving by prosecuting fellows that went against the law of the state and also protecting citizens from being a crime victim by listening to their complaints. Their annual salary, roles, and responsibilities of the profession with other important things to take notice of in the career as listed in this article. The steps on how to become an experienced state prosecutor have also been highlighted above.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • What does it take to be a prosecutor?

Professional Prosecutors have to be able to be empathetic and heartless. Empathetic in the sense that, they understand that there is more to a person than a checklist of elements of charges. Heartless, because you still have to be able to bring charges and convict people you see as harmless people.

  • What is the difference between a public prosecutor and an advocate?

An advocate is a lawyer who represents his client. A public prosecutor is also a lawyer but more importantly, they are government officials that are appointed by the state government to represent or conduct criminal proceedings on behalf of the state.

In simple words, every public Prosecutor is an advocate, but every advocate is not a public prosecutor

  • What is the role of a public prosecutor and a judge?

Judge and Prosecutor both are called Officers of court.

Prosecutor appears in court on behalf of the Government or the victim of the Case. Advocates appear on behalf of the accused while the judges rule the argument as well as examine the evidence and their respective judgment.

Salaries For State Prosecutor

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