Salaries For Service Advisor


So, you just got a new gadget and you figure that the manual is written in a foreign language or isn’t doing justice in explaining certain features of the gadget. Or you discover one or more issues wrong with the gadget and don’t just know what to do. If this is you, you must understand how it feels to have someone listen to your rants and frustrations and then puts you through or at least refer you to someone who has more knowledge about the situation.Let us know more about Salaries For Service Advisor in this article!

Salaries For Service Advisor

Relating the above scenario to other gadgets like in this case, your car, one could say a good service advisor could be a lifesaver. In this article, you’ll get to know more about who a service advisor is and how much they earn.

According to ZipRecruiter, a average salaries for service advisor is about $49,463 per year and about $24 hourly in the United States. Indeed also states that a salaries for service advisor $59,737 on average yearly in the United States. 

service advisor:

A service advisor works just like a customer service representative and is just as skilled in relating with customers or clients, communicating with them, and offering answers to a customer’s question about a product. The only difference is that a service advisor typically works with car dealership organizations and acts as a liaison between the customer and the repairs department of the organization. 

Service advisors have good experience with cars, car parts, and maintenance. Before scheduling a customer with a technician, a service advisor listens to the complaint or request of the customer, tells him/her about the services the organization offers, and helps the customer understand his/her car maintenance options.

Some of the daily duties of a service advisor include:

– Rapport with customers, listening to their needs, requests, or complaints, and informing them about the services the organization offers.

– Referring customers to available technicians. 

– Providing in-depth knowledge about car parts and maintenance options to the customers.

– Conveying customers’ need for technicians.

– Offering alternatives to expensive repairs and other cost-cutting options.

– Providing customers with information about warranty protection.

– Preparing estimates and informing customers about pick-up days or a service change.

Just like any other job, the salary of a service advisor is dependent on certain factors such as:

Experience: As stated previously, a service advisor works with car dealerships or automotive facilities and in these organizations, you might have to start up at entry-level positions like sales specialist or non-technical service representative, before becoming a service advisor or higher.

 However, to become a service advisor, you’ll need to have built experience in the field over time. This is important because experience is highly valued in any organization and those with more years of experience tend to earn more. A clear example of this is stated by the Bureau of Labour Statistics: an entry-level position of service advisor job earns about $36,338 on average, while one with 1-4 years of working experience earns $42,104 on average and it keeps increasing as one advances.

Location: This poses a great influence on the salaries of a service advisor. It’s almost impossible to earn much in a city or town where the standard of living is low or where the services of a service advisor aren’t prioritized. On the other hand, working in a large metro area should earn you more as a service advisor. For instance, in San Francisco, a service advisor can expect an average salary of $67,668, while in New Orleans, one can expect an average pay of $46,453.

Other factors that could affect a service advisor’s salary include performance reviews, type of organization, and most times education.

Skills and Workplaces for Service Advisors

As a service advisor, you’ll most likely be the first smiling face a client or customer will encounter at a car dealership facility. This means you need to have great interpersonal skills and will have to put up a professional and cheerful or approachable outlook throughout working hours.               One could say this is one of the most important parts of being a service advisor because you hold the reputation of your brand and interact with customers first-hand. This holds even when you encounter a frustrated or angry customer.

Also, because your job is a delicate one, you need to have strong listening and communication skills to fully grasp the client’s needs and to convey the information promptly to the technician.

As a service advisor, you must have good knowledge of cars, car parts, and their maintenance, as well as being able to think on your feet (problem-solving skills). Take the previous example about a frustrated customer, at that point you have to give calm, reassurance, and the proper advice to give concerning the situation.

If you’re considering this career path, you’ll also need to have good math and writing skills because you’ll be preparing and calculating estimates. You’ll need to be ‘computer-savvy’ to use some websites like Microsoft and the likes, or the industry-specific software.

Now, most automotive facilities or companies accept a high school diploma to become a service advisor, while others accept nothing less than a bachelor’s degree in business, communications, or any field of study, provided you meet the requirements and skills. What’s more important is that you have at least 2 years’ experience in the dealership industry. Don’t have enough training? Not to worry, most organizations offer training programs available online or at workshops.

You might also be interested in knowing that you can get service advisor jobs with companies like Tesla, Prada group, Marine Max, Nielsen Dodge Chrysler jeep ram, Car concepts LLC, Honda of downtown, Chicago, and a lot more.

Note that with the skills you possess as a service advisor, you can perform the duties of a customer service representative, service writer, retail sales specialist, or service manager, as you advance in your career. You could also venture into your own business or freelance your skills.


If you’re on the lookout for an engaging and more hands-on career, then becoming a service advisor is a suitable option and it offers various job opportunities ( in even big companies like Tesla )with good pay and benefits. All you need is experience and skills to have a successful career in this field. We’ve looked at the salaries of service advisors and the factors that influence them in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What is the highest salary for service advisors?

The highest salary a service advisor can make in the United States is about $80,000. This figure could be more or less, depending on the company size, experience, and location.

– Do service advisors receive commission?

Yes, most service advisors receive commissions depending on the number of jobs they get. Indeed states that service advisors in the US receive about $18,000 as commission.

– What benefits do service advisors get?

Some of the benefits service advisors get include, a retirement plan, full medicals, paid vacation, sick days, and vision amongst others.

Salaries For Service Advisor

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