Salaries for EHS Specialist 

Nowadays, our earth is filling up with more and more industries and factories. EHS experts work for the health, security, and environmental problems of the public. Generally working for huge enterprises, a climate and health security EHS expert’s job is to make sure the execution of the security approaches and guidelines in the work environment. Let us know about salaries for EHS specialist. 

Salaries for EHS Specialist 

Not only that but also EHS experts lead different projects like training new employees, acknowledging zones of weaknesses in the structure, and putting together conferences and seminars. They, in addition, keep up with documentation, progress reports, plans, and foster new instrumentations when needed. 

As of 2022, the average per year salary for an EHS Specialist in the United States is $67,976 per year. If you want a primary pay sum for an EHS worker, it works out to be roughly $32.68 per hour. This is similar to $1,307 a week or $5,664 a month. According to this calculation, we come to know that an EHS Specialist earns a four-figure salary in a week or even in a month and a 5-figure salary in a year. 

Let us have a deeper look to know about the Pay ranges of EHS experts. 

Salary Ranges for EHS Specialists 

We can see per-year pay rates to be high as $96,000 and as low as $35,500. Most EHS Specialist’s pay is now limited between

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  • $55,500 (25th percentile) to $77,500 (75th percentile)
  • with top workers (90th percentile) earning almost $90,000 every year in the United States. 

The regular salary limit for an EHS expert varies approximately up to $22,000, which proposes that there are many open doors for progress and extended pay because of ability level, area, and periods of experience.

EHS Job Description 

The ESH expert tries to alleviate safety risks that could impact relief, planning, confidence, well-being, and actual security. In offices, they in general look out for deficient lighting, destroyed electrical ropes, less ventilation, free handrails, messed-up halls, and failing alarms. They have the power to order new equipment and overhaul and modernize things to better the working circumstances.

The people who work in modern industrial areas and manufacturing centers watch out for the risk of injury, disease, or effects from slips, lab failures, utmost commotion, and toxic exhaust. They take care of people’s defensive strategies, create reports archiving their discoveries, and assess accidents to decide and address the reason.

Requirements for ESH Specialist Job

Being an EHS is not a simple thing to do. To be an EHS Specialist, you should have fundamental characteristics and requirements. Some of these requirements are discussed here. 

  • First of all, to be an EHS Specialist, you should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in environmental sciences or relevant fields. 
  • An EHS worker should know all EHS rules and regulations. 
  • A working experience in the health, security, or environmental field or of regulatory agencies is necessary to apply for an EHS expert job. 
  • EHS work should have exceptional research capabilities and must have strong thinking to take steps in an organization for its betterment. 
  • An EHS expert should be able to fulfill complex needs. 
  • A person should have remarkable operational skills to become an EHS expert. 
  • A person should also have communication, instructional, and business skills that help him to become an EHS expert. 
  • Some EHS works include campaigning, so a keen understanding of the political system would be useful for standing apart from different candidates.

So, if you have a desire to become an EHS Specialist, you should have to fulfill these requirements. 

Highest Paying Cities for EHS Specialists 

We know the average pay of an EHS expert but it fluctuates between different states and cities. Here we are providing you with the top 10 cities with higher annual pay than the average local pay.

  • Atkinson……. $84,300    
  • San Francisco….. $81,026
  • Bolinas…………     $80,518
  • Fremont……… $79,178
  • Marysville……..$78,465
  • Ramblewood…….. $77,539
  • Frankston……. $77,394
  • Stone Ridge……. $77,025
  • San Jose………… $76,659
  • Belle…………. $75,908

So one will just have to find a suitable location to make more income in this job. So changing your area proves beneficial for you and provides you with more opportunities for progress. 

As we are observing that the fluctuation in average pay is between 10% in these 10 cities. So the thing you have to keep an eye on is to choose a city that has a lower living cost so that you can save more money. 

Responsibilities of an EHS Specialist 

The EHS Specialist earns a good amount of money, but this money comes after a lot of hard work. As an EHS expert, you should have the following responsibilities. 

  • An EHS worker controls and manages the website EHS database. 
  • He oversees cross-practical groups and councils that are being developed and the implementation of new and modern ergonomic programs.
  • An EHS expert has the responsibility to lead as well as direct worker’s security and natural preparation projects and help with emergencies 
  • EHS Specialists encourage an economic well-being society by drawing in the labor force through threat information and by giving explanations on EHS methods.
  • It is the responsibility of EHS experts to teach workers about health and safety-related issues and the CPR process also. 
  • He has to watch the workers and types of equipment to ensure their proper working and functioning 
  • He is responsible for directing and creating crisis reaction drills, performing indoor air quality functions, and user-friendly assessments. 

So, above are some of the responsibilities you must face after being an EHS Specialist. 

High Salary EHS Specialists Jobs

We listed five positions related to the EHS Specialist work that pay more each year than a normal EHS Specialist pay. All these jobs have a salary limit of about 95.1% to 142.3% which becomes much higher than the average pay rates of an EHS Specialist. These 5 jobs are 

  • VP EHS……. $164,710
  • Vice President EHS….. $164,710
  • Global EHS Director… $155,761
  • Sap EHS Consultant….$133,008
  • Director EHS………..$132,629    

If you are well qualified to apply for these jobs, then it’s better to take a chance. It is because these jobs are worth paying and help you in earning and save more money than the average salary of an EHS expert. 


So in the end we suggest that if you are willing to build your career in an EHS field, you should better understand all of its options first. Our article will help you understand different aspects of this field on a broad spectrum. Because before starting something, you must know that thing. 

  • Do all countries hire an EHS Specialist? 

Yes, almost all countries hire EHS experts because health and safety are necessary for all. 

  • Do EHS Specialist salaries differ in different countries? 

Yes, different countries and different states pay different salaries to EHS Specialists. 

Salaries for EHS Specialist 

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