Salaries For History Professor

All over the world, the majority of the people like history. Most students in the United States major in history due to their love or interest in historical things and places. It’s very obvious that students learn from teachers. Let us know about the Salaries For History Professor.

Salaries For History Professor

Salaries For History Professor

The students majoring in history in the United States learn history from qualified history professors. If you are aiming to be a history professor, you will surely be curious about the salary of a history professor. Don’t worry because, in the United States, professors are well paid. 

The average salary for a history professor in the United States is approximately $61,786 per year as of January 2023. In case you need a quick pay estimator, that comes out to about $29.70 per hour. This amount is equal to $5,148 a month or $1,188 per week. It depicts that a history professor in the US earns a mid-5-figure income in a year and a mid-4-figure income in a week or a month. But the range for the salary is high. 

If you want to know more about the salaries of history professors, their salary ranges, and all facts about their salaries, just keep on reading. 

Salary Range of History Professor

As we know, a history professor earns an average salary of about 61,786 dollars in a whole year. But this is an average estimate of the salary. This is the median amount of income a history professor makes annually. The range of the salaries of history professors is high. On annual basis, in the United States, history professors can earn

  • as low as $15,500 and as high as $136,500. This will show you the high gap between the top and bottom salaries of history professors. 
  • Most of the salaries of history professors fall between $40,000 which is the 25th percentile to $70,000 which is the 75th percentile. 
  • The highest income made by the professors, which is the 90th percentile, is about $101,500 per year in the United States. 

According to skill level, geography, and years of experience, the overall pay scale for a history professor can differ significantly by as much as 30,000 dollars, indicating there may be many prospects for growth and better pay.

Factors that Influence Salaries 

In the United States, people earn good salaries for their living. Here the requirements of employees are the first consideration and hence employers always offer all the fundamental amenities that a person should have to survive busy life in the US. In the United States, all vocations are treated with the utmost respect. 

Though all workers earn salaries according to their profession and abilities, some factors always affect the salaries of workers not only in the United States but all over the world also. Some of these factors are similar for every work but some vary accordingly. Let us discuss some factors here that affect the salaries of history professors. 

Degree and Education

To pursue your career as a professor, the main thing you need is the degree and knowledge of the subject you want to teach to others. As a history professor, you should have a major degree in history and proper information about all the historical events and places so that you can have a good impact on your students.

When your students like you, you can demand an increase in your salary. Likewise, if you have a high degree like a master’s in a subject like history Universities will surely prefer you over a person that has a bachelor’s degree. When you have a high degree your salary will also be high. So your education and knowledge become a major factor that can affect your salary. 


As a professor, your working experience always matters in deciding your salary. Though experience is needed in every profession, teaching is a profession that demands a lot of experience. So if you have a working experience of many years, the chances of your selection by universities as a professor becomes very high. You are valued more than others and hence you will have more salary than average. 


Education and experience benefit a lot, one thing that majorly counts in affecting salary is your skills. Being a history professor, if you want to increase your salary, you should have strong teaching and convincing skills. Your communication and management skills should also be of a high level so that you can communicate with your students easily. 

Having all the skills a professor needs in his profession will make you a professor that everyone wants to study from. In this way, you will be loved by all the students and this impact will help you increase your salary at your workplace. 

States and Cities 

One thing that affects your salary no matter what job you are doing is the state or the city you are working in. Many cities in the United States pay more than the average salary to a history professor. You just have to select a city wisely that will give you more salary and a lower cost of living. 

Working place

After choosing a city, you should also look for the university in which you want to work. You should select a university that will pay you more than average as a history professor. If you have a high-rank degree and good experience, then you can demand more pay at your working place that will be higher than average. 

The economy of a Country 

Last but not the least, the economy of a country always affects its inhabitant’s salaries. As for the United States, its economic and financial conditions are strong and hence the salaries paid here are good. Still, you should choose a better place to work where you can earn more than the average income. 

So these are some of the factors that can highly affect your salary in a good or bad way. It’s up to you how you manage these facts in your life to benefit from them. 

Cities with High Salary 

Salaries of workers differ in different states and cities. Some of the cities of the United States that give you a high salary as a history professor are mentioned below

  • San Jose……. $75,558
  • Oakland………$74,749
  • Hayward.. …..$73,149
  • Seattle………..$73,075
  • Concord…….. $72,005
  • Barnstable Town..$71,945
  • Sunnyvale…….. $71,866
  • Seaside………… $70,724
  • Antioch……… $70,534
  • Wasilla………… $70,014

So working in the cities mentioned in the list will benefit you in having more money to save or spend as here you earn more salary than the national average salary of a history professor. 


We conclude the article with the hope that you will find it beneficial for you. It will provide you with all the information related to the salaries of history professors, their average yearly, weekly, monthly, and hourly salary, their salary range, and the factors that can affect their salary. You’ll have all this information in our article so just read it to the end. 


What is the salary of a history professor at Oxford? 

At Oxford, a history professor can earn up to $137,414 yearly which is way better than the average salary of a history professor in the United States. 

Do history professors have to travel? 

Yes, many times history professors have to travel to ancient places with their students. It’s also the need of their job. 

Salaries For History Professor

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