Salaries For Professional Gamer


The gaming industry is increasing day by day now. People, mostly youth, are adding to this industry frequently. Nowadays, youth doesn’t take gaming as just fun and entertainment. They have now started making it a career through which they can generate income also. It is becoming a profession in youth. As adults are interested in gaming these days, you may think of becoming a professional gamer. A question arises in mind if you become a professional gamer, how much you can earn annually in this profession? Don’t worry because you’ll get the answer here. Let us know ‘Salaries For Professional Gamer’.

Salaries For Professional Gamer

Salaries For Professional Gamer

As of February 2023, $56,167 is the current national average salary of a professional gamer in the United States for one year. So if you are aiming to become a professional gamer, you can easily earn $56,167 per year. Simply, the hourly rate is equal to $27.00. It becomes equal to $1,080 in a week and $4,680 in a month. This is an average 5-figure salary a professional video game player will earn annually in the United States. 

Let’s explore more to have more understanding and knowledge about the salaries and average salary ranges of professional gamers. 

Average Salary Range of Professional Gamer 

As we know, all the employees doing jobs in the world will never have fixed salaries. Their salaries always vary depending upon many factors. These salaries always have room for growth and increase. It is the same for gamers because their average salaries also fall in a range of low and high values. Their current salary range in the United States follows the mentioned trends. 

  • The highest amount of their salary is equal to $132,500. It is a very good 6-figure salary for a professional gamer. 
  • Their lowest salary in the United States is approximately $17,000. 
  • The average salary falls in between this range. Most gamers earn between the 25th to 75th percentile of the average salary range. 
  • The 25th percentile of the range is $27,500 while the 75th percentile of the range of salary is $75,000. 
  • The gamers that earn the 90th percentile of the range of salary have an annual income of  $115,500 in the United States. 

All these stats clearly show that the average salary range of professional gamers is very vast. It varies by as much as $47,500 which is a wide range. This wide range provides lots of opportunities for gamers to increase their salary in this range. If you are a professional gamer, you will have many chances of increasing salaries depending on a lot of factors like skills, experience, and location. 

Best Cities for Professional Gamers

As we know, gamers work mostly from their homes. But still, there are several chances of increasing your salary by changing your location. Cities and States always affect salaries. Also, professional gamers, earn different salaries in different cities. Some of the cities in the United States are considered the best cities for professional gamers in terms of salaries. You don’t have to look for them separately because here we are mentioning a list of the top 10 best cities for professional gamers. 

  • San Mateo………. $69,018
  • Daly City…………. $68,204
  • Berkeley………….. $67,893
  • Green River…..……$67,245
  • Richmond………… $64,649
  • Stamford………….. $63,912
  • Bellevue…………… $63,219
  • Brooklyn………….. $63,110
  • Santa Clara………. $62,890
  • Belgrade……………$62,662

In this list, we can see that California could be the best state and San Mateo could be the best city for you as a professional gamer. It is because, in San Mateo, you can earn $12,851 more than the average salary of $56,167 as a professional gamer. After all, the average annual salary is $69,018 here. Next on the list is Daly City from California. Here you are provided with an annual average salary of $68,204 with a profit of $12,037. In third position is the Berkeley from California which beats the average salary by $11,726 because here the salary of a professional gamer is $67,893. 

Looking at the list, it will be very fruitful for you if you switch your city as a professional gamer because switching the city or the state will provide you with a high income. Also, one thing you should never ignore while choosing the city of your work is the living cost. You should always select the city or state where you will have a low cost of living so that you can have more money in your hand. 

Some related Jobs 

If you are not a professional gamer or if you are not earning well as a professional gamer, you can consider doing some other jobs in the field of gaming. You just have to make yourself qualified for those jobs. Once you fulfill all the requirements of the job, you can earn more money than a simple professional gamer. Some of these jobs are mentioned below. 

  • Head Of GAME Designer.. $125,324
  • GAME Engineer…………..$124,628
  • Senior GAME Designer…$122,272
  • Lead GAME Designer……..$116,175
  • Remote Game Developer…$116,000

Qualifying for any one of the above-mentioned jobs means that you can earn a lot more than the average salary of a professional gamer. It is evident that all these jobs give you a 6-figure salary which is more than double the average salary of a professional gamer. 


The average annual salary of a professional gamer is about $56,167 while their average salary range is from $17,000 to $132,500. Professional gamers earn in between this range. You will find more information about the salaries of professional gamers if you read our article carefully. You will come to know the best cities for professional gamers and some highly paid related jobs. You will find all the information here. 

  • Can you do gaming as your part-time job?

Yes, if you are interested in gaming, you can pursue it as your part-time job and can generate a good income from it. 

  • Does esports have a good career? 

Yes, if you wanna earn money from your gaming skills, doing esports is the best career for you. 

Salaries For Professional Gamer

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