Salaries For Psychiatry Residency

People have wanted to understand mental illness since prehistoric times. For a long time, it was assumed that people with cognitive disorders were cursed by the gods, inhabited by demons, or some other supernatural explanation. Psychiatry and psychology were efforts to move beyond superstition and approach the problem with science or medicine. Psychiatry is specifically a medical approach. Psychiatry residency is professionals or physicians who specialized in a field of medicine that strives to identify, evaluate, and help provide care and treatment for those people who suffer from psychiatric disorders. What is their salary level? What are their roles and responsibilities in society? Answers to these questions and other ones will be discussed in this article.let us know about that the Salaries For Psychiatry Residency.

Salaries For Psychiatry Residency

Salaries for psychiatry residency

As of September 2022, psychiatry residents in the United States earn an average annual income that ranges between $63,569 and $98,725 per year, this was cited according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics porter. Psychiatry residents are the clinicians who have the full array of diagnostic processes and procedures in their training, they also have the skills and training to both rule out mental health disorder. Their average salary may vary according to the city or state the professionals find themselves hence, their salaries depend also on factors. Other factors are additional experience, certificates, education, and some additional valuable skills for the industry.

Average annual Salary of a psychiatry residency in various states in the United States 

  • The average annual salary of a psychiatry residency in Hawaii is $124,730
  • The average annual salary of a psychiatry residency in New York City is $115,154
  • The average annual salary of a psychiatry residency in Nevada is $120,919
  • The average annual salary of a psychiatry residency in San Francisco is $116,781
  • The average annual salary of a psychiatry residency in Arizona is $115,860
  • The average annual salary of a psychiatry residency in Alaska is $118,780
  • The average annual salary of a psychiatry residency in Iowa is $103,076

Other additional benefits of psychiatry residency in the United States

Psychiatry is a broad field that depends on logic and reasoning to diagnose a mental illness of a patient. A psychiatrist needs to know their worth and the other benefit that is attached to their salaries before considering the job offer. You should be able to walk away if their terms of employment do not suit your standard or better still renegotiate with your employee. However, this article has made it easy for you to know what other additional benefits you are entitled to

Housing allowance and educational expenses

Every psychiatry resident is entitled to and housing allowance of $1,133.92 and educational expenses of $600 per month. They need to keep learning to be able to diagnose correctly different mental illness

Professional leave

All psychiatry residents are entitled to 20 days of vacation leave per academic year and 12 days of sick leave per academic year. First and second-year residents have up to 3 days of educational leave while the third and fourth residents are entitled to 3-5 days of educational leave per academic year.

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 Other benefits

All psychiatry residents are entitled to other benefits that include health insurance for themselves and their immediate family, luce insurance, disability insurance, AD&D, etc

What are the roles and responsibilities of a psychiatry residency?

Psychiatry residents are known to perform a full range of professional responsibilities in the field and some of them are; to document and complete proper physical and neurological examinations of their patients. Diagnosing, assisting, and treating a patient that suffers from mental illness, making rounds and safekeeping their patient record and also conducting correspondence report that is related to their field, regular attendance of lecture and intensive care training from professional psychiatrists.

How can to become a psychiatry residency?

The easiest way to become a psychiatry resident is by enrolling in a tertiary institution to obtain the degree. The degree may not necessarily indicate psychiatry but, it can be from either the medical department or an accredited program related to the course. Shortly, after obtaining your MBBS degree, you will have the opportunity to work in all medical fields before opting to specialize in psychiatry during your master’s program. The program usually takes 3-4 years to complete the fellowship program and to familiarize yourself with the practical aspect.

A good psychiatrist must be able to possess the following skills: they must be knowledgeable in mental health, and excellent interpersonal skill is also an essential skill. They should be confident in their decision-making ability and possess complex problem-solving ability, critical thinking, Writing, and verbal communication

Where Can A psychiatry residency work?

Unlike other multidisciplinary professions, psychiatrist work mostly in groups to offer a private practice as other physicians do. You can also find them in the public sector like federal or state hospitals, community mental health centers, or veteran administration organizations for psychiatrists. The remaining psychiatrist work in the academic field by bringing up those in medical schools the ways of psychiatry.


Psychiatry residency is professionals who are skilled and trained to help society diagnose those that are suffering from mental health and also in the process help to find the cure. It is a broad profession that offers a decent salary which has been discussed above. All other things you need to know about the field have also been discussed in this article 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Do psychiatrists get paid during residency?

It depends on where you’re doing your residency. Most teaching hospitals (where residents train) pay their residents based on their post-graduate level, not based on their specialty. So, for instance, all PGY2 residents would be at the same pay level. Typically the salary would reflect the local cost of living.

  • To become a psychiatrist or physician, do I need to do a residency program?

To become a physician, one must complete medical school.

To become a psychiatrist, after having completed medical school, the new physician completes an internship year, and then at least three years of psychiatry residency.

Salaries For Psychiatry Residency

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