Salaries For Internal Medicine Doctor

The approximate salary of a physician specializing in internal medicine is about $231,233 as researched in 2022 but these salaries can go upto $262,764. The various factors on which the salaries are dependent include degrees, certificates, expertise and the experience that the doctors possess. let us know about that the Salaries For Internal Medicine Doctor.

Salaries For Internal Medicine Doctor

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The salaries of the internal medicine physicians are considerable but the higher the qualifications, skills and the experience, the higher are the salaries and the compensations given to this personnel. 

The Salaries in the Various Health Companies

The salaries given to the medical personnel are different based on the institutions or health companies that the physicians work. The following are the salaries as determined by the company where the internal medicine physicians work:

US Army – $207,550 per annum

Baystate Health – $279,736 per annum

Meritcare Hospital – $228, 413 per annum

Medstar Health – $243, 791 per annum

Ascension – $141 per hour

Adelante Health Care – $227,529 per annum

Sanford Health – $187, 766 per annum

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center – $191,644 per annum

Hospital Sisters Health System – $317,496 per annum

Baylor Scott and White Health – $241,896 per annum

Kaiser Permanente – $282,676 per annum

Blue Pearl Speciality and Pet Hospital – $45, 109 per annum, etc.

The Tax that has to be paid by the Internal Medicine Doctor 

As estimated from the figures of 2018 the average tax that an internal medicine doctor has to pay is 32%. After the federal tax deduction, the basic salary that the internal medicine doctor has to take to his home is about $126,000 per annum. 

The House Rent that the Internal Medicine Doctor has

After the tax deduction of 32%, the internal medicine doctor has about $10,000 per month salary. The internal medicine doctor as a result can pay 23.86% of this compensation for the house rent which is a determinant of the quality of life the doctor can have. 

Internal Medicine’s Doctors Salaries Increase

The Covid – 19 brought in the salaries of the physicians to come to a stand still or even experiencing a decrease. After the Covid – 19 being controlled in 2022, these doctors are having their salaries to go through an increase. The physicians have their salaries increase to approximately $350,000 this year so that this suggests that the general populations are showing an increased interest in health based expensiture. According to research, about 49% of the physicians however feel that their salaries are fair and enough to meet their daily requirements and needs.

Self employed Internal Medicine Physicians and those that work at Health Centers

The self employed internal medicine physicians get compensations that are almost 20% more than those that are employed at health centers. Almost 30% of the internal medcine physicians carry out extra work so that they can earn extra money. Some even take on work that does not fall in the domain of medicine so that they can earn extra. 

The Gender Bias in the Compensation of Internal Medicine Doctors 

According to research, the last 10 years have shown no up gradation in the salaries of the female internal medicine doctors relative to the male ones. The figures and percentages however show that the compensations of the females are decreasing with the gender bias in 2012 being 23% and that in 2021 being 25%. According to a survey in 2021, the difference in the salaries could be as much as $40,000. 

Salary and Work environment of the Internal Medicine Doctors 

The internists, as such doctors are also known, working in the environments where doctors belonging to many specialties, get the highest compensation i.e. $200,000. The ones who work in environments where only the internists are working get lesser salaries upto $196,000 per annum. This goes on to suggest that the internists working in hospitals get more compensations than the ones working on their own as well as the ones working in other health based centers. The ones working in outpatient services earn even less and the ones who are academicians get lesser salaries. 

Some internists might even be associates in the profit sharing and investment in their health care centers and they consequently get more compensations. The ones who work on their own in these centers as well as the ones who are working independently get lesser than the internists who are shareholders in the investments and profit. 

The internists working in psychiatric centers and drug abuse treatment organisations get higher pays than the ones who work in other centers and organisations. The ones working in general health centers and academic buildings such as colleges and universities get lesser salaries. 

Salary Based on the State

The salaries of the internists also depend to a great extent on the location e.g. in the US. The range of salaries given to internists in Illinois and New York are different with those in Illinois being more. Those working in California earn within a range of $137, 569 to $192, 302. Those in Pennsylvania get salaries ranging from $119, 498 to $163, 182. 

The Federal Bureau of Statistics reveals that the highest salaries are received by internists working in South Dakota, after which comes Alaska, followed by Montana. Thus every state has its own salary range where the internists get according to their expertise and experience as well as academic qualifications. 


The internists earn considerable based upon their qualifications, skills and experience. Every state has its own range of compensation to be given to the internists. There is gender bias in this profession and the female internists can get as less as $40,000 less than the male ones. The females who are highly qualified however do not fall in this domain. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which health care centers are the ones where internists can earn most?

Ans: It is the psychiatric and substance abuse health care centers. 

  1. Which state has the highest payscales for the internists?

Ans: It is South Dakota.

Salaries For Internal Medicine Doctor

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