Salaries For Philosophy Professor -Know More About It

The word philosophy means “love of wisdom” in Greek. Philosophy is a study of everything that exists in the world and to seek wisdom, truth, and knowledge. A philosophy professor is responsible for teaching college students about philosophical thinking from an academic point of view. Studying and teaching philosophy requires patience as it is a vast field with multiple schools of thought. Let us know about “Salaries For Philosophy Professor”

Salaries For Philosophy Professor

Generally, a philosophy professor makes around $104,410 on average per year. The lowest salary of a philosophy professor is $82,136 per year while the highest is up to $165,000. The salary of a philosophy professor is usually high in cities like California, North Dakota, Connecticut, and Utah. 

Eligibility To Become Philosophy Professor

A Ph.D. is required to become a professor. A philosophy professor is the one who guides students on philosophy-related topics. Professors focus on answering deep questions about life and our existence along with theories put up by past philosophers. Philosophy professors stimulate the ideas in students by conducting various debates and discussions. Becoming a philosophy professor requires the same criteria as any other professor job, a Ph.D. in the related field. 

About Philosophy:

Philosophy is the pursuit of truth and wisdom in life. When people think about their existence, the reality of life, the universe, nature, and humans, they are thinking about philosophy. Philosophers make their theories to answer the fundamental questions about life. Philosophical thoughts are hypothesized to develop first in the East. Egyptians are thought to be the first philosophers. They depicted the existence of gods through the crafts on tomb walls.

Questions about our existence and our purpose on earth are generally answered by various religious views. But when some questions remain unanswered and ignite curiosity, people then turn towards philosophy. 

There Are Three Branches Of Philosophy:


Metaphysics is the study of existence. Metaphysics deals with the concerns like nature of existence, time, space, and being in the world. 


Epistemology is the study of knowledge and belief. It contradicts our basic beliefs and consciousness. 


Ethics is the study of what is morally correct or wrong. What makes something good or bad What should we do or not do? These are the questions ethicist tries to answer.


Philosophers employ logic to answer the questions or explain the answers. Arguments and studies in philosophy are primarily based on logic. 

How To Become A Philosophy Professor?

Becoming a philosophy professor requires continuous hard work like any other job.

First of all, you need a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. As a bachelor’s student try to maintain good grades to land yourself a good college for a master’s. While pursuing graduation try to find your interest in the various fields of philosophy. 

Then, you need a master’s degree. However, some colleges directly provide a Ph.D. which should be studied beforehand. A doctorate in philosophy helps to learn about the deep ideas in the field of philosophy and prepare for teaching. 

Philosophy professors choose a specialty to learn deeply about a subject they are most interested in. Publishing articles is also a big part of gaining knowledge and experience as a philosophy professor. When your education is complete, you can apply to various universities as a professor. 

Roles Of A Philosophy Professor:

  • As a philosophy professor, you need to take classes daily and address the doubts of students.
  • Philosophy professor creates a comprehensive curriculum, conducts tests, and provides assignments to students. 
  • Like any other teacher, a philosophy professor should create an interactive learning environment. 
  • The professor should maintain the grades, attendance, and achievement records of the students.
  • Philosophy professors should inculcate ideas in the students that will ignite a passion for the subject. A highly qualified philosophy teacher is creative, interactive, and has a passion for the subject.
  • The professor should help final-year students to write their graduate thesis. 
  • The professor should stay updated with new thoughts, research, and ideas in the field of philosophy.

Salary Of A Philosophy Professor: Explained In Detail

The average salary of a philosophy professor is around $104,410. The typical range is between $82,136 and $165,800. The salary range depends on various aspects like job experience, qualifications, certifications, additional skills, and location.

Based on the academic position salary is as follows:

Ph.D. student:

Generally, a master’s degree is not a prerequisite for Ph.D. in several top U.S. universities.  During their Ph.D. students can develop their interest in their favorite field. Most Ph.D. programs also require students to gain some teaching experience as assistants to the professor. It takes around six years to earn a Ph.D. in the US. During that time students are also provided a stipend of around $15,000 to $30,000 per year. 


After Ph.D. many students go into postdoc to continue their research and specialize in their field. The average salary of a postdoc is around $47,500.


A lecturer is a non-tenure teaching position. They have advanced degrees. The average salary of a lecturer is around $69,499 per year.

Assistant Professor:

An assistant professor is responsible for teaching in an institution. They are active researchers who write papers and publish books in their field. An average assistant professor’s salary is around $85,063 per year.

Associate professor:

When an assistant professor is granted tenure, the position becomes an associate professor. An associate professor is the most reputed teaching position. The average salary of a philosophy associate professor is around $96,776 per year.


Philosophy is a vast field with many contrasting schools of thought. A philosophy student is expected to answer bewildering questions like why do we exist? What is our purpose in life? This is an interesting subject with multiple branches. Studying philosophy is fun and exciting. Teaching philosophy also helps to learn from a different point of view and answer the questions of the students in the best possible way. All those students who want to pursue a career in philosophy should keep their minds open to new thoughts. Asking questions about life is the main foundation of philosophy. The dream of teaching philosophy to students is easy if you put your passion into the subject.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do top philosophy professors make?

Top philosophy professors make around $161,718 per year.

What is the role of philosophy?

Philosophy enhances the person’s capability of thinking and solving problems.

What is the role of philosophers in society?

Philosophers help in understanding the functioning of society.

Is a philosophy major difficult?

Readings of philosophy can be sometimes challenging.

Salaries For Philosophy Professor -Know More About It

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