Salaries For Interior Designers

Naturally, everyone wants a unique and pleasant house to live in. A house in which they can relax according to their needs and demands. People always try to build their houses in a way that they can utilize more area in a smaller space. To make it better and unique, an interior designer is surely needed. Let us see about the Salaries for Interior Designers.

Salaries for Interior Designers

Salaries for Interior Designers

An interior designer is in charge of making interiors aesthetically pleasing, safe, and useful. To create a hospitable atmosphere in any environment, they assess the space requirements and choose necessary elements like colors, lighting or furniture, etc. 

You may wonder what an interior designer on average earns. As of January 2023, a professional working as an interior designer in the United States earns a salary of about 55,514 dollars on average in a year. The hourly rate of this amount becomes 26.69 dollars in an hour. Their weekly salary is equal to $1,067 per week and their monthly salary is equal to $4,626 per month. These amounts show us that an interior designer makes an average of 55,514 dollars in a whole year for his living. 

Now keep on reading this article so that you’ll come to know about the salary limits and more details about the salaries of an interior designer. 

Interior Designer’s Salary Ranges 

It’s common knowledge, an interior designer makes an annual income of approximately $55,514. However, this pay figure is based on an average. This is the typical annual salary of an interior designer in the United States. Interior designers’ salary has a wide range in the United States which gives more chances of growth to the people working in this field. The top and bottom ranges of their salary are mentioned below. 

  • An average annual Interior Designer’s salary in the United States presently falls between 43,500 dollars which is the 25th percentile to 64,500 dollars which is the 75th percentile. 
  • The high amount that an interior designer can make is $78,000 which comes at the 90th percentile annually in the United States. 
  • So the salaries of interior designers in the US range as high as $88,500 and as low as $22,500. 

If you deeply look at these stats, you’ll come to understand that there is a good scope for improvement and growth in becoming an interior designer if you work on the factors like location, working place, experience, education, etc. 

Interior Designer’s Job Description 

As we now know that the average income of an interior designer is almost 55,514 dollars annually but here a question arises mind what an interior designer has to do in his job? The people that have an interest in this field already know its work and salary and many students major in the field as it’s a well-paying job and respected job. 

So by evaluating space needs, and choosing the best furniture placement, and ornamental objects while following related blueprints, building codes, and inspection criteria, the interior designer will create useful, safe, secure, and aesthetically beautiful environments. Interior designers are necessary for every building’s making. So they are in demand and paid well. 

Top Cities with High Salaries

Your city or state of work highly affects your salary. You can earn more than the average salary if you select your working city wisely in the United States. It is because there are many cities in the United States in which an interior designer’s salary is higher than the average annual salary. Here we are providing you with a list of the top 10 cities in the United States where you can earn more annual salary than average as an interior designer. 

  • San Jose…….. $67,887
  • Oakland……… $67,162
  • Hayward………$65,723
  • Seattle……….. $65,657
  • Concord…….. $64,696
  • Barnstable Town… $64,641
  • Sunnyvale……. $64,571
  • Seaside……….. $63,545
  • Antioch………. $63,374
  • Wasilla……….. $62,906

From this list showing the annual income of an interior designer, you will come to know that in these states you can earn more salary than the national average annual salary which is 55,514 dollars. You should also look for the state in which you will have a low living cost if you want to save or spend more money. 

Tips for Increasing Salary 

Many factors and aspects can influence your average wages as an employee. Workers constantly want to earn more money than the average. Always strive to be the top employee in your industry so that your recruiters can pleasantly raise your pay. Interior designers are also similar to others and have much scope in increasing their salaries. There are several facts you should have to take into account while determining whether your wage will increase or decrease. Here you will have some tips to increase your salary as an interior designer. 

  • To increase your salary, you first have to get better education and knowledge. Better the degree you have, the better the salary you can earn. You’ll be preferred by recruiters if you have a major degree in interior design. 
  • You should have to work on your skills and abilities if you want to earn more. As an interior designer, you must have strong communication and organization skills. It is because, in this profession, you need to communicate with homeowners, companies, and many other people. Also, you should have well-developed sketching abilities to be an interior designer. 
  • When you have strong and well-developed skills and perform well, you will be approached by the customers and you can demand according to your own choice.
  • Another thing that can help you in increasing your salary is your work experience. The more years of experience you have, the more demand you have in the market, and hence the more you can earn. 
  • If you are working with a company, you should try to impress your bosses with your high skills and good performance. Select your working place and bosses wisely. 
  • Lastly, you should choose a state from the above-given list where you can have more salary with a low cost of living. 

So these are some of the tips that you can apply in your working place to increase your salary in your job. By applying these in your daily working life, you will surely get help in your salary increase. 

High Paying Related Jobs

You can also earn more by doing your study to get a high-paying job in the interior designing field. Some of these related jobs are

  • Head Of Interior Designer..$87,788
  • Document Designer….. $87,331
  • Corporate Interior Architect.. $83,052
  • Project Manager Interior Design..$78,658
  • Interior Design Engineer……$75,515

These stats show that you can earn 20% to 25% more than average if you can qualify for these jobs. 


This article explained almost everything about the salaries of interior designers in the United States. You will have information about the average salaries of interior designers, their salary ranges, salary increasing tips for interior designers, high-paying cities, and high-paying related jobs in this article. Hope this article gives all the information you need. 

  • Which degree is required to become a professional interior designer? 

To become a professional interior designer, you must have a degree of bachelors in interior design or some related field. CAD is also highly recommended. 

  • Is computer knowledge necessary for an interior designer? 

Yes, it’s the basic thing an interior designer has to know because most of the work is done on computers.

Salaries For Interior Designers

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