Salaries For FBI Agent In Los Angeles CA

FBI or Federal Reserve Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the intelligence and secret agency of the United States of America (USA). Not only international matters but any crime, be it cybercrime, terrorism and everything you can imagine falls under its work.  Let us see about the salaries for fbi agent in Los Angeles, CA.

salaries for fbi agent in los angeles ca

Salaries for FBI Agent in Los Angeles, CA

Ever wondered what is the pay scale of FBI agents? How much money is credited to their bank accounts? This information becomes even more important if you are aspiring to become one of the agents. 

To make things easy, read this article till the end. This article will help you know about the salaries of FBI agent working in Los Angeles ca. It will help you overview the standard of life you would enjoy as an FBI agent deployed in Los Angeles ca. 

If you overlook the secretive nature of the work, it is just normal as in any other profession where salary is affected by experience, skills and other factors. We will discuss the average base salary, ways to increase the salary levels and related information. We will also be comparing salary levels of los angeles with other states of the US to provide deep analysis.

Average salaries of FBI agent in Los Angeles, CA

In Los Angeles, CA the median or average salaries of an FBI agent is around $81,500 per year. This is 3-4% higher than the average salary of FBI agents in the whole of the USA, which is approximately $79,000. The average salary is similar to those of employees in other government departments as well. 

Asking about a range, it could be between $20,000 to $304,500. The range may sound too extreme, but it is just the average salary that includes freshers, mid experience and well-experienced. 

So, the highest value in the range could be for the topmost experience agents. This we shall discuss in more detail later in the article. 

Entry Level Salary

As a beginner FBI agent, you will start with the designation of special agent. You must expect a few hundred dollars less or more than $52,000 a year to be credited to your account. This equals to more than $4000-$4200 per month, definitely not bad. 

The range if you ask for fresher agents is $50,000 to $103,300. So, you have the chance to earn $6000 to $8000 as your first month’s pay at the FBI. But mostly it will fall within $50,000-$55,000. 

The cost of living in LA is high so you could be spending $1200 to $2000 in rent. With more than half pay left, you could live a decent but little compromised life. You will have to serve 3 to 4 years as a Special Agent to get promoted. 

Mid-Experience Level Salary

Now that you have a few years of experience (3 to 4) as Special Agent at the FBI, if your work ethic and performance are normal, promotion is evident.

But as it is not a private organisation you should not expect an extremely high hike in wages or bonuses. A mid-level FBI agent in Los Angeles CA finds $60,000 to $134,000 coming into their account every year. This is equivalent to $5000 to $11,000 every month, a good jump from the fresher package surely. 

The lifestyle will definitely see upward growth, but at this juncture of life, you may get involved in relationships or many may get married as well. So, with earnings, expenses will also increase. 

But with this salary, you could even go on a vacation with your family every year. So, nothing disappointing. 

Experience Level Salary

Now, the case is of FBI agents who are at the top of the hierarchy. These agents are referred to as masters who are also in direct contact with government officials and influential politicians, both of states and other nations. 

Experienced FBI agent is around 10 or more years experienced. Hence, the pay will also be handsome. The average yearly salary for an experienced FBI agent starts from $80,000 to $2,20,000. In some cases, the higher extreme could even touch $300,000. 

$300,000 for an FBI agent!! Yes, you read it right. So, you should expect $7000 to $20,000 per month. Not enough to buy a mansion but you could get a villa for sure, by adding the savings. 

Salary as an FBI agent in Los Angeles as compared to other regions in the US

Los Angeles is one of the most expensive in the world. Hence expect much higher salaries than in other states. 

  • Los Angeles – $70,000 per year
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana – $64,000
  • Memphis, Tennessee – $100,000
  • Washington – $105, 800
  • Miami, Florida – $82,500
  • San Francisco – $120,000
  • El Paso – $77,100
  • Chicago – $88,000
  • Atlanta – $82,260

How to increase salary levels?

Well, who doesn’t want an increment in their salary, even FBI agents? But increasing salary in a top government department like the FBI is much more challenging than in a tech giant. 

Gain more experience

One of the few ways to increase your salary as an FBI agent is to gain experience. Experience overshadows every other requirement. You build new connections, and some of them become permanent ones that aid in a healthy profile. 


Well, location is one of the direct salary influencing factors. Los Angeles, CA is one of the highest paying areas, not just for FBI agents but for other professions as well. Thus, changing your location to a better place than LA seems out of question, because there aren’t many. 

As per pay reports, San Francisco, Washington, Tennesse and Chicago are the only areas where FBI agents could expect a hike in the package due to location. This is evident from the above comparison of the average salary in Los Angeles with other locations. 

But changing your base to a high-paying location also leads to rising in expenses. So, keep it in mind. 

Foreign Connections

As an FBI agent trusted connections are pure gold. If you have most of them, you are as valuable to the organization. Hence, the chances of a hike in salary will be more for you. 


Being an FBI agent in Los Angeles is a matter of pride. Few jobs give you respect in society and a sense of real power, and an FBI agent is one of them. 

You should not expect to become a multi-billionaire with the salary of an FBI agent. But at the same time, you would be able to take care of your family’s needs and dreams very well. 

  • Is the work profile of an FBI agent worth it?

It depends on the choice of the aspirants. Everyone has a different dream. 

  • Can I be a billionaire at the end of my career at the FBI?

Well, if you are cent per cent honest and only take salary then becoming a billionaire is out of the question. 

Salaries For FBI Agent In Los Angeles CA

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