Salaries For Mayor – Know More!


Mayor is the chief elected official in smaller cities or towns and performs administrative functions, such as maintaining public safety, recording municipal laws and ordinances, collecting taxes, and issuing licenses. Mayors can serve on various commissions, such as planning or budget committees. They often help set tax rates and decide which public works projects to finance with bond issues. Let us know the salaries for Mayor, How Mayors make their salaries and other allowances in this article.

Salaries For Mayor

Holders of the mayoral offices across the United States earn salaries ranging from $70,000 to $200,000. The office varies in size and importance across the country. For example, while the average salary is $160,000 in Los Angeles County, it’s only around $30 in a small town. Los Angeles County, California, had the highest mayoral salary at $213,000 in 2012. New York City had the second highest with an annual salary of $199,000, while Houston had a salary of $190,000 in 2012 behind Los Angeles County. The fourth highest-paid mayor in the U.S., however, was Chicago with a much lower pay at only $184,000 for that year.

Categories of Mayoral salaries

There are three main categories for mayoral salaries: 

The city with a population of between 250,001 and 499,999 people has a population of less than 250 thousand; the city with a population of more than 250 thousand but less than 499 thousand has one to two hundred fifty-nine thousand inhabitants, and the city with more than 500 thousand inhabitants has five hundred or more inhabitants. Cities that fall into these categories have an increasingly higher salary for their mayor.

States with the highest salaries for Mayor

The salary of the mayor varies from one state to the other. California has some of the highest salaries for its elected officials. Its mayor earns $213,000 per year, $10,000 above the average person’s income in California. New York follows in second place with a salary of $199,000 per year. New York’s mayor also earns an annual salary of $199,000 plus $39,500 in expenses and allowances.

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The third-highest paid state is Connecticut where the mayor earns $175,000 for each year he or she serves. The fourth highest (and only slightly below the average) is Massachusetts ($169,500) when you add up all expenses and allowances which are deducted from his/her salary by law.

States with the lowest salaries for Mayor

This salary is the lowest of all U.S. states as well as in the world, according to the Wall Street Journal, which bases its findings on International Living magazine’s most recent report ranking the world’s 50 most expensive cities to live in. The lowest-paid mayor is paid $82,000 a year in Lorain. The two other largest cities (outside of Lorain) are South Bend and Gary, Indiana, where the mayor earns $86,000 annually.

How Mayors make their salaries?

Most of the mayors – and many of their aides – have a very high salaries. But there is also a contract between the mayor’s office and the government, which pertains to payroll. Most of these contracts have a yearly compensation for all of the staff, which does not include perks such as health care. This particular contract entitles the mayor to pay for the mayor’s salary, that is why he/she earns so much more than other employees in his/her office in comparison to their other employees’ salaries. The contracts also entitle him/her to take up extra pensions or retirement benefits, depending on the age when they retire, including health benefits and various insurance coverage.

Salaries for Mayors in the U.S. are higher than for other politicians across the country, which come in at about $35,000 to $80,000.

Other allowances for Mayor

The salary for the mayor of a city does not usually include free housing, free education, or health care. Most mayors have their own offices in which they live and do their work. Besides, the mayor may have a driver’s license, but very small cities such as Wyatt Earp and Mesquite, Texas have residents with full-time drivers.

Most mayors also perform other functions. For example, they can preside over City Council meetings and can are often the driving force behind municipal projects. Some mayors also represent their cities overseas at many international meetings and conferences where they can earn further money by speaking to other delegations or by attaining contracts that they bring home afterward to their city.

What Mayors do?

Mayors are the chief executive officer of the city and thus they have to play a lot of roles. They present proposals to their constituents and they have to ensure that whatever is being proposed will be beneficial for the community. They can also sit in on meetings of other boards or councils such as City Council meetings if need be. Mayors help monitor the city’s operations and may also direct different departments for better management of various services.

Mayors usually have to play a lot of roles besides those mentioned above. They are also the key decision makers on major infrastructure projects and they play a major role in deciding what should be the location of the city’s future projects. Mayors are also able to handle various issues including controversies and can deal with tragedies or any other public emergencies that may occur. The Mayor does not have to be an expert in any field but he has to be well-informed about different projects that are under discussion.

Mayors are given considerable freedom in their political lives, which is why there’s no concrete rule that guides how they can lead their city and what they can do during their term.

Some non-benefits of Mayoral salaries

Salaries for Mayor vary from city to city, but the mayor’s salary is usually a bit lower than the average for other federal and state officers. For example, under the Salary Reform Act of 1991, which was enacted during the administration of President George H. W. Bush, (signed into law on December 17, 1991) politicians’ salaries were slashed by 2.6% (some by much more than this).

In addition to having a low-paying elected position, there are other disadvantages as well that may befall a mayor or town council member who would like to earn more money in his/her elected post.

Health Care – Health care is a considerable expense, especially for older persons. Medicaid or Medicare is used by a lot of seniors, but the payments are small and don’t always cover the costs of health care for some people. If a mayor or council member has a low income, he/she will not receive extra money from the government to pay for health care.

Passports – Several mayors travel overseas at their own expense to attend meetings and conferences with other mayors from other cities across the globe; this helps them to create relationships with other foreign cities so that they can make future business deals with them when they bring those possibilities back home to their city.

Salaries in other countries

The salaries of mayors in other countries are very similar to the salaries in the United States, with many earning more than their American counterparts. The salary of a mayor in Canada is only around $70,000 but that number is often bumped up to around $100,000 if the mayor holds a university degree. Salaries also change drastically from province to province. The salary for a mayor in Toronto is over $105,000 but other smaller cities such as Sarnia and Thunder Bay see that number drop down to around $75,000.


In conclusion, the salary for a mayor in the United States varies widely. There is no fixed or specific amount that the mayor will earn in any given city as it usually depends on the size of the city, how long the mayor has served, what his/her past employer’s salary was, how much of an education he/she has and whether he/she is married and has any children to support.

Salaries For Mayor – Know More!

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