Salaries for School Janitors

At the point when school halls and classes need clearing or lights need replacement or for different small works of the school, janitors are needed. They invest quite a bit of their energy standing or strolling, and the power to push and lift massive furniture or machines. Not only that but also, janitors of schools clean bathrooms, lockers, and storage spaces, and take away the garbage.Let us know about Salaries for School Janitors in this article!

Salaries for School Janitors

Depending upon their expected set of responsibilities, they also have external tasks, for example, scooping snow or taking care of the lawn. Salaries for janitors that are related to educational systems are different.

School Janitors salaries in the United States differ from school to school according to their funds and grade levels. In 2022, the average salary of a high school janitor in the United States is about $39,322 per year. According to this, a school janitor makes approximately $18.90 per hour, $756 per week, or $3,277 per month. But as we know, this range broadly differs for different schools and different grades. It also changes according to the tasks given to the janitor. 

Salary Ranges for Janitors 

We can see annual salaries for high school janitors to be high as $82,000 and as low as $16,000. Most of the High School Janitor pay rates presently vary between 

  • $25,000 (25th percentile) to $46,000 (75th percentile)
  • with top workers (90th percentile) earning almost $62,500 every year in the United States. 

The average salary limits for a High School Janitor differ remarkably by as much as $21,000, which suggests that there might be a lot of open doors for progress and an increase in salary according to the skill level and experience of the job. 

Funding compensations

The kind of finance that an educational establishment receives can influence a school janitor’s salary. Salaries for School Janitors are different for private and government schools and colleges. In a 2020 survey,

  • The 43,780 school janitors in private schools earned almost $16.77 each hour, or $34,880 each year. 
  • Schools owned by the state government, like state universities, schools, and colleges, detailed the most positions, with 49,960 school janitors averaging $15.84 each hour, or $32,940 each year. 

In public organizations, both the accessibility of occupations and salary ranges rely upon the tax and budget plans of domestic and state governments. So, it is very important to observe the funds of institutions if you want to increase the salaries of school janitors. 

Janitors pay by work setting 

Primary and secondary schools extended the most employment opportunities for janitors. In 2020, 

  • These institutions employed almost 294,420 school janitors with normal pay rates of $16.49 for an hour or $34,300 for a year.
  • In public junior colleges, 14,160 workers made approximately $17.59 each hour, or $36,590 each year.
  • In schools, colleges, universities, and exchange schools, the 67,410 workers got a normal $16.47 for an hour, or $34,260 each year.
  • Furthermore, in specialized and exchange schools, the 1,570 school janitors made an average of $14.39 each hour, or $29,920 each year.

Improvement chances

There are some opportunities for making progress in this profession. Janitors with quite a long experience in the job and with great management capabilities can progress to first-line positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS states that 

  • 18,210 of these more particular level positions existed in instructive institutions, with an average of $23.03 an hour, or $47,910 for a year in 2020. 

Bosses control the cleaning staff, timetables, and supplies. They recruit and train janitors, check their work to ensure the predictable quality, and perform the tasks of staff who are missing due to sickness or some reasons. They create and carry out cleaning parameters, meet with other staff members, and solve clients’ problems.

Janitor’s Job Requirements 

To start your job life in this occupation,

  • You don’t need proper schooling and degrees. 
  • Janitors gain proficiency with their abilities at work while working with experienced janitors, or under the supervision of managers. 
  • People who want to be janitors should know how to utilize and keep up with machines, for example, floor cradles and polishers. 
  • They should also know how to deal with fundamental electrical, plumbing, and carpentry fixes.
  • More requirements for the job incorporate physical fitness, strength, and time usage abilities.

The deliberate certificate is accessible from public associations like the International Janitorial Cleaning Association IJCSA. 

When not needed, the accreditation can make occupations simpler to find and concede higher beginning pay rates, the BLS proposes. 

Highest Paying Cities for janitors 

We have listed 10 cities where the normal pay for a High School Janitor is more than the national average pay of janitors. These top 10 cities with their yearly wages are as follows 

  •  San Mateo……$47,020
  • Daly City………$46,172
  • Berkeley………$46,139
  • Green River… $45,024
  • Irvine………… $44,898
  • Richmond…. $43,998
  • Merced……… $43,611
  • Orange……. $43,603
  • Tacoma……. $43,589 
  • Oxnard……. $43,563

These 10 cities have pay rates higher than the average pay rates. These high rates open doors for financial progression if you change areas as a High School Janitor. This will give you more income and financial stability. 

How to increase pay as a janitor? 

Expanding your salary as a Janitor is conceivable in various ways. Some of the tips to increase your salary as a Janitor are as follows 

Change of manager

Consider a job institution in which your manager will pay you a significant amount for your abilities.

 Education level

Gaining postgraduate education might permit this work to expand their pay potential and fit the bill for promotions.

Management Experience

The Janitors that manage more junior Janitors, then you have a benefit of this experience which can improve the probability to earn more money.


In this guide, we provide you with full-fledged information about the salaries of school janitors in the United States. Hopefully, this article will help you a lot in understanding all the requirements needed for high school janitors, their average wages, top salaries, and improvement opportunities. 


Can janitors make a 6-digit earning? 

Being a janitor is a low-paying job. A janitor can make a 5-digit earning easily but it is very hard to make a 6-digit earning yearly.

Do janitors have promotions? 

Yes, janitors get promotions based on their skills, good work, and experience.

Salaries for School Janitors

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