Salaries For Master Plumber

In our daily life, we face small problems like the Breakage of a sink pipe or the blockage of a drain. These problems disturb our routine as we try to fix them ASAP. A person who works and fixes these problems for us is called a plumber. Let us know What are the ‘Salaries For Master Plumber’.

Salaries For Master Plumber

Salaries For Master Plumber

As there are many houses in the United States and a lot of new property being built, the need for plumbers increases in order to install new pipes, lay new pipes in trenches, install steamfitters in buildings as well as sprinkle fitters.

In the United States, the average salary of a master plumber is $103,314 annually, which makes it clear that they are paid an average of $32.88 per hour. On average, a master plumber earns $77 000 at the start, and experience leads to an increase in his salary. The highest salary a master plumber earns is $189 000. Master plumbers are also given additional pay of $16 157 per year, which is either a cash bonus, tips, or commission. 

Range of salaries: Salaries For Master Plumber

Masters plumbers are important to be part of a project when hiring plumbers for a specific work, especially in large construction projects, as they have gained experience over the years and have the ability to handle any kind of technical difficulty and complicated arrangements before laying pipes, or installation of steamfitters, etc. The normal salary of a master plumber is $103, 314 and adding up the bonus increases the average salary even more.

At the normal minimum level, the master’s plumbers earn 70,000$, which increases with the passage of time. The salary range also depends upon the length of work, the difficulty level of the work, and the time period to complete certain work on the commercial level. The highest salary a master plumber earns is $190, 000 which is a good 6 figure income.

Types of master plumbers:

A master plumber can specialize in any one of these fields of work

General plumbers:

 The average salary of general plumbers is $64 541. They usually work in the residential and commercial areas, install fixtures in sinks and bathtubs and remove clogs.


The average salary of a pipefitter is 50,728. This is a median amount between a minimum of $42 122 and a maximum of $61 580. These pipefitters usually work in installing and maintaining pipes in pressurized systems

Sprinkle fitters:

The average salary of a sprinkle fitter is $66 430 per year. These plumbers are required for the installation of fire sprinkle systems in the building for safety.

  • Steamfitters: the average salary of a steam fitter plumber is usually between $33 460 and $98,990.
  • These plumbers work in a way that requires the installation of high-pressure pipes that can easily transfer gasses through them.
  • Pipe layers: the average salary of a pipe layer plumber is $37 742. pipe layers usually dig trenches and lay huge pipes made of cement or concrete etc., in them.

Skills that influence salaries:

Learning some skills and increasing your knowledge about certain things can be a way to even have better paychecks at the end of every month. 

Master plumbers can also increase their salaries by the following skills


Knowing mathematics can make it easy for a plumber to estimate cost, lengths, and even profit from a certain project.     

Coordination: coordination between plumbers can help them in completion of their tasks early as they work in many confined places using various equipment


knowledge of how to read the blueprints can make the job easier. 

Problem-solving: If you have knowledge about various difficulties and problems that can arise while installation of pipes and other materials. This can increase your market value.

Technical situations:

Plumbers can work in various complex plumbing environments. They have various tools to use during a job. So by using their knowledge, they can easily overcome difficulties.


While laying pipes, Breakage, leakage, or a rupture can be normal, so a master plumber must have the skills to weld any pipe

Electrical control:

A master plumber must know how to control electricity in different situations as the working of the instrument also mainly depends on the availability of electricity


 A master plumber must know the working of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to control the temperature, humidity, etc., properly. So a proper working environment can be established. 

Top paying cities:

Each city in the state has requirements for a master plumber, and each city has its own need for plumbers, so they are paid according to those requirements and needs in the city. 

Some cities pay them even higher than the total average salary in the united stated 

San Jose, California: … … … $94, 580

San Francisco, California… …$89500

Chicago, Illinois… …$ 89,190

Fair banks, Alaska… .$ 87,710

Anchorage, Alaska… .. $86140

You can move to any of these cities if you want a better salary in your plumbing carrier; however, the overall highest average a state or district pays a master plumber can also be seen below.

Top paying states

If a person can’t move to a city for better pay in the plumbing profession, then it is not a big issue for him as some of the states overall also pay the plumbers more than the total average of the united states. In these states, the master’s plumbers are paid an average of over $80, 000 which means the highest-paid ones can easily make a six-figure income annually.

The average top-paying states are;

  • In Illinois, the plumbers here are paid an average of $86,200
  • In Alaska, the plumbers here are paid an average of $85300
  • In Massachusetts, the plumbers here are paid an average of $84, 090
  • In New Jersey, the plumbers here are paid an average of $82, 750
  • In Oregon, the plumbers here are paid an average of $81,470

In these states, normally, a lot of industrial development takes place, which even increases job opportunities for plumbers. 


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Master Plumber’, The master plumber can be a good profession for people and normal plumbers as they can shift their professional carrier from a normal plumber to a master 33333 by increasing their knowledge and applying for the master plumber certification. As well as, master plumbing is a well-paid profession in the united states, where the highest paid can make a good six-figure income. Master plumbers in the US are also paid extra bonuses and commissions, which provides a way of earning more than their normal salary. 

Frequently asked questions

1. How can you become a master plumber? 

To become a master plumber, you have to complete the following

  • Complete an apprenticeship
  • Become a licensed journeyman
  • Earn a license as a master plumber

2. Which state has the most jobs for a master plumber?

New York, new jersey, and Pennsylvania have the highest employment rate for plumbers that, is 28,620 plumbers, steamfitters, and pipe layers

3. Skills required for a master plumber?

The main basic skills you need to become a well-known master plumber are reading blueprints, coordination, time management, welding and pumping, and knowledge of HVAC

Salaries For Master Plumber

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