Salaries For Lead Pharmacy Technician 

Pharmacies are one of the most critical things in the medical field all over the world. Medicines are a necessity of life. As we know, pharmacies have all the medicines and other things a patient can need. Many people become pharmacists because of their interest in this field. Let us know about the ‘Salaries For Lead Pharmacy Technician’.

Salaries For Lead Pharmacy Technician

But if you can’t make it to pharmacists, you can become a lead pharmacy technician. It is a good job if you want to pursue a career in the field of medicine. You can earn a good salary as a lead pharmacy technician working at a pharmacy. 

In the United States, a lead pharmacy technician has an average salary of about $38,966 per year as of February 2023. Simplifying this amount, you will come to know that the average hourly wage of a lead pharmacy technician is $18.73 per hour. It becomes equal to $749 per week or $3,247 per month. This indicates that a lead pharmacy technician earns an average 4-figure income of almost $38,966 in one year in the United States. 

You should read the article to the end if you want to gain more knowledge about the salaries of lead pharmacy technician and their basic job descriptions. 

Average Range of Salary 

In the United States, salaries for various workers vary. The wages of employees are never fixed, not just in the United States but in other countries of the world as well. The average salary for all types of workers has wide ranges, and these ranges always indicate some room for career growth. These salary ranges of workers are a result of the interactions between several factors like education, experience, skills, and hard work. In the United States, the average annual salary ranges of the lead pharmacy technician are mentioned below. 

  • The average salaries of lead pharmacy technician can be as high as 57,500 dollars and as low as 24,500 dollars. It means that the highest income of a lead pharmacy technician can earn is 57,500 dollars while the lowest income he can have on an annual basis is 24,500 dollars in the United States. The average salary range falls in between this value’s range.
  • Most of the Lead Pharmacy technicians presently earn between 33,000 dollars which is the 25th ratio to 42,500 dollars which is the 75th ratio of the average value. 
  • The highest salary that a pharmacy technician can earn in this range is almost 50,000 dollars which is the 90th ratio per year all over the United States.

Now we have come to know that the average annual salary range of a lead pharmacist technician can vary up to 9,500 dollars. This value shows that there are a lot of chances of having increments in your salary based on many factors. You can grow more in this field if you work hard and perform better with a piece of good knowledge.

Lead Pharmacy Technician’s Job Description

A crucial component of the healthcare team and health center is the pharmacy technician. To guarantee that patients receive the prescripted medications they require on time, they work closely with pharmacists. 

Compared to regular technicians, lead pharmacy technicians frequently have extra responsibilities. They are in charge of maintaining inventory, providing customer service, training, and overseeing other technicians.

As a lead pharmacy technician, you have to communicate with pharmacists and physicians about the patient’s medical problems. You have to look after the supplies of medicines so that they are available on time to the patients. Also, you have to do the paperwork of patients, proper storage of medicines, check cleaning, calculate dosages, etc. 

High Salary giving Cities

Your work city or state has a big impact on your salary. You can make more money than the typical salary if you pick your city of work wisely. Switching your city for a new job as a lead pharmacy technician appears to give more prospects for the growth of income because the average income of a lead pharmacy technician is higher in some cities than in the rest of the cities of the country. Here we are mentioning the cities that pay more salary than average to lead pharmacy technicians for your ease. 

  • San Mateo………..$47,119
  • Daly City………….$46,507
  • Berkeley………….$46,295
  • Green River………$46,120
  • Richmond…………$44,194
  • Stamford…………$43,690
  • Bellevue………….$43,212
  • Santa Clara………$43,199
  • Brooklyn……..…..$43,089
  • Belgrade…………$42,831

So these are ten cities where you’ll have more than average income working as a lead pharmacy technician. It’s very evident from the list that the state of California is the best state for lead pharmacy technicians. It’s because the top three cities on the list belong to it. Also, Richmond and Santa Clara are the cities of California. 

Top of the list is occupied by San Mateo because it provides $47,119 to lead pharmacy technicians which are $8,153 more than the average salary of $38,966. Second is Daly City in which you can earn $7,511 almost equal to $46,507. In the third position is Berkeley where the average salary is $46,295 which is $7,329 more than the average. 

Now,  you can estimate why changing the city for your job will be beneficial for you. One thing you should consider also while selecting the city for your work is the cost of living of that city. Different cities have different costs of living. So you should select a city with low living costs so that you can have more income eventually. 

Related Jobs

If earning a salary of about $38,966 as a lead pharmacy technician is not enough for you and you want to earn more salary than this amount, you’ll try to qualify for some other jobs that pay high salary than a simple lead pharmacy technician in this field. Some of the related jobs in this field that give more salaries than average are listed below. 

  • Being a Pharmacy Manager will give you a salary of about $122,082.
  • If you are qualified to be a Pharmacy Supervisor then you can earn a salary of about $104,595.
  • You can be a Manager of Pharmacy Services to have a salary of $95,691.
  • If you want to earn more, you can become a Pharmacy Information Systems that’ll give you a salary of $91,320.
  • Lastly, you can be a Head Of Pharmacy Technician so that you can earn a salary of $85,715.

If you can qualify for any one of the above jobs, you’ll be able to earn more than the average salary of a lead pharmacy technician. 


In this article, you’ll find all the answers to your questions and queries about the salaries of lead pharmacy technicians. It’ll help you in gaining knowledge about the average salaries, average salary ranges, job description, highest paying cities, and some related jobs of lead pharmacy technicians in which you can earn more. So this article will help you a lot in collecting all the knowledge about the salaries of lead pharmacy technicians in just one place.


1. How much experience do you need to become a lead pharmacy technician?

You should have an experience of more than 2 years of as a pharmacy technician if you want to become a lead pharmacy technician.

2. What skills are necessary for a lead pharmacy technician?

As a lead pharmacy technician, you must have customer service skills, time management skills, and communication skills. 

Salaries For Lead Pharmacy Technician 

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