Salaries For Intake Coordinator

From an academic and practical point of view, it is crucial to analyze various salary payment structures. Salaries are one of the key determinants of any community’s economic and social existence. So it is necessary to study the salaries of workers. In the United States, all types of workers earn salaries according to their work needs. Let us know What are the ‘Salaries For Intake Coordinator’.

Salaries For Intake Coordinator

Salaries For Intake Coordinator

Students always want to know about the income of the profession they want to pursue. If you want to become an intake coordinator, you will surely be curious about the income an intake coordinator can make on average. Let’s talk about it in detail.

As of February 2023, an intake coordinator in the United States can make approximately $36,928 as its average annual income. If you want a quick pay estimator of this value, it comes out to be almost equal to about $17.75 per hour. Similarly, this amount is equal to $3,077 per month and $710 per week. According to these stats, it is evident that an intake coordinator has an average salary of about $36,928 in most of the states of the United States which is a good 5-figure salary for a living.

Let’s have a close look at the salaries of intake coordinators, their salary ranges, and their job description. 

Salary Ranges of Intake Coordinators

All the employees working in the United States have their salary ranges according to their job requirements. These salary ranges have two extremes, a high and a low one. Some workers earn the highest amount while some earn the lowest amount. But the average salary of workers falls in between these two extremes. Similar is the case with the salaries of intake coordinators. Their salaries also have a range in which the average salaries of them fall. 

  • The two extremes for the salaries of intake coordinators in the United States are $53,500 and $20,500. Simply, it can be as much as $53,500 or as little as $20,500. 
  • Most of the workers in the intake coordinator’s job presently earn between $31,000 which is the 25th percentile to $41,500 which is the 75th percentile.
  • The people that earn the highest amount of salary which is the 90th percentile make $47,500 in a year across the United States. 

According to these values, you’ll come to know that the wide range of typical salary for an intake coordinator varies up to almost $10,500. This variation shows that there are several prospects of increasing your salary in this field based on your experience level, working place, and skill level. 

So your average annual salary can be between the range of $20,500 to $53,500. There is a big scope for increasing your salary as an intake coordinator if you properly do your work and take notes of the factors that can affect the salaries.

Best Cities for Intake Coordinator’s job

Many factors affect your average income but the one factor that greatly affects your salary is your working place. It can be the company in which you are working, the city, and the state in which you are living. All these things affect the income you earn and if you wisely choose it, it’ll surely help you increase your average annual salary. 

Let’s discuss some cities in which doing work as an intake coordinator will give you a higher income than the average income of this job. The average salary in the mentioned cities is greater than the national average, so moving to a new city and advancing your career as an intake coordinator seems like a very wise move. 

San Mateo

San Mateo, the city of California, tops the list because of its high paying rates to the intake coordinators. The average salary of an intake coordinator in San Mateo is $43,996. This rate is equal to $21.15 for an hour. It becomes almost 6% to 7% more than the average annual income.

Daly City

The City of California, Daly City, is the second-best city for intake coordinators. Here, you can earn up to $43,377 annually. The hourly pay rate is equal to $20.85. So many people desire to work here as intake coordinators because the average income is approximately 7% higher than the average salary of intake coordinators.

Green River 

Green river city comes at number three. The annual salary is $43,250 here. So you can earn approximately $20.79 in an hour. you can select this city for your work if you want to earn more than the average income.

on Berkeley

California has a city called Berkeley in which you can earn more salary than the average. The average annual income here is $43,178 which is equal to $20.76 for an hour.


If you want to earn more salary being an intake coordinator and you are living in Irvine, you can fulfill your dream. It is because you can earn $42,110 annually in this city of California. The hourly pay rate is $20.25.


Living in Richmond and working as an intake coordinator is very beneficial. It’s because the annual salary of intake coordinators here is $41,317. It’s better than the average salary. It’s equal to $19.86 per hour.


Oxnard in California also offers salaries to intake coordinators that are higher than their average salaries. Here you can earn almost $41,053 per year. It’s equal to $19.74 per hour. 


Merced in California offers almost a similar salary for intake coordinators like Oxnard with a slight change of a few dollars. In Merced, you can have $41,023 just 30 dollars less than the salary offered by Oxnard. The hourly rate becomes equal to $19.72.


Again a city in California called Orange comes on this list because here also, intake coordinators have more salary than the average salary. You can earn $40,965 in this city if you want to work in the state of California. It is equal to $19.70 for an hour. 


Lastly, the city of Washington comes. It’s in Tacoma where you can have more salary than average, which is almost $40,958. Hourly income becomes $19.69 here. So if you want to work as an intake coordinator in Washington then you have an option as Tacoma to earn more than the average salary.

Job Explanation

As an intake coordinator, you have to work at health centers or clinics. Here you have to greet, register, and admit incoming patients. You will compile patient data and establish patient records. You also have to organize consultations and procedures for upcoming medical procedures. Additionally, they respond to inquiries from patients about programs and provide recommendations as required.

Your ability to be organized and pay attention to detail will be key to your success in this position. Along with having excellent people and communication skills, you can manage people more efficiently. 


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Salaries For Intake Coordinator’, This article has included details about the average salaries of intake coordinators in the United States. The average annual salary of an intake coordinator is $36,928. Furthermore, you’ll have all the information about the top cities in which you can serve as an intake coordinator if you want to earn more than average.  

  • Which degree do you need to become an intake coordinator?

You should have an associate’s degree in Medical Office Management, Health Administration, Medical Staffing, or a related field to become an intake coordinator.

  • Do intake coordinators make records?

Yes, intake coordinators have to make records of patients. 

Salaries For Intake Coordinator

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