Salaries For Physician Bariatric Surgeon

  Due to the increasing number of obese individuals, bariatric surgeons have continued to be in high demand, not just in the united state but all over the world. A bariatric surgeon works to ensure that an obese patient is well taken care of and treated correctly to ensure weight loss and proper care and weight maintenance even after the surgery.Let us know about that the Salaries For Physician Bariatric Surgeon.

Salaries For Physician Bariatric Surgeon

  The average salary of a bariatric surgeon in the United States is $197,032, alongside other incentives and bonuses made available to them annually. They can receive earnings between $25,000 and $600,000 annually.

Who is a Bariatric surgeon?

  A bariatric surgeon is an individual with knowledge, skill, and certification in carrying out surgery for weight loss. These weight loss surgeries either limit how much a person can eat afterward or reduce the ability of the body to absorb nutrients. The weight loss surgery experts are usually licensed medical practitioners. Due to the care needed for this type of surgery, a bariatric surgeon receives comprehensive training related to bariatric medicines and nutrition. They work on programs that suit a patient’s weight loss goal. Bariatric surgery is mostly done when exercises and diets refuse to work, or the obese nature is causing severe health problems.

Maximum and minimum earnings of a bariatric surgeon

  The earnings differ greatly among bariatric surgeons. Various factors like location, years of experience, certification, and educational qualifications can decrease or increase their earnings. A bariatric surgeon can receive an annual earning as high as $610,500. The minimum pay of a bariatric surgeon in the United States is $28000.

Factors that influence the salary of a bariatric surgeon

  Many factors might influence the salary of a bariatric surgeon. These factors could cause a reduction or increase in salaries. Educational qualification, experience, training, certification, and skill can influence their salaries.

Educational Qualification

Education is a key ingredient in becoming a bariatric surgeon, and getting certain positions requires specific educational attainment. The highest level of education for a bariatric surgeon is a doctorate. The individual must earn a medical degree from an accredited medical school and pass the licensing exams, enabling them to practice. After which, they undergo the residency program. These steps influence a person’s salary and job offer.


The experience of bariatric surgeons also plays a crucial role in their salaries. The more experience they have working as a bariatric surgeon, the more skill they are believed to possess. The salary of a beginner bariatric surgeon is far lesser than that of a bariatric surgeon who has been in the field for over ten years; while the former can receive as low as $25000, the latter can receive up to $500000.


Certification by the American Board of Surgery places bariatric surgeons as professionals, increasing their chances of earning more. Taking the American Board of Obesity Medical exam is also important. It vouches that the individual has undergone and passed all the required study, tests, and exams needed to become a professional bariatric surgeon increasing their chances of receiving higher salaries.  


A bariatric surgeon who has undergone surgical training for obesity is more highly paid than one who has not. They are believed to have the skills needed to handle surgery successfully. The surgery involves a procedure that limits the amount of food a person can eat and the nutrients absorbed in the body. Taking up a training program from the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric surgery can increase the surgeon’s salaries and create more employment opportunities. 


The location of the medical center where a bariatric surgeon works are of utmost importance in influencing the salary. Further in this article, we will be looking at the average earnings of a bariatric surgeon in various states in the United States. The earnings differ based on the demand for a bariatric surgeon in that area.

The cost of bariatric surgery and earnings of a physician’s bariatric surgeon for states in the United States

  The earnings of a bariatric surgeon differ in various locations. Although they are well paid in most states in the United States, it is important to look at the state and its average earnings annually.


A bariatric surgeon is well paid in California. They receive an annual average salary of $205,053. They receive an hourly rate pay of about $98. The salaries which they receive annually are between $155,053 and $553,236. Bariatric surgery in California costs between $17000 and $25000.


Kentucky, a bariatric surgeon receives an annual average salary of $188,106. They are paid in the range of $100,000 to $406,072 annually. To carry out a bariatric surgery in Kentucky costs between $15000 to $23000.


A bariatric surgeon in Alaska receives an annual average salary of $219,910. They are paid in the range of $195,345 to $506,710. To undergo bariatric surgery in Alaska costs between $13000 to $23000.


In Alabama, a bariatric surgeon earns an average salary of $210,765 annually. A patient undergoing bariatric surgery in Alabama costs between $15000 to $25000.


The average annual salary of a bariatric surgeon in Connecticut is $224,765. Bariatric surgery in Connecticut costs between $20000 to $27000.


A bariatric surgeon in Indiana receives an annual average salary of $ 231,953. They are paid between the range of $180,576 and $550,645. To undergo bariatric surgery in Indiana costs between $14,223 to $25,900.


In Louisiana, bariatric surgery costs between $15,000 to $25,000. The average annual salary of a bariatric surgeon is $180,735. They are paid between the range of $110,235 and $450,067. This comes with other yearly bonuses and incentives.


The average annual salary for bariatric surgeons in Arkansas is $195,315. They are paid in the range of $95,818 and $430,817. To carry out a bariatric surgery in Arkansas costs between $8000 to $15000.


A bariatric surgeon in Florida receives an annual average pay of $204,488. Carrying out bariatric surgery in Florida ranges from $10,000 to $20000.

New Jersey

In New Jersey, a bariatric surgeon is paid an average annual salary of  $240,209. They can receive as much as $600,739 depending on the location and their experience level. Bariatric surgery in New Jersey costs between $15,000 to $30,000.

Are bariatric surgeons in high demand?

  There is an unexpectedly large number of obese individuals in the United States. About 40% of adults in America are recorded to be obese, with states like Alabama, Iowa, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kentucky, among many others having the highest prevalence of obesity.

  Due to the increasing number of obese individuals, with other methods of weight loss failing, there is a constant need for a bariatric surgeon in various medical centers in the United States. 


  Bariatric surgery is a highly demanded profession. Various medical centers are in dire need of professionals in this field as there is an increasing rate of obesity in the United state. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is obesity a disease?

Answer: Obesity, a term for excess weight gain, is a disease that can lead to a high risk of diabetes, high bp, coronary heart disease, and even stroke.

  • How can one reduce the cost of a weight loss surgery?

Answer: Where the medical cost of weight loss surgery is high, it can be cheaper if the medical insurance covers such surgery. Where the patient has medical insurance, they pay for this type of surgery.

  • How much does bariatric surgery cost?

Answer: Undergoing a bariatric surgery can cost between $15,000 to $30,000. Most medical health care centers offer insurance plans that cover weight loss surgery costs.

Salaries For Physician Bariatric Surgeon

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