Salaries For Rural Mail Carrier


A rural mail carrier is a person who delivers mail in rural areas. Rural mail carriers may either work for private companies or be employed by the government. Rural mail carriers are often paid a salary but are also eligible to receive additional benefits depending on their company. Let us know about salaries for rural mail carrier and factors affecting rural mail carriers salaries in this article.

Salaries For Rural Mail Carrier

Salaries for rural mail carrier

Rural mail carriers earn a salary range of $32000 to $70000 per year. It represents an annual salary ranging from $18500 to $59500. Salaries for rural mail carriers tend to be higher in rural areas. It is because the cost of living is much lower in these areas. The living expenses are significantly lower in rural areas than in metropolitan areas.

Additional benefits for rural mail carrier

Rural mail carriers receive many unique benefits, including health care, retirement, and paid vacation time. Health care is one of the main perks that many rural mail carriers enjoy. Even though the government provides health insurance, rural mail carriers must pay a portion of the premium to fund their health insurance plan. Retirement benefits are also a common benefit among rural mail carriers. Many rural mail carriers are eligible to retire after twenty years of service with their company.

Education required

The requirements for a rural mail carrier are very minimal. A person at least 18 years of age can apply for a job as a rural mail carrier, but the required education is minimal and does not include any college. The applicant must have qualifications consisting of a valid driver’s license and limited formal education such as high school or some level of vocational training that consists of basic math, science, English, and life skills.

Salary by employer type

If you are a rural mail carrier, your salary can vary widely depending on the company that you work for. In some cases, salaries can be below minimum wage. However, the majority of rural mail carriers work for private companies. Salaries tend to be pretty consistent throughout the United States, depending on the company hiring for rural mail carrier jobs.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

How to become a rural mail carrier?

If you are interested in becoming a rural mail carrier, there are specific requirements that you need to meet before applying:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be able to pass a background check.
  • Possess proper driving skills and have three years of solid employment with similar employers.

If these requirements are met before applying, it will require less time on the job. There are two steps in which one can become a rural mail carrier. The first way is to apply online for employment with the United States Postal Service at Alternatively, you can work directly with a private company that provides rural mail carrier services.

Salary by employer type

Rural Mail Carriers May Earn Bonuses. Bonuses can greatly benefit rural mail carriers, but they are not always paid based on merit or length of service. Bonuses are often an added benefit for current employees and may not be offered to new workers or former employees who have asked for separation packages.


During training, most rural mail carriers learn how to drive a motor vehicle and perform essential deliveries of packages and letters weighing less than seventy pounds. There is usually a test at the end of training that candidates must pass before becoming certified as fully-qualified rural mail carriers. Still, some employers offer this certification on-site or through written testing if the new employee desires it.

Factors affecting rural mail carriers salaries

Factors such as location, the volume of mail delivered, the package type offered, and the number and type of deliveries expected to be made all affect a rural mail carrier’s salary.

Salary by geographical area

Rural areas are typically less populated and offer lower living costs. It means there may not be a lot of competition for jobs in rural areas. Pay increases are usually found in the more densely populated urban area with greater competition for jobs. Often, employers offer higher salaries for positions requiring lengthy training compared to parts with a shorter training period.

Earning potential

Rural mail carriers earn from $32,000 to $72,000 per year. As with any profession, the longer someone works for one company, the more opportunities there are for promotions and higher pay.

Job outlook

The job outlook for rural mail carriers is excellent. Projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show a growth rate of approximately five percent over the next decade, which is two and half times faster than other professions. More opportunities will be available to qualified candidates who can meet appropriate standards and complete training. The increased use of email will also create job openings as postal delivery will not be necessary for some areas due to Internet usage.

Rural mail carrier benefits

Most companies provide group health insurance for their rural mail carriers. Other benefits may include paid holidays, vacation, and sick leave. Most postal carriers also receive dental and vision benefits as part of the standard package they receive from their company. Retirement benefits vary depending on the company, but it is usually offered after twenty years of qualifying service with the company.

Paid Time Off

Rural mail carriers are typically entitled to paid vacations. Employees receive one week of vacation and three days of sick leave per year. If an employee has worked for the company for more than eight years, they can receive a one-week paid vacation after working there for twenty years. Some companies offer this type of benefit at no cost to the employer and make up a substantial percentage of the overall compensation package of rural mail carriers.

Certification Process

Dedicated employees who want to become fully-qualified rural mail carriers are often required to complete training and certification according to their employer’s standards before being allowed on the job site to receive deliveries.


Salaries for rural mail carriers are usually more consistent and equal to other workers in the same industry than any additional job salary in America. The average salary for rural mail carriers ranges from $32000 per year to a maximum of $70000 per year, depending on location, benefits packages, and where the person is employed. The minimum annual salary is around $18500 per year.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the job outlook for mail carriers?

There are numerous job opportunities available to rural mail carriers in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that approximately 127,000 new positions would open by 2014. Although this is not an exact number, and some jobs may not be open, it shows that many jobs are available for qualified rural postal carriers. Even though there may not be a high demand for the services of rural mail carriers, those who can meet specific requirements will have many job opportunities available.

Salaries For Rural Mail Carrier

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