Salaries for Lighthouse Keeper

A marine expert who guides boats on the water and averts shipwrecks is known as a lighthouse keeper. They are in charge of maintaining the grounds, lights, equipment, and lighthouse tower. In the US, a lighthouse keeper gets an average salary of $46,172. The highest pay for lighthouse keepers is $46,172 in Los Angeles, which is 0% more than the national average for total compensation. Let us know about ‘Salaries for Lighthouse Keeper’.

Salaries for Lighthouse Keeper

Salaries for Lighthouse Keeper:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that maritime professionals who manage lighthouses and other marine routes earn an average yearly salary of $46,680. These professionals work with local, state, and federal governments, but the location, experience, seasonal job, and background can all affect the salary of lighthouse keepers. Additionally, fewer lighthouse keepers are employed as they become increasingly automated. Global positioning systems (GPS) have replaced lighthouses in the shipping and boating industries, even though many lighthouses continue to be used as official navigation aids for local and recreational boaters.

Lighthouse Keeper in the United States of America:

Since lighthouses are located in isolated places, a lighthouse keeper frequently resides in or close to the lighthouse. Up until the advent of technology, the business and responsibilities of the lighthouse keeper were passed down within families from generation to generation. As lighthouses become more automated, the number of lighthouse keepers has decreased. 

Salary Ranges of Lighthouse Keepers in the United States of America:

Lighthouse keepers in the US earn incomes ranging from $26,400 to $60,350, with a median pay of $48,520. The top 80% of Lighthouse Keepers earn $60,350 a year, with the middle 60% making $48,520.

The Tax on a lighthouse keeper:

The average federal tax rate for a single filer in the 2018 tax bracket is predicted to be 22%. Lighthouse Keepers should anticipate having a take-home income of $40,075 each year, with each paycheck equaling roughly $1,670, after a federal tax rate of 22% has been deducted.

Duty and responsibilities of Lighthouse Keeper:

A lighthouse keeper has several duties such as operating and following a shifting timetable determined by the weather, the seasons, and your location. The other duties of a lighthouse keeper include doing maintenance chores, window and lens cleaning, and others.

Nowadays, operational lighthouses are frequently under the control of the United States Navy and Coast Guard, while others serve as historical sites, museums, and venues for events that are frequently administered by historical societies. 

The lifestyle of a lighthouse keeper:

A Lighthouse Keeper would devote 75.04% of their monthly take-home pay which is roughly $3,340 to rent with a median 2-bedroom apartment rental price of $2,506 per month.

Additional benefits for Lighthouse keepers:

Residents of the lighthouse keeper receive a lifestyle that is distinct from a conventional suburban one in various respects for a monthly rent of $900 plus utilities. Moreover, they enjoy beautiful views with Fewer people and get paid for eight hours of work each day.

Salary to lighthouse keepers by private individuals:

Private individuals provided the funds, built the lighthouses, and operated them. These individuals also held the rights to the lighthouses, which they might sell or bequeath to others. Today’s lighthouse keepers are responsible for building upkeep, buoy repair work, geographic realignment of errant navigational aids offshore, and technological maintenance on automated systems.

Factors affecting the salary:

The factors that affect the salary of lighthouse keepers include weather conditions, seasons, location, experience, job requirements, and many others. Besides these, the growing demand for automated devices such as GPS has reduced the salary expectation of the lighthouse keepers.

Salary of lighthouse keepers across states:

Lighthouse keeper pay scales in Washington, DC:

In Washington, DC, the average lighthouse keeper earns $61,086, which is 32% more than the $46,172 national average. The wages range from $34,927 to $79,843 and the top 80% of Lighthouse Keepers earn $60,350 a year, with the middle 60% making $48,520.

Lighthouse keeper pay scale in New York City:

A median salary of $48,520 is paid to lighthouse keepers in New York City with wages ranging from $26,400 to $60,350. The combined average incomes of Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Atlanta are equal to this wage. 

Lighthouse keeper pay scale in California:

In Los Angeles, California, lighthouse keepers make an average pay of $48,520 out of a range of $26,400 to $60,350. The top 80% of Lighthouse Keepers earn $60,350 a year, with the middle 60% making $48,520. A Lighthouse Keeper would devote 54.49% of their take-home pay of around $3,223 per month to housing costs with a median 2-bedroom apartment rent in Los Angeles, CA of $1,756 per month.

Salary of Lighthouse Keepers that Worked for the Government:

Lighthouse keepers were hired and employed by the U.S. Government and typically made between $800 and $1,000. They were subject to a tight set of regulations and under the supervision of the Lighthouse Board and district inspector. 


The current prices for four of the six lighthouses are $15,000, one is $27,000, and the least expensive is $10,000. Lighthouse keepers in the US earn incomes ranging from $26,400 to $60,350, with a median pay of $48,520. The top 80% of Lighthouse Keepers earn $60,350 a year, with the middle 60% making $48,520.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do keepers of lighthouses earn a good living?

Lighthouse keepers in the US earn incomes ranging from $26,400 to $60,350, with a median pay of $48,520. The top 80% of Lighthouse Keepers earn $60,350 a year, with the middle 60% making $48,520.

  • Where do keepers of lighthouses reside?

The lighthouse keepers either resided inside the lighthouses themselves or in a home or apartment that was physically connected to the light tower.

  • How long was a shift at a lighthouse?

Keepers often changed lighthouses every four years. They had two shifts a day, four-hour watches commencing at six in the morning and ending at two in the afternoon. Every 12 hours, the watch was repeated.

  • From where did the lighthouse keepers generate income?

The Department for Transport is responsible for managing the General Lighthouse Fund, which receives payments from light users.

Salaries for Lighthouse Keeper

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