Salaries for Navy Diver

An enlisted Navy diver who is certified in undersea diving and rescue is a member of the limited line officers, civil engineer corps officers, medical corps officers, and Navy diver personnel. US Navy divers in the country make an average of $61,979 per year, which is 23% more than the average income. Let us know about ‘Salaries for Navy Diver’.

Salaries for Navy Diver

Salaries for Navy Diver:

The average annual salary for Navy divers in the United States is estimated to be $56,084. The Navy provides fulfilling work that is varied and exciting. The pay will increase in direct proportion to experience level as one moves up the ranks and acquires new abilities and certifications. The salary will be paid while completing the Basic Recruit Course in the role of a Recruit. When the Recruit Course is over, the salary will begin at an Ordinary Rate and will increase as your career develops.

Navy Diver in the United States of America: 

Navy divers work in both research and development as well as fleet diving detachments. A Navy diver may be assigned to missions such as marine salvage, harbor clearance, underwater ship husbandry and repair, submarine rescue, saturation diving, experimental diving, underwater construction, and welding, in addition to serving as the diving technical expert at Navy seal, Marine Corps, and Navy diving commands.

Navy divers’ salaries in the United States: 

The Navy Diver makes an annual salary of $63,602 in the United States of America. The average salary of the Navy Divers is $95,313 which is 50% higher than the US average making them the highest paid in San Francisco.

Salary Ranges of Navy Divers:

Navy divers in the United States of America make salaries ranging from $12,264 to $328,665, with pay of $59,004. Navy Divers make an average annual salary of $59,005 to $148,889, with the top 86% earning $328,665. Moreover, the enlisted personnel on diving duty are entitled to extra compensation, which cannot exceed $340 per month. Hence, they receive additional incentive pay and diving duty pay.

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The Tax on a Navy Diver:

The average federal tax rate for a single filer in 2018 is predicted to be 22%. Navy Divers might anticipate having a take-home income of $53,670 per year or roughly $2,236 every paycheck after the reduction of the federal taxes by 22%.

The Standard Lifestyle of a Navy Diver:

A Navy Diver who has an average take-home wage of $4,473 per month and rents a two-bedroom apartment for $2,506 per month would pay 56.03% of their monthly take-home pay on housing.

Salary across different states:

The top states in the country that pay the highest salaries for Navy Divers include Alaska at the top position with a Navy Diver salary of $53,892 annually. It is followed by California and the District of Columbia with $53,700 and $53,474 per year, respectively. A greater cost of living is also indicated by a higher average Navy Diver wage.

Salary of Navy Divers at Washington, DC:

The average Navy Diver in Washington, DC makes $83,522 which is 31% above the national average salary of the Navy Divers. The Navy divers in Washington, DC can expect to make between $30,320 and $182,850 a year, with a typical pay of $81,825. Navy Divers in the middle 57% earn between $81,860 and $114,804, while those in the top 86% earn $182,850.

Salary of Navy Divers in Chicago, Illinois:

Navy divers in Chicago, Illinois can expect to make between $20,355 and $191,689 per year, with a typical pay of $67,317. Navy divers earn an average salary of $67,317 to $108,624, with the top 86% earning $191,689. An average Navy Diver in Chicago, Illinois earns $70,747, which is 11% more than the $63,602 national average.

Perks and benefits of the Navy Divers:

There are several additional advantages in the Defense forces that help to increase the salary of an individual. For instance, you can anticipate receiving a “Military Factor” in addition to your base pay. Due to your dedication to serving your country, this offers you a sizable increase in financial benefits.

  • Subsidized and free medical and dental treatment
  • Access to government-funded equipment 
  • Subsidized food
  • Up to 4% in competitive retirement
  • Schemes for sponsored tertiary education at all levels

Job Outlook and career growth of Navy Divers: 

Upon the period of consolidation with the Clearance Diving Group or at sea, where one can advance their diving and navy experience to prepare for the following stage of training. To help with job evolution and advancement, more training, courses, and promotions will come after. Upon completion of Navy dive training, civilian-recognized qualifications are granted.


Navy Diver is a great career as it provides a stable income along with many other financial incentives. Divers in the US Navy are thought to make a total of $56,084 annually with the estimated annual basic wage being $56,084, which is the median.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where are Navy divers assigned to duty?

Some of the places where Navy divers are assigned to duty are the District of Columbia’s Washington Navy Yard, Norfolk Naval Station in Virginia, New London Naval Submarine Base in Connecticut, and others. 

  • A master diver in the Navy holds what rank?

The highest qualification in warfare available to a member of the U.S. Navy diving community is a master diver. An enlisted person with the most experience in all facets of diving and underwater salvage holds the rank of a master diver.

  • Are divers in the navy Special Forces?

The Naval Special Operations community consists of men and women who take on the most challenging missions and elusive goals, including Navy Divers. 

  • What position in the Navy has the highest salary?

The Aviation Boatswain’s Mate earns the most money in the Navy with the starting salary for an E-9 of $53,670.

Salaries for Navy Diver

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