Salaries For Patient Transporter

Patient transporters are extremely important members of the healthcare team because their primary responsibility is to move patients from one location to another within a facility, such as between departments, diagnostic testing, and operating rooms. Throughout the transfer, it is their job to make sure the patient is as comfortable as possible and to keep them safe. This is a career that requires people to be in good physical shape as it is physically hard work. There is a possibility that the work schedule will include weekends and holidays. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the salaries that patient transporter receive in the United States. 

Salaries for patient transporter

Salaries for Patient transporter

Patient transporters are healthcare professionals that enter at lower levels and often do not require a formal education or specialized training to become employed. The salaries for Patient transporter are typically lower in comparison to those of other healthcare professionals, but they are nonetheless competitive for individuals seeking entry-level positions in the healthcare industry. Pay scale cites $12.34 as the typical hourly wage for a patient transporter. The income ranges from $19,000 to $40,000 every year on average. The range of salaries for Patient Transporter is subject to change depending on a variety of criteria, including experience, geography, and certification. 

Factors affecting salary 

1. The state and the region that a patient transporter works in can affect their salary. There may be a greater need for patient transporters in some states, which may lead to higher salaries in those states. For instance, patient transporters who work in the states of California, New York, and Texas typically receive higher compensation than their counterparts who work in the other states. 

2. A patient transporter’s salary, like that of most other jobs, may improve with the amount of experience they have. Patient transporters with more experience typically receive better salaries, particularly if they have proven to be highly effective in their work and are dedicated to their profession. 

3. Certification: While patient transporters are not obliged to have certification to work, having certification in an area that is connected to their work can boost their earning potential. For instance, having a Certified Healthcare Transporter (CHT) qualification might lead to an increase in one’s earnings potential. 

4. Shifts and Overtime Patient transporters are frequently required to work long hours, including on weekends and holidays. Working during off-hours, like night shifts, might lead to a rise in the hourly rate that a patient transporter receives. In addition, they frequently receive compensation for working overtime, which contributes to an increase in their entire annual earnings. 

Pay scale based on location 

The amount of money that a patient transporter makes is heavily influenced by their geographical location. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the states of Alaska, Washington, and Minnesota offer the highest hourly wages for patient transporters, with an average rate that ranges from $16 to $19 per hour in each of these jurisdictions. On the other hand, the states of Georgia, Oklahoma, and Arkansas have hourly wages that are between $10 and $11 and are considered to be the states with the lowest pay. 

Compensation based on Years of Experience 

The amount of the patient transporter’s remuneration is heavily influenced by the amount of experience they have in the field. Patient transporters with one to four years of experience can earn approximately $11.47 per hour on average, compared to entry-level transporters who make $10.61 per hour and have less than one year of experience in the field. Patient transporters with 5-9 years of experience may earn up to $13.20 per hour, while patient transporters with more than 10 years of experience can expect to earn $14.53 per hour. 

Pay scale according to Educational Level 

Although education level is not a major influence in deciding a patient transporter’s compensation, people with higher education can anticipate earning more than those without any schooling at all. Those who work as patient transporters and have a high school diploma or its equivalent receive a median hourly income of $12.21, but those who have an associate degree make approximately $13.41 per hour. If you have a bachelor’s degree or above, you can expect to make more than $15 per hour working as a patient transporter. 

Pay-scale in Each Sector 

Patient transporters can find work in many different types of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and long-term care homes. The income of a patient transporter can change significantly based on the sector in which they work. Patient transporters who work in the general medical and surgical hospitals field get an average hourly income of $13.53, while those who work in nursing care facilities make approximately $12.17 per hour, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Job Outlook 

The employment forecast for patient transporters is favorable, with a predicted growth rate of 5% from 2019 to 2029, which is the same speed as the average growth rate expected for all occupations combined. The fundamental factor behind this expansion is the continuously rising demand for healthcare services. The United States Department of Labor Statistics projects that the number of people employed as patient transporters will rise by 10,300 between the years 2019 and 2029. 


Patient transporters are a key component in the system that ensures the secure and comfortable movement of patients inside healthcare facilities. The amount of money that patient transporters make might range widely depending on factors including industry, level of education, years of experience, and region. Within the United States, a patient transporter can make anywhere from $9.46 to $16.52 per hour on average, with a salary range of $12.44 to $16.52 per hour. The job market for patient transporters seems promising, with a growth rate of 5% expected between the years 2019 and 2029. 

  • What is the usual amount of money that a patient transporter makes each year? 

Around $27,000 is the annual wage that is typical for a patient transporter. 

  • What kind of salary can one expect to receive working in a hospital as a patient transporter? 

Patient transporters that work in hospitals often earn a wage of approximately $14 per hour, which equates to $29,000 annually. 

  • To become a patient transporter, do you need specific education or years of experience? 

The vast majority of businesses need candidates to possess at least a high school education or its equivalent in addition to previous experience working in customer service or the healthcare industry.

Salaries For Patient Transporter

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