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The salaries for flight paramedics vary with the years of experience they have. A salary of 22.97 US dollars per hour is paid to flight paramedics that have an experience of 1 to 4 years. A salary of 22.76 US dollars per hour is paid to flight paramedics that have an experience of 5 to 9 years. Let us know about the Salaries for Flight Paramedics, the highest and lowest salaries and also the factors that affecting the salary range in this article.

Salaries For Flight Paramedics

 A salary of 24.00 US dollars per hour is paid to flight paramedics with an experience of 10 to 19 years. The flight paramedics that have an experience of 20 years and above make an average salary of 26.00 US dollars per hour. 

It should be noticed here that this average salary includes all the compensation such as pay for overtime, bonus, and tips. An average of 96,900 US dollars a year comes out to be the average annual salary for a flight paramedic. This comes out to be $8,075 per month and $1,863 per week. 

Highest and Lowest Salaries 

The highest and lowest salaries for flight paramedics are observed to be 199,000 US dollars and 39,500 US dollars. In the United States of America, the annual percentile graph is used to show the salary range of flight paramedics. 

It is seen that 90th percentile flight paramedics make 182,000 US dollars. The flight paramedics that come in the 75th percentile make 110,500 US dollars and the ones that come in the 25th percentile make 62,500 US dollars per year. 

A difference of 48,000 US dollars is observed in the average pay range for flight paramedics. It is suggested that this difference may increase or decrease due to years of experience, level of skills, and location of work. 

Four High Paying States 

Four states in the United States of America have flight paramedic salaries above the national average range. The states include Stamford, CT, Atkinson NE, and Green River, WY. Stamford, CT crosses the national range by 18.6%. 

This 18.6% comes out to be 18,013 US dollars extra than the national average salary which is 96,900 US dollars. Similarly, Atkinson, NE beats the national average salary for flight paramedics by 22.3%. This means another 21,643 US dollars are added to the salary for flight paramedics. 

This shows that the salaries for flight paramedics are heavily dependent upon the location of the job. The average salary varies from one state to another. States that have higher paying salaries for flight paramedics also have a high opportunity rate for employment and economic development. 

Factors Affecting the Salary Range 

The factor that affects the salaries of flight paramedics the most is the cost of living. The cost of living has an indirect relationship with the salary of its residents. Due to this, the cost of living also affects the salary of flight paramedics. 

The states which have a low cost of living will always have higher paying salaries for their flight paramedics. That is because the expenditures of the individuals will be reduced and they will have more earnings to spare. 

Health Benefits

Certain health benefits are covered in the salary packages provided to the flight paramedics. These health benefits include vision, medical and dental. 

The flight paramedic package provides 91% of benefits to the medical expenditures. It covers 84% vision-related health benefits and when it comes to a dental plan, the flight paramedic salary package provides 90% benefits to it. 

Gender Roles 

It should also be noted that the total population of the flight paramedic comprises 16.1% females and 83.9% males in the field. Both genders are contributing their services to make it work. 

However, there is also a significant pay gap between both genders. One reason for this is that the number of girls in the field is lower than the number of men in the field. 

Salary Affecting Skills 

In every field, it is important to have a few extra skills that will make an individual shine and achieve more. It is essential to have skills that you excel at that are related to your field. They always help in earning more. 

Similarly, there are a few skills in the field of flight paramedics that help in earning more. These skills include Emergency Medical Services also known as EMS, emergency medicine, flight nurse, trauma, and critical care. 

Emergency Medical Services increases the salary for flight paramedics by 1%. If a flight paramedic has the skill of a flight nurse, trauma then their salary is increased by 8%. The skill of emergency medical help in increasing the salary of a flight paramedic by 5% and the skill of critical care increase the individual’s salary by 1%. 

Options for Increase in Salary

A flight paramedic can easily increase their salary by working for a company that has a higher pay rate. The salary can also be increased by working in a state that has a higher average salary for flight paramedics. 


The average salary for flight paramedics is 96,000 US dollars. The highest salary is 199,000 US dollars and the lowest salary that is observed for flight paramedics is 39,500 US dollars. The range of salary for flight paramedics varies from state to state. 

The location of the job plays a highly influential role in the salary estimation for its residents. The quality of life, cost of living, and the requirement of the service determine its value. Thus, the salaries for flight paramedics differ throughout the globe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is the salary for flight paramedics the same in every state?

No, the salary for flight paramedics is not the same in every state. The range of salary differs according to the cost of living and quality of life in every state. 

2.What is the income range for Atkinson, NE?

The income range for Atkinson, NE is 22.3% higher than the national average salary. The increase is observed to be 21,643 US dollars. 

3.What is the national average salary for flight paramedics in the United States of America?

The national average salary for flight paramedics in the United States of America is 96,900 US dollars.  

Salaries For Flight Paramedics – Know More!

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