Salaries For Political Science Major

Political Science Major students have multiple career options such as Law, International Affairs, Journalism, etc. Along with this, they can work in Government agencies and Political Offices. Those, who are interested in Globalization, Terrorism, Civil Rights, Political Development, etc., are eligible to study Political Science Major. The study requires Scientific and humanistic skills to excel in the field. Here we will see about Salaries For Political Science Major

The salaries of a Political Science major depends on experience. In 2020, the Political Scientists made a $125,350 salary in total. The highest paid earned $157,710 in that year and the lowest paid earned $90,780.

Salaries For Political Science Major

Political science and its relevance in today’s world :

In ancient times:

The relevance of Social Science in creating a promising career is always doubted. However, the concept of Political Science was introduced from the very ancient times. The term “Political Science” was invented by Aristotle. In the ancient period, Political thoughts were somehow thought to be synonymous with Political Philosophy. During the Sixteenth Century, Governmental affairs became more understandable with the emergence of theorists like Machiavelli, Rousseau, etc. The Industrial Revolution and the appearance of Enlightenment thoughts brought a new trajectory to the field of Political Science.

In modern times:

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

In today’s world, Political Science has reached the height where it can be involved in the Electoral procedures. During the Election year of 2012, Poll Scientists were constantly called by the Media to predict the direction of the Voters’ preferences. Academically International students are taking a high interest in achieving a degree in Political science. Its popularity has increased so much, that most colleges keep the subject at the Undergraduate level because it is one of the most sought-after undergraduate majors. Political Science Graduates can opt for a variety of career choices that are not restricted only to journalism, Law, and Politics.

Scope of political science as a career :

  • Those students who are highly interested in study the of Political behavior and Government institutions can easily opt for it.
  • Those who take interest in the subject that is taught in politPoliticalnce major, they o for the option as Politicof Scientist.
  • A master’s degree in Political science can help students to become Political scientists.
  • Lawyers often keep Political Science in their Undergraduate years as a major, because having Political Sscienceaasa Major offers them various scopes to understand the Law and Government systems in the U.S.
  • Studying Political science can also give scope to become the legal Assistants or Paralegal who can perform the tasks of a lawyer without bearing the excess burdens of a Lawyer.
  • Journalism can also be another option for students having Political Science as a major. A journalist can make or break a Political scandal, thus having a clear knowledge of Politics is mandatory.
  • Lobbyism is a job where Politicians are needed to be influenced. The voting system is more or less driven by this lobbyist whose job is to persuade the Politicians to cast votes according to the needs of their benefactors.

The highest paying jobs for political science major students :

  1. Survey researcher:

The percentage of Job growth is 4% and the qualification is a Master’s degree.

The average salary for this particular job is $ 59, 870. Someone who works in this field needs to be competent enough in designing and research surveying. Surveys can be based on gathering information on different facts, along with analyzing different data, etc. Although the salary is excellent, the earnings of the top ten percent include $110,000, but the growth rate of the job is very low.

  • Historian:

The percentage of job growth is 5% and the qualification is s Master’s degree.

The average salary for this particular job is $63,100. A Historian’s job does not consist only to read History books and then circulate them. Working in this Political Science career includes gathering Historical information and then analyzing the data. The top ten percent in this career with a major in Political science can earn over $116,000.

  • Regional and urban planners :

The percentage of job growth is 7% and the qualification is a Master’s degree.

The average salary for this particular job is $75,950. There are many people and organizations with different ideas about how the land is to be used. Top Planners can earn up to $118,200. Political Science professionals can expect a career growth of 7%.

  • Community service manager :

The percentage of job growth is 15% and the qualification is Bachelor’s degree.

The average salary is $69,600. Working in this field includes the job of coordination and supervision of social services and organizing communities. Giving an honest assessment of current programs are also part of this job. The top ten percent of earnings include $115,000 and the career growth rate is 15%.

  • Economist :

The percentage of job growth is 13% and the qualification master’s degree.

The average salary is $108,350. The various factors like distribution of money by assessing many factors that include goods and services, production, etc. The research factors include conducting surveys, researching issues related to the Economy, etc. The top 10% salary include $198,000. A Political science Major can expect 13% growth in their career.

  • Public relations manager :

The percentage of job growth is 13% and the qualification is Bachelor’s degree. 

The average salary for this job is $118,430. A Public relations Specialist can emerge in a fundraising managing role or PR which are the best roles for a Political Science Major. These jobs include planning and coordination of images of an organization. The top ten percent salary includes $208,000. The job is expected to grow by 13% in the future.

  • Political scientist :

The percentage of job growth is 9% and the qualification is a Master’s degree.

The average salary for this job is $125,350. This is a job that is quite obvious for Political Science Major students. They perform a variety of jobs including performing duties, researching Political subjects, collecting data, and analyzing them. The top earnings in this field include $170,000.


Political Science major students can get ample opportunities for earning money. Only one thing must be followed, is to choose the right path. The right direction toward a career choice can help anyone to fulfill their dreams. Through this article we learned about Salaries For Political Science Major

Salaries For Political Science Major

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