Salaries For Journeyman Millwright

The journeyman millwright is a highly professional person. They performed high research and training for their professional duties. Their basic objective is to make a contract with agencies and industries.let us know about that the Salaries For Journeyman Millwright.

Salaries For Journeyman Millwright

They usually maintain, create, and repair different categories of equipment. They also teach their juniors about the method to use this equipment. You can properly work with machines. 

Salaries for journeyman millwright

The salaries of the millwright journeyman are high. But it depends on the location, experience, and skills of the employee. You will work with machines as a millwright journeyman.

 You will work with blueprints and different materials and prepare different materials. You will do an after and before the test on your equipment to check its quantity and quality. 

 You can also exchange the different parts of the equipment and technical documentation about the equipment to improve its work. 

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

After completing your education, you will get a job as a journeyman millwright and lives a quality life. In most common words we call him/her a mechanic. You should get a proper education and experience to become a skillful millwright.

How do you become a journeyman millwright?

When we talk about the education of a journeyman millwright, you should get admission to the millwright program, you should have to pass the math test and different entry tests. 

When you get admission after completing your graduation, then your four years educational program for millwright is started. During this, you will learn about the theoretical and practical skills of your professional. 

After completing your education, you will get a job as a journeyman millwright and lives a quality life. In most common words we call him/her a mechanic. You should get a proper education and experience to become a skillful millwright.

How much do journeyman millwrights earn in the United States?

Millwrights appear to be highly skilled individuals who disassemble, maintain, and reassemble mechanical systems used in power generation, mills, factories, and construction. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average millwright wage in the United States in May 2019 was $57,050 per year or $27.43 per hour. The average income for millwrights was between $43,450 and $69,190 per year, with the top 10% earning $72,800 or more. The bottom 10% of earners, which included new millwright young workers, make less than $35,030 per year. In comparison, the national median wage for millwright employment is $55,560.

Journeyman millwrights’ salaries in California

Since around September 8, 2022, the average annual wage for a Journeyman Millwright in California appears to be $58,100. Throughout this instance, users will need a quick basic pay spreadsheet, which appears to work out to around $28 per hour. The above amounts to $1,287 per week or $4,900 per two weeks.

Whereas Online recruitment reports wages and benefits ranging from $78,988 to $34,966, a large percentage of Journeyman Millwright compensation packages in California currently range from $47,801 (27th percentile) to $61,700 (77th percentile), with the highest earners (92nd percentile) earning $73,814 per year.

The personal qualities required to become a millwright

When you decided to become a millwright journeyman, you see the personal qualities to become a professional mechanic. These qualities are listed below:

  • Able to do high physical work
  • Follow the deadline 
  • Interest to work with machines
  • Creative mind 
  • Problem-solving ability 
  • Technical skills to work with blueprints and technical documentation
  • Organized way 
  • Work with safety 
  • Good motor skills 
  • Learn with others 
  • Ability to share their knowledge 
  • Good communication skills

Just good through these skills. When you thought you have these skills and you can learn these skills. Then you can start a golden career as a millwright mechanic.

The range of salaries for journeyman millwright S1

With time, the salaries of journeyman millwrights increased. The salary depends on the skills and quality of work of the millwright journeyman.

Average Salaries per hour 

 The highest salary of a professional employee in the United States is around $38 per hour. It can increase and decrease with the location.

The lowest salary recorded for a journeyman millwright is around $25 per hour. It is provided in the starting phase of their job.

Average salaries per year

 According to the United States of America, the lowest salary of a millwright journeyman is estimated at around $55520.

The estimated highest salary per year is $70521. An average salary rate per year

Estimated bonus

If the employee works more than their job time then they will get a handsome amount. the average estimate of the bonus is around $5500 per year.

High-paying salaries for millwrights

Here is the list of most paying jobs that offer handsome salaries:

Supervisor millwright

The most high-paying job in the field of millwright. You just have to lead your team with proper communication skills. You give proper guidelines to your team about every project.

Journeyman millwright

The journeyman millwright works at different sites with machines,

Supervisor millwright

The supervisor millwright leads all of the team with good communication and skills.

Maintenance worker

Work to maintain all of the machines, tools, and equipment in the workplace.

Construction mechanic

Work with engineers to make the construction projects successful

Industrial mechanic

The millwright worker works on industrial sites on big projects.

Helper of mechanic 

Work as a helper for senior workers.

Trainer of millwright

Work as a trainer in different sites to make new millwrights skillful.

Precision millwright

Correct the mistakes of the millwright.

The trend of the profession of a millwright in the united state

The profession of a millwright is going to be trendy with time and it is increasing rapidly. The recorded estimate for the growth is around 10% per year. Only 10% of the employees are getting a good job,

The main reason behind this everything is going to be technical at this time. Now, most of the work is done by computers and robots in industries and agencies.  


In this article, you will get in-depth information about Salaries for journeyman millwright 1000 S. the journeyman millwright is a good profession in the United States. But requires good education and skills.

It is also based on your interest in this skill. If you want to get a good-paying job as a millwright, you should get your proper education in a good institute and then start your career as a millwright journeyman. 


What do you know about the millwright journeyman? 

A millwright journeyman is employed in industries and construction where he works to properly run machines. 

Is millwright journeyman good profession?

The millwright journeyman is a noble profession with a good salary. But it requires good education, experience, good location, and good post. 

Salaries For Journeyman Millwright

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