Salaries For Paranormal Investigator


Paranormal Investigators do the task of research, documentation, and interaction with forces outside the realm of science or the laws of nature. In the US, a paranormal investigator gets an average salary of $41,957. San Francisco has the highest average total remuneration for paranormal investigators at $62,659, which is 49% higher than the US average. Let us know about the salaries for paranormal investigator and the rules and regulations of Paranormal Investigator in this article.

Salaries For Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal investigator

Paranormal Investigators may take place in a client’s residence, place of business, or historic structure. While some paranormal investigators do not charge for their services, others will take payments for travel, hotel, and other related costs. Some paranormal investigator make small to substantial salaries through authoring books, giving lectures, and appearing on reality TV programs.

Salaries for paranormal Investigator

The average pay for paranormal investigators in the US is $38,833, with incomes ranging from $10,518 to $211,357. The median salary for Paranormal Investigators is $38,833, while the top 86 percent earn an average of $211,357.

How much tax would a paranormal investigator have to pay?

In 2018, the average federal tax rate for a single filer in this tax bracket is predicted to be 22%. Paranormal Investigators should anticipate having an annual take-home income of $36,787, with each paycheck equaling about $1,533 after 22% of federal taxes have been deducted.

Standard life quality of a Paranormal Investigator

A paranormal investigator would devote 81.75% of their take-home earnings, which is around $3,066 per month, to housing costs, which are $2,506 per month for a median 2-bedroom apartment.

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Average annual income of paranormal Investigations

Private investigators with a knack for paranormal investigations occasionally provide fee-based services, either at a flat charge or an hourly rate. The average yearly wage for a private investigator was $47,130 as of May 2009, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to PayScale, as of May 2011, the average private investigator’s hourly wage was between $12.59 and $50.49, with overtime pay ranging from $10.13 to $51.06 per hour.

Where do Paranormal Investigators get paid from?

  • Charitable Organizations

Some paranormal researchers provide their services free of charge since they work for charitable organizations. Even though these investigators frequently do not accept money, their organizations might. These nonprofit groups often aim to increase public awareness of and comprehension of paranormal activity that takes place in places like people’s homes, companies, and other buildings. 

  • TV shows, books, and classes

Investigators can make money through paranormal investigation-related opportunities including authoring books, giving lectures, and organizing tours. 

States with the highest salaries for paranormal Investigator in the US

Other employers that pay paranormal investigators more than the US average include:

  • DC, Washington
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • In Los Angeles

Austin is a state where salaries are 5% below the national average. The middle 57% of paranormal investigators earn between $38,833 and $96,045 annually, while the top 86% earn between $211,357 and $211,357. 

The hiring of the paranormal Investigators 

Paranormal Investigators work for the government as paranormal investigators, although neither the US government nor private consultants have full-time units devoted to paranormal investigations. However, you can come across cases involving paranormal components while working for the government as a federal criminal investigator.

  • Education Requirements 

There are no specific educational requirements for becoming a paranormal investigator, but you need to meet them if you want to work as a government detective or agent.

  • Skills 

An electronic search for paranormal activity and correction of any anomalies if they are found are the fundamental abilities and duties of a paranormal investigator. Many researchers believe that this is a divine, spiritual encounter that allows them to connect with and transcend reality. a few researchers

Rules and regulations of Paranormal Investigator 

  • To learn about the locations and the examination site’s history.
  • Interview a person who witnessed the paranormal behavior or a client who paid you to look into the matter.
  • To use a rational explanation such as unidentified electrical discharges or gas leaks, to rule out the likelihood of paranormal activity.
  • To use scientific tools like EM meters, ion detectors, thermal imaging, etc. to support supernatural activity if there is no rational explanation.
  • For the paranormal activity to recur, they might even decide to set up a recording of the events utilizing stakes and similar circumstances.

Job and career outlook 

Because one looks to reason utilizing supernatural aspects only when the logical justifications are ruled out, paranormal researchers should have an eye for a logical cause of the action under examination. Candidates attempting to succeed in this field also need to exhibit strong research and troubleshooting skills. Since few people in our day and age still have supernatural beliefs, it could be a little challenging for someone to land their first job. 

The experts might work on a freelance basis and help those who want to have specific circumstances examined. Working in paranormal or parapsychological research is an option. Those interested in the paranormal could take part in reality TV programs about them. Paranormal scientists, paranormal researchers, parapsychologists, and paranormal investigators are among the job titles in this field. 


The salary of paranormal investigators is usually paid on a case-by-case basis or by non-profit groups that do not charge. The pay is based on the season and the majority of instances are reported around October. In the US, the average income is $41,957. In San Francisco, paranormal investigators earn an estimated average salary of $62,656. A paranormal investigator can make anywhere from $10,518 and $211,357 per year in average pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How paranormal activities have benefited businesses?

It is based on the belief of the public. Moreover, nowadays, paranormal Tourism is also in demand.

2. Who is the highest-paid Paranormal Investigator?

Patrick Burns is the highest-paid paranormal Investigator who is also known as the star of TruTV. 

3. How much money can one expect to make working with US Ghost Adventures in the country? 

The average hourly wage for a US Ghost Adventures Paranormal Investigator in the country is roughly $19.40, which is 6% more than the national average.

4. Are the salaries of paranormal Investigators unpaid?

There is no average salary for paranormal Investigators but they sometimes make money from reality shows, publish books, take classes and many times get paid by the clients. 

Salaries For Paranormal Investigator

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