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A nun is traditionally a female who chooses to live in a monastery or convent and devote her life to prayer, service, and charity endeavors. She typically makes a commitment to lead a simple, chaste life. Nuns are found in many religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, and Catholicism. let us know more about that the Salaries For Nun-Know More.

Salaries For Nun-Know More

Nuns in the US earn incomes ranging from $24,370 to $69,940, with a typical pay of $41,890. The top 80% of Nuns earn $69,940, compared to the middle 60%’s $41,890.

Since the church does not provide Catholic nuns with a monthly fixed wage, many people have wondered and asked several concerns about how they are able to cover their living expenses, including their rent, food, and other necessities.

How Do Nuns Earn Money?

The Catholic Nuns, like all other religious, are not paid according to any church-approved pay scale, but they are permitted to work for pay at other organizations like schools, orphanages, hospitals, etc. Because of this, the majority of nuns are professionals or experts in fields including education, nursing, home and child care, and in certain cases, medicine.

These are some of ways Nuns can earn money in order to fulfil some of their expenditures. Although it is not customary, certain parishes provide some nuns with monthly stipends.

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Ways for Nuns to Earn Money

There are several ways through which nuns can earn money. Mostly, they have to give their earnings to the church for its welfare. 

Alms and Donations

Some rich laypeople donate money to the church and sometimes directly to the nuns to fulfill their expenditures.

Hand Crafted Goods

Some nuns craft different goods and sell them in the market to generate income for the church.

Social Work

Nuns can also earn money by doing social work or working in different organizations according to their skills. They can teach in schools, work in orphanages, hospitals etc. 

Stipend from Church

Not all, but some churches also give stipend to their nuns from the donations they receive. 

Average Earnings

According to The Rosary Group, nuns can serve the Church by working as social workers, accountants, daycare workers, teachers, or even doctors. Estimating their average wages is essentially difficult because of this. 

Nuns don’t actually get a wage, even if there were an average that could be determined, because they donate whatever profits they may have to the Church. In light of this, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, as of 2009, the average annual salary for all clergy was $37,057. This translates to around $17.72 per hour.

The Vow of Poverty

All nuns swear to live simply. The purpose of the vow of poverty is to serve as a constant reminder to the sisters that the spiritual riches are more important than earthly riches and that God, not man, will provide everything that is required. 

The vow of poverty is also believed to make it simpler for a nun to travel to different areas when God calls her because there is less luggage to haul. Due to their vow of poverty, nuns must give up all of their earnings to their order, which then provides them with a stipend to pay their essential living costs. 

The communities, which get strong support from the church itself, take good care of the nuns.

How a Woman Becomes a Nun?

It takes about ten years to become a nun or a sister. Although the specific procedure varies depending on the group a woman attempts to join, we can give a brief overview of what happens.

The Call

Everything starts with “the call” – a revelation from God that one is meant to live a more spiritual existence. When a woman feels called, she is advised to pray about the request made of her. 

Nun Runs

Sometimes, communities organize “nun runs,” in which women who are trying to choose their vocation visit several convents to speak with the sisters and determine where they belong. 

Aspirant Stage

A woman becomes an aspirant, or a pre-candidate, after she decides which community she wants to join. There is a lot of documentation involved in this step regarding the aspirant’s call and relationship with God as well.

Postulant Stage

As soon as the lady and the religious order determine that they are a good fit, the aspirant officially enters the race as a postulant. Despite not taking the vows, the postulant can begin to live with other sisters and take part in the activities of the order.

Novice Stage

At this stage, a woman contributes the community her whole paycheck in exchange for what she needs. After studying for roughly two years, she goes on a retreat to prepare for her vows.

Final Vows

The first and last vows come in two pairs. The lady receives a ring to wear on her right hand at the second vow ceremony, designating her as Christ’s bride. 


As you can see, nuns may generate income in a variety of ways to maintain their way of life and communities. It is not often obvious how they make money, but it is closely tied to the way they choose to live their everyday life, whether it be by accepting donations from inside their order or taking on occupations outside that call for particular expertise or abilities. Although some orders of nuns choose to remain isolated and rely only on donations, more and more orders are interacting with society in order to spread the good news of God’s love to people who are in need.

  1. How do nuns earn money?

Nuns can earn money through social work, alms, by crafting goods, donations from pious rich people etc. Some churches also provide stipends to their nuns. 

  1. Does the government pay the nuns?

No. The government doesn’t pay the nuns. 

  1. Do nuns receive a stipend from the church?

Only some of the churches provide stipend to their nuns. 

  1. Why do nuns take vow of poverty?

The purpose of the vow of poverty is to serve as a constant reminder to the sisters that the spiritual riches are more important than earthly riches

  1. Can nuns buy property?

No. Nuns cannot buy property.

Salaries For Nun-Know More

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