Salaries For Navy Fighter Pilot


A Navy fighter pilot controls the deadliest jets in the world from the deck of an aircraft carrier, and thus air is their domain. Due to more rigorous training, more stringent qualifying standards, and the requirement to learn abilities like landing and taking off from aircraft carriers, becoming a Navy pilot is seen to be more challenging. The salary for military pilots can vary widely, but most of them receive an annual salary between $80,000 and $85,000. Let us know about the salaries for navy fighter pilot and role and responsibilities of a navy fighter pilot are given in this article.

Salaries For Navy Fighter Pilot

Navy fighter pilot

The salaries of Navy fighter pilot between $80,000 and $85,000 per year or $6,600 and $7,100 per month. Accordingly, most navy fighter pilots fall somewhere between ranks O-1 and O-5, depending on their length of service. The Defense Department established this branch of the military for aviation operations, despite the fact that not all of its members are pilots. Benefits and incentives maintain enrollment levels, and rigorous qualifying standards for pilots reduce enrollment rivalry in comparison to other branches.

Salaries for a navy fighter pilot

The pay for military fighter pilots, military jet pilots, and military helicopter pilots will all be equal for those with the same rank and service history. This is the same for drone pilots who are in high demand at the moment. The starting salary of an O-1 ranked pilot with fewer than two years of service would be about $3,470 per month. After four years, it would increase to $4,375, and after eight years, it would increase to $5,500 per month. 

Pay scales for fighter pilots in the navy

Navy fighter pilot wages in the US are between $60,770 and $187,200, with an average pay of $117,290. Navy fighter pilots make an average salary of $117,290, with the top 80% earning $187,200.

Financial and other additional Benefits 

Moreover, The military offers additional benefits like health insurance, life insurance, housing allowances, and retirement accounts in addition to base salary. Because all military pilots must be officers, their average pay is significantly higher than that of other military careers that begin at enlisted ranks. Additionally, it implies that there are far more qualifications than there are for positions in the military that are open to entry as E-1 through E-9 grades. 

Role and responsibilities of a navy fighter pilot

Navy fighter pilots in the Air Force can choose from a wide range of aircraft, depending on the task. Fighter pilots’ primary duties are air combat and air support for ground battle. Fighter pilots train and hone their abilities during times of peace by flying airspace patrols and being vigilant during air defense. Pilots learn about new technology and improved flight systems in the classroom on occasion.

Education qualifications and training 

The Air Force has its unique kind of training to make you a fighter pilot, even if you have prior flying experience. A bachelor’s degree is required for applicants to the Air Force’s pilot training program. Additionally, the Air Force has particular qualifications for pilots in terms of height, vision, and general health. The United States Air Force lays forth stringent prerequisites so that you can begin your training to become a military pilot and start working toward that military pilot salary.

Tax levied on a Navy Fighter Pilot 

In 2018, the average federal tax rate for a single filer in this tax bracket is predicted to be 24%. Navy Fighter Pilots might anticipate having a take-home salary of $98,393 per year, or roughly $4,100 every paycheck, after federal taxes of 24% are deducted.

The lifestyle of a Navy Fighter Pilot

The lifestyle of a navy fighter pilot is having a monthly take-home salary of about $8,199 and paying the usual rent for a two-bedroom apartment. 

Salary and experience in years

The navy fighter pilot salaries are based on both rank and years of experience. The compensation increases with each rank promotion, but after a set number of years in that rank, it stays the same. Members are encouraged to meet the requirements for rank promotion as a result. Officers in levels O7 through O10 are not permitted to earn more than Level II of the 2018 Executive Schedule, which is $189,601 per year, or Level V, which is $153,799 per year, for ranks O6 and below.

Outlook and employment trend in navy fighter pilot

Because the military is an entirely volunteer force, opportunities will be created by retiring commanders and pilots who pursue employment in commercial aviation. To keep its pilots, the Air Force, which has a duty to maintain sufficient forces for war readiness, pays them tempting bonuses.

States in the US and the salary of navy fighter pilots

In the US, a Navy fighter pilot’s median annual salary is $121,951. In Los Angeles, California, Navy Fighter Pilots earn an average salary of $121,951, which is 0% more than the national average.


The Navy Fighter Pilot operates from the deck of an aircraft carrier with the most lethal jets in existence. The average annual wage for a fighter pilot in the US is $82,530, which is $19,038 less than the average wage in the US Air Force, which is $102,138.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long must Navy fighter pilots serve? 

Navy pilots must serve for a minimum of eight years after completing flight school before being eligible to retire. All types of aircraft, including helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and jets, must adhere to this criteria. 

2. What are Navy pilots paid monthly?

The monthly income ranges from $6,600 to $7,100 because the military pilot wage is between $80,000 and $85,000 per year.

3. How many hours do fighter pilots put in each week?

A fighter pilot often puts in eight to ten hours a day in times of peace. The amount of time a fighter pilot must stay on the ground in between flights governs their performance.

Salaries For Navy Fighter Pilot

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