Salaries For Gym Manager – Know More!


Going through COVID-19 was eye-opening for many of us, and the awareness about leading a healthy life has spread swiftly among the people. It has created a huge demand for fitness-related products and services, like organic food, fitness equipment, and gym. Let us know about the salaries for Gym Manager and factors affecting gym manager salaries in this article.

Salaries For Gym Manager

Since 2010 there is a rapid increase in the number of people going to the gym all over the world. People are more active than ever, and this is because they know why staying fit is very important today, and with the upcoming day things will become tougher. Predictably, it requires a lot of human resources to operate a gym because of the boom of the fitness industry and a great number of people going to the gym. We need a fitness trainer, which includes martial artists, and even a boxing coach, but this is not all a gym manager who is someone crucial to bring stability and flourish the gym.  

Salaries for Gym Manager

The average salary of a gym manager falls between $37,093 to $58,291, which is fairly enough for anyone to lead a decent life. Remember the numbers change as per the conditions like education, experience, size of the gym, and even the location of the gym. There is no fixed aggregate or a sale through which we can measure the exact salary of a gym manager. Differentiation can occur in two different gym managers under the same company if the factors mentioned above are different. If you are trying to build your career in the fitness industry, to get the most out of it train yourself hard and do various courses through which you can enhance your profile. You can earn a decent amount of money through this career if you associate yourself with a highly renowned fitness company through networking or any other medium.

Factors affecting gym manager salaries

The fitness industry has evolved into a highly profitable domain because nowadays people are more inclined toward leading a fit and healthy life that have increased the number of people going to the gym. The average salary of a gym manager falls between $37,093 to $58,291, which makes it a very suitable profession for people looking to enhance their quality of life. The manager’s salary varies from place to place and from time to time. Several factors are the determiners of a gym manager’s salary. Let’s discuss them one by one,

  • Size of the gym  

The size of the gym does matter a lot in determining what will be the salary of staff members and especially the gym manager. If the size of the gym is big, it will require a lot of effort to manage it hence the salary of the gym manager will be high. In contrast, if the size of the gym is comparatively smaller, it will not take much effort to organize it, and hence the salary of the gym manager will be comparatively low.

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  • Location of the gym

If the gym is located in an area where there is pretty decent demand for such fitness services, and there are many visitors and members of the gym it will take a lot of effort to manage the gym, and hence the salary of the gym manager will be high. In contrast, if the gym is located in a less populated area and there is less demand for fitness services the salary of the gym managers will be low.

  • Profit

If the gym is earning high profits, it is obvious to pay the gym manager a high salary, but if the gym is not doing that great it will negatively affect the salary of the manager.

  • Experience

If a gym manager is an experienced person who has had a great career in managing various fitness or related organization, he deserves a good salary, but in contrast, if the gym manager is not much experienced or don’t have good experience background then the salary will be comparatively low.

  • Education

Being a gym manager requires both management and fitness skills that come from education. If the gym manager has a strong academic background there are higher chances to receive a high salary in comparison to those who have a comparatively weak academic background.

Gym franchise that pays good salaries

Anytime Fitness Initial franchise fee: $3,150 to $42,500, Orangetheory Fitness Initial franchise fee: $54,950 to $59,950, Planet Fitness Initial franchise fee: $20,000, Crunch Fitness Initial franchise fee: $25,000, Pure Barre Initial franchise fee: $60,000, etc, are few of the most renowned gyms that pay a good amount of salaries to their managers. Being a part of such gyms gives you a great opportunity to earn a good amount of money and enhance the quality of your life.


Being a gym manager gives you a great opportunity that brings in money and fitness as well. It is a great profession for those who are fitness enthusiasts. Through this job, they can earn money and live their passion. The salary of a gym manager is determined by various factors like the location of the gym, education of the person who has applied for the job, profit status of the gym, etc. The better the condition of these determiners in your profile the better salary you will receive.

  • What does the Gym manager do in the Gym?

The duty of the gym manager revolves around the flawless management of the gym. From rotating memberships to taking care of the equipment and human resources, gym managers have a lot to do on their plates. It makes the role of the gym manager very crucial that impact directly the profit of the gym.

  • How many hours does a gym manager work?

The time frame according, to which the gym manager has to work is always described in the job description. Majorly, a gym manager has to work 40 hours a week, but the timing can vary according to the requirement and schedule of the gym, which the manager has to follow. It is important to read the job description carefully to get an idea about the work timing.

Salaries For Gym Manager – Know More!

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